According to Mattel, What Is Barbie’s Last Name & Full Name?


The full name of Barbie is Barbara Millicent Roberts. If you are looking for the last name, it means that the last name is Roberts. The name given to Barbie is historic. In choosing a name, several factors were considered and the most important of those factors that were considered is the family issue.

The Barbara in her name was taken after the daughter of Ruth Handler. In the same way, the name Ken was taken after Ruth Handler’s son who is also named Ken. All the names here are more fictional names than real. She comes from a fictional Willows of Wisconsin.

This is where she went through her educational career. Even her birthday was known and everything about this doll was also known.

The History of Barbie

The history of Barbie actually started from the history of the creators of this dolly. Ruth Handler who was responsible for the creation of it was motivated by the way her daughter named Barbara was playing with paper dolls.

The woman further observed the way the daughter would give this dolly an adult role to perform. This was different from what was obtained at that time when dollies and other images were associated with infant roles and nothing more.

When she considered deeply, she observed that there was actually a shortage of such an adult dolly on the market and she made suggestions to her husband about the possibility of closing that gap.

The husband named Elliot was not enthusiastic about it and does not give it any chance to succeed. The same thing with the company he co-founded called Mattel. It is a toy company. Directors of that company did not give that idea any chance to succeed.

When they took a vacation to Germany with the rest of the family, she discovered a creation of what she was looking for and she bought three of that products and then shared them with her three children. This is where the journey actually started.

Who Makes Barbies?

The company behind the production of Barbie is Martel Incorporated. It has become very popular since it entered the market. The tall plastic doll that has an adult woman figure was first created in the year March 9, 1959, by Mattel.

This is a company that is based in the Southern part of California. Mattel was co-founded by Ruth Handler’s husband who is named Elliot. This doll was fashioned out from the German doll which has earlier produced and which she used to convince her husband and company to make this kind of dull.

She rightly observed that what was lacking in the market was an adult-created doll. What was in the market then was an infantry-created doll and she want something different and which would be like an adult and which can take adult roles. When Mattel was convinced of the efficacy of the idea and they went into production.

Does Barbie have a Last Name?

Every name given to this toy was taken from the creator’s children and family members’ names. this means that it has full names which include first name, middle name as well as last name.

As you are aware that the full names are Barbara Millicent Roberts, it follows then the last name of the doll is Roberts. It is not difficult to tell the names from the information above. The real name of barbie is Barbara and the second name of that toy is Millicent and the last name is Roberts.

These are names which the product was given when they were first introduced to the market around the period 1960 though it was first created the previous year which was in the year 1959. As you can see above, it is obvious that barbie has a first name, second name as well as last name.

What is Barbie’s Middle Name?

Barbie has a first name, middle name, and last name. The full name given to the doll by its creators is Barbara Millicent Roberts.

The middle name going by the information given above is Millicent. Since the image represents an adult, there is absolutely nothing wrong in giving it an adult complete name and that was what happened in the year 1959 when this first doll was introduced.

The names are given clearly indicated that it is now associated with human roles especially adult names which the doll actually represents.

As you are already aware all the names mentioned above were not fictional since they were chosen from the name’s family members of the creators of this toy.

The first daughter is the Barbie name and that is where barbie was taken from. The middle name, as well as the last name, is also from the family members.

What Is Barbie’s Real Name?

Barbie’s real name is Barbara. The complete name is Barbara Millicent Roberts. These were names given and they were chosen the daughters of Ruth Handler who was the brain behind the manufacture of this adult doll. Barbie is a doll and not a human being. It was given that human and adult name to assign it an adult role and responsibility.

Whenever one sees that particular image then it is a barbie. The real name given to it is Barbara Millicent Roberts can serve as the surname and the last name.  It is that simple.

What Are Barbie Doll Family Names?

As I explained before, some people can call it the family name and some call it the last name. It is known as the Roberts. The name Roberts was taken from George Roberts who was born in the year 1960. He has a wife called Margaret as well as children and they include Barbara, Skipper, Todd, Stacie, Chelsea, Tutu, Kelly as well as Kristine.

All these were represented in that family and they have the family name called Roberts. This is the family name of the dolls. She has a sister and other siblings and they all belong to that family known as Roberts. Whenever you see any of them, you should know that they belong to that Roberts family.

What are Barbie’s Sister’s Names?

Barbie also has three sisters, ‘Skipper’, ‘Chelsea’ and ‘Stacie, and she has other family members including parents, sisters, and brothers. At least she has other three sisters who are also members of the family and the names of the sisters include Chelsea, Skipper as well as Stacie. As said before the family name is Roberts.

This simply explains the surprises of many people. Some may be thinking that Barbie might be a one-name wonder. Far from that, she has a root and has other family members which include males and females.

The names listed here are just the sisters. The brothers were also listed here. It is apparent from the list that Roberts is a large family. Chelsea was previously named Kelly but the name has to change to Chelsea.

What is Barbie’s Friend’s And Family’s Name?

Barbie has friends and just a friend. Over the years the list of friends has continued to expand but one friend has always remained constant and the name of that friend is Midge Hadley Sherwood. She has been a friend for a very long time starting from 1966 to 2015. There times they were not friends. But she is the longest friend recorded for her. Apart from here, there are other friends she has and some of them are as follows:

List of Barbie’s Friends:-

  • The oldest best friend is Midge
  • Barbie’s boyfriend name is Kenneth Sean “Ken” Carson
  • Theresa: (Teresa is a Mattel fashion doll who is one of Barbie’s fictional friends that was debuted in the “California Dream Teresa” doll in 1988)
  • Christie: (Christie is Barbie’s first black friend, that was released in 1968)
  • Jamie
  • Steffie
  • Valerie
  • Cara
  • Tracy

Two of the friend’s Christie and Teresa were her friends up till today. The others were friends at some point in time. As said earlier the first name Midge was her first friend and it is doubtful whether they are still friends to date. These are some of the friends listed here, there could be other friends.

How old is Barbie?

Barbie was born in the year 1959 and it was on March 9th of that year she was born. If you calculate it till the year 2021, you will see that Barbie is just 62 years old today. The popularity of the doll has continued to grow since then she has continued to appear in different colors and attires. It is common to see her in different clothes and recently you can notice her presence in the iconic black and white swimsuit attire. As she continues to advance in age, she would continue to be more attractive and appear in great attires and so on.

How tall is a Barbie doll?

There are variations in the market and there are different sizes. Some models can measure 5 feet and 9 inches. The standard barbie doll is put at 11.5 inches tall. This means that it is a height of five feet, nine inches as mentioned above. This is the 1/6 scale measurement of the size.

When you check the statistics, you will see the breakdown of the measurement. The size of the chest is 36 inches and the waist measures 18 inches just as the hips measure 33 inches.

This is the standard measurement and you can get other kinds of measurement anywhere. You can always rely on this because it is the standard measurement and it is more accurate.

When was Barbie Invented?

It was invented on March 9, 1959. The company that created it is named Mattel Inc. The company has its headquarters in Southern California. The product has a history behind it. When the idea to invent it was conceived, it did not go down well with the company’s top management.

However, when a sample of it was purchased and the company saw the likely benefit, they could derive from it, it was invented eventually in the year 1959 on March 9. Since then the product has continued to do well in the market and is in high demand across the globe. It is one of the fastest and best-selling toys ever created.

What should need to consider to buy the Barbie house & a Barbie doll

Buying a barbie house and barbie toy can be fun when you make the right choice. because of that when you are looking for one you must research the market to make a perfect choice and here are some of the factors to consider and they include the following:


The child’s age is the most important factor. There are several designs out there. Go for one that is useful for the child’s age. Various designs are meant for kids of different ages.


Consider the space available in your home when you are making that choice. You must ask yourself whether you have the required space. Get the compatible size.

Easy to clean

You must clean the barbie doll and barbie house from time to time. Do not opt for any product you would find extremely difficult to clean.


Moreover, what is the material used to make it? Choose between plastic and solid wood. Consider the issue of longevity and sturdy design when you are making the choice.

Color shapes matching

The color should be compatible with your home color theme. It should be attractive and inviting to the kids.


Try to look for a durable product. It should last you for a long time. If you get an inferior product it could damage easily.

Most importantly, it has to be portable so that you can move with it from time to time. it has to be travel-friendly.

Now we are going to present a Barbie Dreamhouse, where your Kid will play and familiar with Barbie’s friends & family’s.

Barbie Dreamhouse Dollhouse with Pool, Slide, and Elevator

Barbie Dreamhouse Dollhouse with Pool, Slide and Elevator
Barbie Dreamhouse Dollhouse with Pool, Slide, and Elevator

This is often considered the best barbie house you can buy with money. You can see that it comes with everything you need which includes the accessories. The measurement is also great since it can be easily accommodated in the home. It is just three feet tall as well as four feet wide. This cannot occupy plenty of space in the home. The design is fantastic. It is 3 stories and features 8 rooms as well as an attractive angle play. Furthermore, it comes with a working elevator, as well as a pool with the side. It is creative and is meant to promote young imagination. If you want your kid to become creative right from infancy, then you can think of helping out with this kind of dollhouse.


  • Working elevator
  • Pool by the side
  • 3 Feet Tall and 4 Feet Wide


  • This is portable and lightweight
  • It is highly creative and does not occupy space
  • Comes with a working elevator, pool by the side
  • Helps develop strong imagination among kids
  • Comes with plenty of playful items


  • Not worth the price

It is the best because of the fantastic design and the creative features. Your kids would like and it does not take spaces in your home. Most importantly, this is portable and lightweight. If you are looking for the best, you can choose this product today.

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Final Words

Barbie doll also known as Barbara Millicent Roberts has in fact revolutionized the doll industry in the world. Since its introduction in the year 1959, it has transformed the industry. Many variations and designs are available in the market but continue to dominate the adult age doll market. If you are looking for the best barbie doll or barbie house, you can always choose the product recommended above. It is the best and you would like all the benefits that come with it.