What age is appropriate for a kids’ drone? And is it Safe for Kids?

Do you know? What age is appropriate for a kids’ drone? And is it safe for kids? All are question’s answers are here. Most of the drone manufacturers have their age limit printed on the box, they recommend kids be at least 14 years old. However, like all toys, it’s really up to you, the parent to decide whether or not your child is mature enough to fly a drone. Normally, It is not recommended for less than 8 years old young children to use drones, as young children are more prone to putting small objects into their mouths. They are not capable to tackle the drone by the remote, as a result, they may be injured. But, that children are around the ages of 8 and up may be able to use certain types of drones.

A Comprehensive Drones Buying Guide for Parents

Should be the Drones For Kids are Cool, Cheap and that are easy to Flying. Basically, when the kids will ask for a drone. Here’s all you need to know. One of the biggest questions: Are Drones Safe for Kids? Most of the parents are very concerned about Drones, it is safe for children to operate a drone. This question-answer depends on a number of factors: the age of the child, the circumstances in which they will operate the drone (aka with or without parental supervision), and the type of drone to be used.

Should I Buy My Kid A Drone?

First, Some Questions To Ask Yourself.

There are a few items to consider first. Here is a short list to think about. Of course, this will depend on the age of your kid(s)

  1. Age of your Child
  2. Legal Age to Fly
  3. Safety.
  4. Learning to Fly
  5. Cost
  6. Features To Consider

What age is appropriate for your child to fly a drone?

Most Drone manufacturers post a warning on their product packaging suggesting you must be 14+ to fly a drone. In the USA if your drone is over 0.55 pounds you must be 13 yrs of age to register. The fee is $5

For Parents, it’s a judgment call as to whether your child is mature enough to handle a Drone. Reviewing full details from the FAA website is helpful. Check out the FAA Start Here page

Will your child need a license to fly a drone

There is so much information to sift through, it can be confusing.  But bottom line; if your Drone weighs under 0.55 lbs in the USA, you do not need to register it. There are no age restrictions other than knowing your kids’ ability and common sense. Most Parents see when the time is right to buy their kid their first Drone. I believe in the US the FAA recommends 13 yrs of age. You should review the FAA website for all the details, especially if your Drone is over 0.55lbs. FAA Start Here

Is a Drone Safe For My Kid to Fly?

Obviously, a significant concern when you first start thinking about buying your kids a drone is how safe are they? With all the negative publicity the hobby is getting as a result of the recent Drone sittings at various airports, it is essential to know the rules before you fly. This is an excellent opportunity to teach your kids Drone Safety, the Rules to follow, where to and not to fly and care and control of their new Drone. Even though the name “Toy Drone” suggests, it’s a toy, it’s not. It can easily take out an eye or cut someone badly if you are not careful. So teach safety first, and your kids will have a blast. Check out Drone Safety information from the FAA.

How hard is it for a child to learn to fly a drone?

It’s fun to watch your kid learn how to fly a Drone.  Kids and teenagers surprisingly can pick up the skills to fly much faster than Adults can. They are born pilots.  They grasp the little tricks, the mussel memory maneuvers much quicker than we do. Depending on the age of your child, they may have already spent a wee bit of time playing video games, possibly Xbox flight simulation games. They have familiarity with the controllers. Something else to remember, the 2019 Generation of Drones and Quads arriving this year will be cheaper, lighter, have more flight time, and flight modes to help anyone just beginning to fly. It’ll only get easier. But the practice is essential for safety reasons.

How much does it cost for a kid’s drone?

Prices for a kids Drone are quickly falling when you compare today’s price and features to a similar Drone just two years ago. As we mentioned earlier the new generation of 2020 Quadcopters would have many of the features the more expensive quads had only a couple of years ago. Some new drones are priced around $200 with one I can think of coming with a 4K camera! If CES 2020 were any indication, this year will be a great year to enter the hobby. If you have a younger child, 8 and under you can pick up a good quality safe Drone for under $40. They are cheaper, but you get what you pay for. When starting out, you tend to crash a lot, so it’s essential to buy a good quality quad from the get-go.

Also, GearBest has a good selection of Kids Starter Drones

OR Check out our Shop Page for all the Brands top Picks

If your child is roughly between 8 and 13, you’ll find a wide selection of good quality safe starter Drones. The price range to stick to here is around $100. Check the resource page for suggestions.

If you have a teenager eager to start flying, a good quality safe drone can be found in the $100-$400 price range. Something to consider with this age group is what they what to do with their Drone. They may just want to enjoy family time, Race it or try out aerial videography and photography while snowboarding. The possibilities are endless.

For example, maybe your Daughter or Son is interested in S.T.E.M, the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math education programs available. They may like the DJI Ryze Tello Drone. You can program this quad yourself just by learning some basic coding skills.

Best Drones For Kids – Features List By Age

Here we’ll briefly outline in point form what to look for in each age range. These are merely our expert thoughts from their practical experience buying a “Few” Drones for their family.

 In the 8 to 10 and under age group you can look for your kids

  1. Safety – Make sure it has prop guards
  2. Durability – A good build quality
  3. Extra Batteries in the Box, better flight time
  4. Extra Propellers
  5. Make sure it comes with a Controller
  6. Altitude Hold
  7. Easy start

What are the best drones for kids?

If you’ve made it this far, you’re probably wondering, what is a good quality Drone to buy for your kid? We have a complete article on What to consider when purchasing a Drone or Quadcopter. It features two good quality beginner Drones for any age. We also presented by a premium beginner Drone for older kids and adults just getting into the hobby. You can look at our resource page for a quick review of each selection.

Note, we have the separate Resource Page for you because the models get updated in a timely manner.

Best drones for kids
  • Syma X5C-1
  • DJI Mavic Mini
  • DJI Mavic Pro with prop guards
  • UVify OOri
  • Parrot Rolling Spider
  • Syma X9 Car Fly
  • Cheerson CX-10A NANO
  • UDI 818A HD
  • Hubsan X4 H502 Desire
  • Star Wars drones
  • Air Hogs Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-A
  • DJI Mavic Air 2