The Smallest Travel Hair Dryer Should Be Lightweight & Dual Voltage!

“Patti Ann” went to Havana to spend her vacation with delight. She found almost everything she needed starting from quality accommodation, food and security. However in the morning after taking a shower when she went to dry her hair it wasn’t just working.

The reason was her hairdryer didn’t have a dual voltage feature. There are two sorts of voltage in countries around the world 110-120v (for North American countries) and 220-240v for other places. The dual voltage hair dryer has got an automatic function to switch between these two.

If your hairdryer is missing this feature then probably you may end up damaging the motor or burn it out.

In this case, size matters! I have seen a hairdryer that looks like a machine gun and requires an extra bag to carry. Your hair dryer should be small, lightweight, powerful and compact so that you can comfortably carry it around.

The Best Smallest or Mini Hair Dryer Travel Hair Dryer

So, what is the smallest travel hair dryer that you can find which will allow you to have a comfortable travelling? Keep reading to find out.

First of all, let’s get started with the mini hair dryer:

What Is The Lightest Travel Hair Dryer?

We think The Conair MiniPRO Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Dryer is the lightest one you will find in the market. You will get a removable concentrator and a folding handle with a no-slip grip feature.

A 1,200-watt motor and option of two heat setting make it quite powerful and user-friendly. It comes with a dual voltage feature which you need most.

To protect your hair from damage by the heat it has tourmaline ceramic technology which allows you to have mushy and wavy hair.

What Is The Smallest Travel Hairdryer?

Imagine having a hairdryer that is extremely lightweight and just fits right in the palm of your hands. That would be amazing, right? Presenting The MiniPro Conair Travel Hair Dryer comes with all those features described above.

You will be able to use it all around your room as it comes with a long 5-foot power cord and yes! It also has a dual voltage feature. When it comes to finding a hairdryer that is lightweight, small and powerful this is the one you should be the pick.

What is the best dual voltage travel hair dryer?

When you are a traveller you get to visit different countries so you must have a dual-driver featured hairdryer. We have figured out that the Revlon 1875 w Compact Travel Hairdryer would the best one for you.

It comes with a worldwide dual voltage feature and triple ceramic coating. You won’t have to deal with your hair getting frizzed as it comes with ionic technology to save your hair from that.

You will get some amazing features like cool shoot technology which allows it to dispense the heat equitably. It will lock the moisturizer to your hair and that gives your hair a soft and silky impression.

How many watts is a small hairdryer?

When choosing the right hair dryer for yourself it’s really important to know what the watt of that hairdryer is and how it related to its performance. In most of the hairdryers in the market, you will see a power rating level that indicates maximum wattage; generally, it ranges from 800 to 1800 watts. However, the energy uses of your hairdryer in which mode you are using it, unheated air may consume near about 70 watts of power. A regular hair dryer on high heat may consume near about 1500 watts.

Why Purchase a Travel Size Blow Dryer?

As a traveller, you will generally have to carry a lot and for just a hairdryer if you have to carry an extra bag that’s a real trouble, right?

Your travelling will become a lot comfortable and stress-free when you can do that with the least amount of things you can avoid carrying. A small sized pocket hairdryer that just fit right in your palm will be a game-changer for you.

You won’t have to bother carrying an extra bag when you have such a micro hairdryer like that. A hairdryer that can just fit comfortably inside your socks is the one you need.

Key Things to Compare When Buying a Travel Hair Dryer with Diffuser

The diffuser is something that you cannot avoid when it comes to knowing a hairdryer that will give you a satisfactory result. If you are looking for a hairdryer with a diffuser then it’s easy to predict that you have got curly hair.

It’s a good thing that in recent years a lot of development has been made in this area. We think 1800-2100 is the best range when it comes to a dual voltage hair dryer with the diffuser attached. At least, it won’t leave your hair fizzed or damaged.


One of the key things to take into account when choosing your hairdryer is its size. A small and compact hairdryer will release a lot of your trouble when travelling. You will be able to fit it perfectly in the small corner of your luggage that means there will be more space left to carry other important stuff. So, try getting the smallest hairdryer possible.

Weight and Compact

We don’t think that anybody wants to have some extra weight in their luggage when travelling unless he’s into weightlifting. A hairdryer that is lightweight and compact will give you a comfortable travelling experience.

The weight of any hairdryer is written on their packet or you may also find it in the spec section of it on commercial sites like Amazon.

Concentrator Nozzle

It’s great if your hairdryer has a removable concentrator nozzle. You tend to be pretty busy when travelling so it’s amazing if you can just remove the nozzle easily and fasten your drying process.

In case you have plenty of time and you are going out on a cool windy day then you can just attach the nozzle to get a sleeker appearance.

Wattage / Power

Travel hairdryer which has at least 1200 watts are the best ones out there in the market. If it’s less than that we have high doubts that about having a quality experience.

If you have got fine hair then you can easily go with lower wattage hairdryers. But when it comes to drying your thick hair you gonna need a higher wattage one for sure.

Others Attachments

Among lots of hairdryers choice in the market, we think the best ones are that comes with a diffuser attached. It’s a real trouble saver however make sure that it is collapsible which makes it easier to pack.

Some hairdryers come with brush attachments and if you have short hair then it’s a great feature for you.

Settings – Heat and Speed

An ideal hairdryer must have a low and high-speed setting. This will allow you to have control over the wind force onto your hair. When it comes to semi-dried curly hair don’t forget to use a low-speed setting unless you want your hair to get frizzed.

Another important setting to check is the heat setting, in this case, a low, high and cool shot can come handy.


You get to visit different countries when travelling. And as you already know that different countries have different voltage distribution system so if your hairdryer doesn’t have a dual voltage feature then you may have to suffer.

When buying your hairdryer please be sure to check out whether it comes with that feature or not. For a travel hairdryer, it’s a must-have feature.

Safety Protection

There are some procuration’s you must follow when using your hairdryer. First and foremost, once you are done drying your hair unplug the hairdryer and leave it on a heat-resistant surface.

Never use your hair dryer while you are bathing or near a sink full of water. If you ever see any existence of water on your hairdryer don’t plug it into power before wiping off the water completely.

Folding Handle

A hairdryer that comes with a folding handle feature is your trump card when it comes to saving space in your luggage. This feature will allow your hairdryer to pack easily in your suitcase.

Getting more space in your luggage means you will be able to take more necessary stuff of yours with you. So, a folding travel hair dryer is a real trouble saver.

Adjustable Heat

An adjustable heat feature allows you to have full control over its heat adjustment. It will help you in preventing your hair from getting frizzed once you are done drying.

You can customize the heat setting based on your needs. Its precision dials offer full control over the airflow and the heat. Creating silky, smooth and wavy hair is just a simple swipe away.


You should have a clear idea about hairdryers prices before going to market to purchase one. Otherwise, you may end up getting ripped by a bad seller.

A professional-standard 2400W hairdryer will cost you around 160$. It will provide you with a reliable long-lasting service. I myself have been using it for ages. Still, it’s serving me as a good dog.

Where do you travel most frequently?

Truth be told, I travel a lot. The last time I went to travel America I didn’t have a dual voltage hair dryer. So, you can imagine what happened next. I was able to purchase a dual voltage hair dryer from amazon which solved my issue at last.

If you ever visit the UK please do bring a hairdryer that has a long cord because you won’t find any power points in the bathroom. So, a lengthy power cable would be your best solution.

How long are your trips?

When it comes to a short trip I take the lighter hairdryer possible. A smaller hairdryer gives a lot of extra space in my luggage and that’s amazing.

You should be aware of the airline’s luggage restriction system. Generally, on longer trips, I get to carry a larger bag so I can carry a hairdryer with a diffuser too and that got me in some troubles often.

Now, a travel hair dryer that is small, lightweight and compact always becomes my travel partner.

What brand makes the best travel hair dryers?

I have to put Babyliss at the top when it comes to select my best travel hair dryer brand. They are a quite well-known and respected brand in the market.

They supply the best travel hair dryer out there in the market. So, I always choose their products. And to be honest, they never disappointed me. I love their hairdryer with a diffuser.

They are really lightweight, powerful and compact so I carry them easily anywhere I go.

My Recommendation

1. Conair 1600 Watt Compact Hair Dryer

Smallest travel hair dryer- Conair 1600 Watt Compact Hair Dryer
Conair 1600 Watt Compact Hair Dryer

This is one of my most favourite ones. This Conair 1600 Watt styler comes with Conair’s system drying power. This feature will make your travel much comfortable and easy.

It also comes with a folding handle which allows you to have more space in your bag and that’s great when travelling. It’s extremely lightweight and that’s gonna make your luggage a bit lighter for sure.

Conair’s has a dual voltage feature so no worries with your worldwide travel. Its 2 heat/speed feature and a cool shot button will let you have your desired hairstyle easily.

Its decent power, lightweight design and folding handle feature impressed me most. This is what convinced me to put it on the top. You won’t regret purchasing one, trust me.

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2. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Travel Dryer

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Travel Dryer
BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Travel Dryer

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Travel Dryer stands out because it combines useful features. You will get almost all the features of a full-sized dryer with it.

The plus points are it’s compact so are good to go anywhere in the world with it. Its nano titanium body makes it smooth and shiny looking. You will get good control over the speed as it comes with the two-speed setting.

BaBylissPro 1000 watts deliver real power and versatility. It has a dual voltage feature so you can travel freely anywhere around the world with it. A feature that amazed me most is its concentrator nozzle. Finally, it comes with a reliable 12-months warranty.

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Your hairdryer should be lightweight and must have a dual voltage feature. Otherwise, you have seen what sorts of problem you may encounter when travelling.

You will find great joy in your travelling when your bag is lighter. A lightweight hairdryer can be an ace in the hole in this case. I hope I was able to help you in finding what you were looking for safe travels.