Best Urban Backpack – 10 Stylish Backpack For City & Urban Life

If you want it for the conveyance of your precious items or just for fashion or styles, you require the best urban backpack to keep up with your urban lifestyles. This bag is not only portable, but it is also indispensable as you can use this for different purposes- like when you are going to Gym.

Most young people use it for their tablets, laptops, a water bottle, perhaps deodorant, pens and pencils, headphones, and a phone charger and PCs. These items are very important and require special care. Even if you are using your car, you can carry and protect these important gadgets with backpacks.

If you engage in activities that require batteries, chargers, cameras, selfie sticks, and e-readers, you need this item. Because of the all-round importance of this bag and huge demands, several designs are available in the market. large numbers in the market make it difficult for new users to make a choice.

If you are a new buyer, you require a special guide to make a perfect choice. It amounts to a waste of investment if you make a wrong choice. The bag could disappoint when you need it most and this leads to damage to your precious items.

This important guide is all you need to make the right choice. If you are here because you are looking for the best, keep reading to find out why the recommended are the best, and what you gain from using them.

10 Best Urban Backpack Reviews

Below is the best urban backpack for travel. These products make the list because of their unique features and versatility. You can see from their features that they are perfect for everyday urban life. These were carefully selected after comparing and considering various backpack models in the market. If you are actively engaged in digital activities or have a great passion for outdoor activities, then you can consider these products discussed below.

1. XD Design Bobby Hero Small Anti-Theft Backpack Light Blue USB (Unisex Bag)

XD Design Bobby Hero Small Anti-Theft Backpack
XD Design Bobby Hero Small Anti-Theft Backpack

XD Design Bobby Hero Small Anti-Theft Backpack is the perfect size for women and children and comes in many different colors. The product is of a large capacity of up to 27 liters. To ensure it contains your important items it features a 30 by 30 capacity net.

The backpack is very durable since it features a steel enforced lock. Furthermore, the bag comes with different pockets including hidden RFID-protected pockets. It is one hundred percent protected, the danger of losing your personal item to theft could hardly occur.

Most importantly, it is one hundred percent waterproofed and features reflective stripes. The flexible carry modes make it easy to walk around the urban cities.


Anti-theft backpack

It is made with the finest quality polyester material with compartment protected to make it difficult for theft. Furthermore, the reflective print is there for your night’s safety. Besides, the zipper pocket hides your items away.

Steel reinforced lock

Another wonderful feature is the steel-reinforced lock. This makes it more durable and strong. Your valuable items are well secured and protected. You can cruise around the town with self-confidence.

Large capacity

It comes with extra pockets which offer more storage rooms. This means that you can comfortably contain your valuable items as you move around the city. It makes it easier to carry your laptop and other valuable items with ease.

Multiple purpose use

Perhaps the greatest reason this urban backpack is the most popular choice is the versatile use. You can use this to carry a lot of personal items, and straps make it great to use.

Comfortable to use

The feature that stands it out is the comfort. It is the most comfortable and you can simply put it on your back and go about your business. You can hardly feel the weight when you use it.

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2. Sling Laptop Bag, Slim Anti Theft Single Shoulder 13-Inch Sling Backpack

Sling is the leader in the manufacture of backpacks. The slim design and anti-theft make it portable and easy to use. It is waterproofed and comes with a charging USB port. Besides, it features RFID safe pocket, and it is a large capacity. It is padded with line compartments and it is suitable for the conveyance of your 13 inches, MacBook Pro and other MacBook products including your PC, laptops, and so on. In essence, it is a multi versatile urban backpack.


Large capacity

The backpack is a large capacity product as it can boast 11.02 inches long and 15.75 inches in height. You can use it to carry your laptops, PC, and MacBook products with ease.

Quality material

Furthermore, it features the best quality fabric materials which are padded with soft multi-panel material. This makes it durable and you can have real value for your money.
Safety and anti-theft design

The anti and zipper design hideaway your personal and valuable items from easy reach. You can prevent pickpockets from tampering with items in the bag and you can use this with confidence.

Comfortable to use

The product is small and of a good size which means that it is compact to use. You can use it comfortably and conveniently making it the most suitable for urban users especially students.


  • A very efficient design
  • Small and portable
  • Security and anti-theft products
  • Comes with a USB charging port design


  • A user complained it is too small

Great, portable, and fashionable

What are you waiting for to get the greatest and the most fashionable urban backpack you can buy with money? Choose this option right now.

3. Columbia Unisex Zigzag 30L Backpack, Urban Pack, Laptop Bag

This product is unique. It is sporty and very attractive. You can use it to carry your laptop, notes, and smartphones as it features 15 inches laptop sleeve well padded. Furthermore, it comes with plenty of pockets which can hold bottles. This means that you can convey your personal items with great ease. The main compartment is T shaped and this organizes the interior. It is designed with one hundred percent synthetic fiber.


Synthetic fibers

When you look for this kind of product one of the key features to consider the fiber materials. You can see from the quality of materials it is designed with the most reliable synthetic fiber.

Versatile backpack

It is an all-day purpose day backpack that you can use to travel around the city for different purposes. This implies that it has a multipurpose use which includes professional and casual use.

Highly protective

It is built with a laptop sleeve. The makers want to connect the product with the everyday activity of the user since you can put your laptop and other portable electronic designs inside it for quick use.

Well organized compartments

The interior of the backpack is well organized in compartments so that you can comfortably and conveniently store your personal items. You get them with ease and put them back with ease.


  • Comes with handy features
  • Well organized pockets and interiors
  • Highly durable because of quality fabrics
  • Lightweight and portable


  • Users are happy with the product

Choose today a high-end product

If you check the features and user’s review, you will see it is highly reliable. It is the best and does not hesitate in buying this.

4. High Sierra Loop Backpack, Urban Camo, 19 x 13.5 x 8.5-Inch

Whether you want to get to the school or you want to go for your special outdoor event, you need a high-quality urban backpack for that mission. This product is good for that purpose. It is one of the most reliable designs in the market since it features ballistic nylon fabric which is the most reliable in the market. The bag comes with large compartments which means that you can conveniently store different items inside it.


Large compartments

The bag comes with many pockets and large compartments. This is good news for the users since you can store your personal items here without difficulties.

Durable and long-lasting

Another wonderful feature is the durable design. It can last for a very long time because of the quality materials that are used to make it, and you have value for your money.

Dedicated computer sleeve

If you want to travel with your computer laptop you will not find it hard with this product because of the dedicated tech spot for such devices.

Comfortable to use

Most importantly, the product is comfortable and convenient to use. You can travel with ease since you do not feel the weight.


  • Very comfortable to use
  • Comes with multiple pockets for the storage of your items
  • Special pockets for your laptop
  • Durable and reliable urban backpack


  • Some users are not happy with the quality

Backpack with special design

This is a special design backpack good for the fast urban lifestyle. You can use this for different purposes and you have real value for your money.

5. Urban Dezire Men’s Leather Vintage Roll On Laptop Backpack Rucksack

Urban Dezire is another great quality backpack designed with the best quality leather material. In terms of quality, it ranks amongst the best and that is why it makes the list. The brand is designed by the most experienced craftsmen who have been in that business for more than a decade. The materials have no comparable since they are the topmost quality raw material leather.


Special Design

The backpack is specially designed with a roll-top closure. This makes it the most attractive in the appearance the internal volume can adjust, which is a special feature.

Big internal compartment

The product comes with a big inner compartment for carrying files. It can carry other devices apart from files like small laptops, tablet as well as important documents.

Superior quality because of natural leather

One of the factors that stand the model out is the superior quality leather used to make it. The smell of that leather is going to go away within a few moments of use.

Comfortable to use and portable

Besides the backpack is comfortable to use and highly portable. It is not surprising that you can go around your urban city without feeling the weight.


  • It is portable and comfortable
  • Durable
  • Larger inner compartment
  • Travel compatible


  • It smells

A top choice for urban resident

This is another high quality we are recommending for you. It comes with topmost features and you will have real value for it.

6. Carhartt Legacy Deluxe Work Backpack with 17-Inch Laptop Compartment, Carhartt Brown

Carhartt Legacy Deluxe is meant for urban dwellers. Designers used the most quality textile material and it comes with dedicated features for laptop users. This product is considered the king of the bags for urban dwellers. In terms of quality, it is the best since it is designed with the best quality polyester material and the rain defender ensures that water does not penetrate the bag. Furthermore, it features an abrasion-resistant base. It features 17 inches padded computer section where you can secure your laptop as well as your files and other office items.


Best quality textile materials

When you are looking for this kind of bag, the most important feature to consider is the textile and fabric material. This is designed with the finest quality polyester materials that do not disappoint.

Dedicated laptop section

Furthermore, it comes with a dedicated laptop section where you can secure your laptop and office files. It is good for urban office workers.


It is designed with rain and abrasive resistant materials. You can use it in any weather without getting worried about water, snow, and abrasive attack.

Comfortable to use

This is the most comfortable backpack you can buy with money. It features contour fit shoulder straps as well as a padded air mesh back panel, which makes it suitable for the user.


  • Heavy-duty materials
  • Durably constructed and highly reliable
  • Water-resistant materials
  • It has an additional zipper in the side pockets
  • A dedicated laptop and computer section


  • A few users complained of the straps

A perfect urban backpack

There is no doubt that this is a perfect backpack which you can use for many purposes in the cities. It comes with the best features and that is why you should choose this.

7. Incase’ City Backpack

A well organized and perfectly designed backpack. It is a versatile product that you can use to protect as well as organize your essential items such as MacBook and other important items. It is a full-sized backpack that can conveniently carry your laptop and items of similar sizes. This is famous for its two unique storage areas and the 360 degrees padded laptop compartment makes it easy to access to accommodate such accessories.


Spacious storage area

The backpack features spacious and well-streamlined storage areas where you can store your important items like a laptop. The interior is well organized such that you can store items and you get those items with ease.

Highly protective

Most importantly, this product is highly protective. You can secure your laptop and related items through the 360 well-padded compartments.

Slim design

The other interesting feature is the slim design. This makes it fit suitably to your back and you can hardly feel the weight, and it is convenient and easy to carry about.

Highly durable

When you invest your money in this product, you can enjoy it since it is going to serve you for a long time. This is possible because of the high-quality materials used to make it.


  • It is durable
  • Highly portable and slim designed
  • Well organized compartments
  • Protects your laptop and other important items


  • Expensive

A great quality product

It is one of the greatest products for urban use. This is portable and among the highest quality in the market. You have real value for your money.

8. JanSport City View Backpack

This company has been producing the original since 1957. It is not surprising that this backpack makes the list of the best ten in the market. The model is the best quality and it comes with enough space to carry your important essentials. It comes with a large compartment and it can take up to 15 inches laptop. Most importantly, this model also comes with a Zip Utility pocket as well as an organizer. It contains all your items comfortably. You have value for your money when you use the item.


Reliable brand

This model is the most trusted name in the industry. Apart from the great name, it is designed with the finest quality materials that set it apart from others out there.

Quality material

Another outstanding feature is the finest quality materials used to make the product. It is obvious it is best and durable because of the one hundred percent polyester material.

Wonderful design

The design is not only wonderful but iconic. It features the best suede leather bottom and has a straight-cut padded shoulder strap which makes it very comfortable to use around the city.

Well organized compartments

The interior is well organized, and this makes it convenient and easy to use. You can get your hands and arrange it very well.


  • Well-arranged interiors
  • Wonderful and iconic design
  • Durable because of the quality materials
  • Very comfortable to use


  • Not sturdily constructed as advertised

Iconic backpack

If you are really interested in top quality design, you can simply choose this product today. It comes with everything you want and it is highly recommended.

9. The Honest Company City Backpack

It is a fashionable and highly functional backpack designed for the paced urban lifestyle. This product is sturdily constructed. It is rated the best quality diaper bag. Whether you are a man or a woman, you can conveniently use this product. It is the most stylish product you can buy with money. This product is just good for everybody including mom, dad, and even kids. It is a multipurpose bag and highly portable.


Fashionable and reliable

This is the best and most fantastically backpack. Its design is not only structural and it is highly functional which means that you can use this product for different purposes.

Made with the best quality materials

It is made with the best quality polyurethane foam materials as well as heavy metals and glues. These are smart materials and is the reason it is smart and highly functional.

Multipurpose use

The product is meant for different uses as it can be used by moms, dads, infants, and everybody. It is a multipurpose backpack you can buy with money.


It is also very comfortable to use. The backpack can fit every user and you can walk through your neighborhood with ease.

Choose the best if you want the best

This is the smartest design and the most functional in the market. It is useful for every user irrespective of age and sex. Choose this model today because it is fashionable.

10. Matein Travel Laptop Backpack

Whether you are traveling to school or for business purposes, this is an important companion you can use today. It is the most durable and comes with an anti-theft feature. This product is also durable and water-resistant. It also comes with a USB charging port and can fit Notebook, Laptop, tablets, and so on. This is another unisex backpack as it can serve both men and women. Most importantly, it comes with anti-theft features and water-resistant.


Storage space

It comes with storage space which you can use to store your important items such as laptops and related accessories. It is spacious enough for your laptop and office files.

Comfortable and sturdily constructed

It guarantees comfortable airflow which makes it very comfortable to wear. The soft multi-panel and ventilated padding mean that air can comfortably pass through them.


The other thing to consider is the safety of use. This product is highly functional as it comes with plenty of pockets where you can store your important items.

Durable material

The backpack is designed with the finest quality durable material. It features quality polyester fabric and metal zippers which do not damage easily.


  • Durably constructed
  • Highly portable
  • Highly functional
  • Enough storage compartments


  • A few users have problem with the design

A top choice

Another top quality product we are recommending for you here. Choose today and enjoy the wonderful features.