Top 10 Best Underwear For Women In 2023 That’s Most Comfortable

Every woman needs to wear underwear every day, so you should make sure to better feel on the best cotton underwear (much like jeans and white tees). Are you looking for the best underwear in 2023 that are most comfortable? Here we are presenting the 16 best stylish underwear for businesswomen, models, designers, and musicians according to their favorite brands.

If you are trying to find the best underwear for women from a lot of underwear on the market, no problem! Aerie Sunnie Thong, Victoria’s Secret Angel, Mesh Hiphugger Panty, Calvin Klein Women’s Sleek String Bikini Panty, and Tommy John make the most comfortable underwear for women in every style, including cotton briefs, underwear with a control-top, period panties, and plus-size. “Those women’s underwear or panties are one of the most comfortable, very soft cotton, elastic, and high quality.

Review Of Most Comfortable Women’s Underwear

In this review, we’ve tested over 10 most comfortable women’s cotton underwear brands to find the best ones for every stylish woman including full-coverage, high-waist, seamless, and VPL-resistant, and other their favorite bikinis, briefs, thongs, microfiber, lace, silk, and velour.

1. Amazon Essentials Women’s Cotton Stretch Bikini Panty

Cotton Bikini Underwear 6-Pack
Cotton Bikini Underwear 6-Pack

As a grown woman who likes to wear cotton panties for comfort and breathability, although, it’s amazingly difficult to find the multi-packs of basic black panties. Do you know? Why do underwear manufacturers think that adult women want their cotton panties in white and pink child-like designs underwear?

It is simple, Most women want to get a reliable source of cotton black panties. No problem! Here we solve these issues!

This is the best cotton bikini underwear that comes in a six-pack and you can choose at this moment two styles: basic various and fashion different.

That package comes in the following colors: two white, one light pink, one light purple, one black, and one black and white stripe.

This is too soft, comfortable, and breathable because this underwear is made of 95% cotton and 5% elastane. View on Amazon

The Best Value of Cotton Bikini Underwear 6-Pack


  • These are the most comfortable, breathable underwear you’ve ever worn
  • It’s been 6 weeks and at least 6 washes and they are holding up perfectly
  • Very comfortable (perfect fabric blend of cotton/spandex)
  • This is very cute and they don’t ride up!!
  • These are QUALITY briefs. The material was substantial- as good as any brand name brief.


  • The amount of shedding/lint that these leave behind is gross. Seeing the fibers every time I wipe is not pleasant
  • They wick and hold moisture for hours
  • These panties fit well, though it is a bit odd that they have elastic around the leg openings as well as around the waistband.

The cotton is very soft, comfortable, and thin, which makes it very light and breathable. Every woman really likes its variety of colors. The stitching looks good quality and they don’t ride up, which means these will work nicely when you will exercise!

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Overall Best-rated women’s underwear

As a grown woman who likes to wear cotton panties for comfort and breathability, it’s amazingly hard to find multi-packs of basic black panties. The cotton is very soft and thin, which makes it very light and breathable.

Those are fit like a dream for those with a curvy booty – at last something that covers the bum and doesn’t ride up. However, they are made of more high-quality cotton and elastic edging.


  • It’s very comfortable (perfect fabric blend of cotton/spandex) and cute in a very basic way
  • These are the most comfortable, breathable underwear
  • These were a great value initially, they were soft, comfy, and fit well
  • Breathable and soft material
  • Comfortable fit (no wedgies!)
  • Comfortable band line
  • Black (i only wear black, so again thanks to amazon for having a pack of all-black!)


  • The amount of shedding/lint that these leave behind is gross. Seeing the fibers every time I wipe is not pleasant. They leave less with each wash, but they’ve been washed at least 6 times and still do it.
  • They wick and hold moisture for hours

These are super comfortable underwear that fit great. Actually really comfortable! Not too tight, not too loose. It is really hard to find women’s underwear that is cotton. These are 95% and 5% elastic materials which gives you the breathability of cotton but enough stretch to be comfortable and stretchy.

These do stretch enough to not cause marks but can very easily still cause panty lines so be aware of that. They have excellent coverage and the colors do not fade or rub off. The tag is written in but after just a few washed, the plastic-type letters do start peeling off a little.

Overall, these are fantastic for everyday use but may not be best for people looking for underwear to wear tight clothing as it does cause slight lines under tight clothes.

2. Wirarpa Women’s Soft Cotton Briefs Underwear

Wirarpa Women's Soft Cotton Briefs Underwear
Wirarpa- Women’s Soft Cotton Briefs Underwear

These are very good quality, a softer material, and breathable high waist full coverage ladies’ multipack panties. It really smooths everything ok and they are not restricting/tight. So comfortable & soft, with great quality that fits as expected, and doesn’t move or ride up. It fits just right and is true to size. It covers all of the stomach curves in the right places giving you a slimmer look.

However, at the top of the high, wideband there is a tight, skinny piece of elastic that creates a new roll – just higher-up. Large of these are way too big to give any kind of compression/control except at the top where the thin piece of elastic is hidden. It’s super comfy, with a very slight hold but enough for clothes to fit more smoothly.

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3. ANNYISON Women’s Thongs,6 Pack Lace Cotton Thong Underwear

ANNYISON Women's Thongs,6 Pack Lace Cotton Thong Underwear
ANNYISON Women’s Thongs,6 Pack Lace Cotton Thong Underwear

These underwear are so comfortable and breathable, extremely Comfy, stylish and affordable, and very nice fabric! This is stretchy with well made. They fit perfectly and comfortably. This lace underwear comes in a pack of six. It’s cute and sexy ladies’ lace thong underwear, that has multiple colors such as nude, grey, and black.

The lace is strong and doesn’t rip easily. It has great quality for the price of the package. These panties are very comfortable and the perfect size for any woman.

Even after washing them, they will fit perfectly. If you’re just wearing an outfit where you’re trying to hide your panty line, you need these panties! The fit is great and the small ones are perfect for any slim-body woman.

Every woman loves them because they are well made, of very nice soft quality material and the colors and design are very cute.


  • Sexy and comfy! These fit SO well and are incredibly comfortable the bottom being cotton is so comfortable and breathable and they fit perfectly
  •  These are great basics! It’s nice to have panties with strangers over underpants
  • This lace is not scratchy and they’re soft and stretchy
  • Nice light summer underwear and they are a simple design that really well
  • These are super soft and super comfy. Great price. Nice and thin to wear with leggings or yogas


  • The lace is very soft. They fit great, but they each have a big round sticker on the front that leaves residue and it’s sticky

This lace style is great because it doesn’t dig into your skin and makes you have a muffin top! Nice cotton undies and the lace makes them pretty. Great for every day or special occasions!

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4. CULAYII Women’s Cotton Thong Underwear Pack Lace Sexy Breathable Bikini Panties Soft Stretch T-Back Hollow Out

CULAYII Women's Cotton Thong Underwear
CULAYII Women’s Cotton Thong Underwear

These underwear are very soft, 100% cotton, soft material, and beautiful colors, true to size. This is lightweight, good quality, comfortable, and has the option of a multi-pack at a very affordable price.

They’re great for everyday wear but the lace adds a sexy touch, but these underwears are amazing, they are soft and fit perfectly, and look very good. The material is so soft which makes it easy to wear for long hours.

The fit is overall well without being bulgy or leaving obvious seam lines. The material is soft and washes well, the lace doesn’t come apart in the wash either. The quality is great this is definitely the cutest pair of underwear.


  • These are super great for the price!
  • They’re very stretchy too so it’s not a big deal if you order smaller
  • This is a high-quality fabric that makes a perfect blend to let you forget all about them when you slip on this women’s cotton thong underwear, feeling comfortable and breathable
  • It’s a cute and sexy element to flatter a pretty feminine style. Be free and confident for every occasion under skirt/dress/jeans/pants no show
  • This superior soft stretchy fabric makes this T-back underwear for women ladies no rolling, fitting your shape perfectly. Pure cotton crotch and soft leg opening care for your delicate skin, with no chafe or itch. True size to fit
  • It is made with nice fabric that’s machine washable and won’t shrink or color running after washing
  • It has a classic elegant design with a solid color for this sexy lace ladies’ cotton thong panty


  • This is a great product for the price. The wife says they are comfortable to wear all day. They look sexy. The problem is some genius put a large sticker on the front of each pair of underwear which left a lot of residues behind when removed. It took several washes to get it all off. Other than that they are very nice.

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5. Ceseboo Women’s Thongs Cotton Lace Thong – Soft Sexy Breathable Underwear Low Waist T-Back Stretch Thongs for Women

Ceseboo Women's Thongs Cotton Lace Thong - Soft Sexy Breathable Underwear
Ceseboo- Women’s Thongs Cotton Lace Thong – Soft Sexy Breathable Underwear

This is a very cute sexy lax style. The entire waistband is made of lace which makes these very pretty panties. They are very comfy and have a cotton crotch for comfort. Very good quality and very cute too. It is a great fit. It looks amazing.

The lace also fits amazingly. It is also extremely comfortable. They are soft and look like they are very well made. The colors are great. Everyone gets socks and underwear for Xmas and these will be perfect for her.

The Feature of Ceseboo Women’s Thongs Cotton

–Material: 95% cotton, 5% spandex
–Soft, breathable cotton briefs
–Five sizes: small, medium, large, X-large, XX-large
–Multiple colors: black, gray, beige, pink
–Full lace design
–briefs for everyday wear
–Double-layer cotton crotch


  • These fit perfectly! They don’t roll or bunch up! The material is breathable! They are very cute and comfortable
  • The panties come with a large sticker on the front that is very sticky and leaves a lot of glue behind on the underwear when you peel them off. It’s very unnecessary
  • It’s super soft and cute the simple elegant design feels sexy

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6. ANZERMIX- Women’s Breathable Cotton Thong Panties

ANZERMIX Women's Breathable Cotton fabric Panties
ANZERMIX- Women’s Breathable Cotton fabric Panties

Are you looking for the most popular underwear that is the best thong brand stylish and has good colors? These ANZERMIX- Women’s Cotton Panties are really super comfortable and breathable with well-made soft fabric. Comparatively, this is the best underwear for women’s health and is too affordable.

Most Important Features of ANZERMIX Breathable Cotton fabric Panties

  • Materials and Package Includes: It has 95% Cotton and 5% Spandex, this Package includes 6 x Thongs
  • Comfortable: This is amazing underwear made with super soft fabric that helps to move comfortably
  • Sexy Style: It looks like tight feting and the low-rise cotton materials give you the sexy looks
  • Colorful: It has a variety of available colorful designs and it comes in small to XL size
  • Service: The quality of this underwear and the comprehensive service, that’s why contumaciously you will be satisfied
  • Affordable Price: This Fabric is compatible and the price is also affordable


  • This soft cotton material best underwear for women’s health comfortable to wear and walk well
  • It’s easy to wash and doesn’t fade
  • The fit is on the small side
  • The material is very thin
  • They wash well and did not shrink too much