The 21 Best RC Tanks in 2023 As a Toy Military Tanks


All youngsters love to play by a remort control (RC) Tanks. There is no doubt many dads can resist a go with these robust machines either. But there are a number of benefits that children derive from playing with their toys, and one is that they develop cognitively. Kids enjoy and get satisfied when playing with the toys that they like, and this helps boost their self-esteem as they learn to interact. They will be able to learn about conflict resolution, and even more important is that their creativity and imagination will be nurtured.

Most of the toys relate to the social environment and thus help kids comprehend what is happening around them; they feel about a particular situation. Those amazing RC tanks can battle with their friend’s toy tanks. They can drive over almost anything and they love this cool sound that doesn’t have any side effects.

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The 21 Best RC Tanks in 2021 with Price Comparison Table

Best Brand RC Thanks Those Seem a Realistic Battle Tanks The Most Important Features of RC Battle TanksPrice
A Bo Toys R/C Shooting Tank

  • 360 degrees turn
  • 2.4Ghz Radio Controlled
  • 164 feet RC range
  • Playtime 25 minutes
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BlueFit German Tiger I Panzer Tank 

  • High and Low-speed switch
  • 4 remote channels for 4 players
  • Firing sound effects
  • 15 minutes playtime
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Fisca Remote Control Tank Sherman M4A3 

  • 15 Channel function
  • Turret rotates 180 degrees
  • 20 minutes playtime
  • Accelerating speeds in two levels
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1/16 US M4A3 Sherman Tank 

  • 35-degree climbing gradient
  • 320-degree maximum angle turret turning
  • Realistic smoke function
  • 15 minutes playtime
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Tech Depot M1A2 Abrams 

  • Turret rotates 300 degree
  • 9 Feet firing range
  • 30 feet control range
  • 20 minutes of playing time
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What You Should Know About RC Tanks

Finding the best RC tank for you depends more on your intentions than anything else. Ultimately, your final decision should focus more on what your needs are, and what is guaranteed to give you the best remote control experience possible. For some, no terrain is a bigger challenge than they can handle, but for others – smooth is the only way to go. If you choose a design in this category, you might need to dedicate some time to cleaning and maintenance to ensure that its parts work well. We are here ready to help to find the best RC tanks for your little kids.

1. 1:12 Scale Remote Control Police Tank Car 

1:12 Scale Remote Control Police Tank Car
1:12 Scale Remote Control Police Tank Car

This military Remote Control Police Tank design makes it more original and realistic. The fastest speed of this tank car is up to 12km/h. The unique tank wheel can easily deal with a variety of terrain. The distance across the ditch is up to 10CM and the climbing angle is up to 30°, wading can reach a depth of 5CM. At the same time, the introduction of advanced materials makes it more resistant to collisions.

This tank is built like a tank with, very heavy-duty plastic body and some metal parts for the suspension. It can go over obstacles and rough terrain so easily. It is very easy to control and can spin around in a 360 in a split second. Overall, it’s a very nice and exciting High Speed, RC tank that’s a Great Gift for Boys and Adults.

The Most Important Features Of 1:12 Scale Remote Control Police Tank

  • Unique high-speed tanks: The fastest speed of this tank car is up to 12km/h. The unique tank wheel can easily deal with a variety of terrain. The distance across the ditch is up to 10CM and the climbing angle is up to 30°, wading can reach a depth of 5CM.
  • 2.4Ghz Radio System: This RC Tank were used 2.4G RC technology, and the remote control distance is 50 meters / 164 feet
  • More Fun with High Capacity Battery: This RC car is equipped with a new rechargeable 7.4V 1200mAH lithium-ion battery. The battery is uniquely designed and manufactured with high RC racing performance.
  • 360 Rotation Strong Steering Ability: This RC car has a strong steering ability, which can support 360-degree spin.
  • Nice Gift Idea: Remote control vehicle is the best birthday gift or Christmas gift for kids, helpful for developing kid’s intelligence and practicing the ability

A Neutral Judgment to get a Buying Decision

The tank while driving feels like too much more expensive RC toy. One Reviewer says, This is one of the most durable best RC tanks, that we were expected. The material is hard plastic. It is really strong and sturdy. The car answers perfectly to the control so it is easy to maneuver. The car comes with rechargeable batteries, a connector, and a manual to give us instructions to use it. The battery life is pretty good. We play outside for a long period of time and we didn’t have any issues with it. It runs over rocks and difficult surfaces like there were nothing. Really great toy.


  • This is a very durable cool tank that Any kid or adult would love this
  • The tank is delicate and powerful with High speed and steadiness!
  • Easy to drive, my 5-year-old can easily drive it. It drives much easier the wheeled RC cars
  • It’s built-in shocks suspensions and It’s pretty fast
  • Feels heavy and well built


  • only one battery is included
  • remote does not include barriers (3 AA required.

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2. M1A2 Abrams USA Battle Tank RC (Best For Big Kids & Adults)

Modeled after the M1A2 Abrams US battle tank, the M1A2 Abrams Battle Tank is a powerhouse within its rights. It boasts of quite a few realistic controls including the ability to hold up to 50 of its R/C pellets that serve as bullets and an automatic voice control engine, with a little recoil action just to further enhance the experience it provides. And just to take it’s a notch higher, the M1A2 Abrams can achieve a 30climbing angle, even while providing its usual features and functionalities – and exploring its speed capabilities.


  • It features realistic sound effects
  • Has bullet range of up to 20ft
  • Easy to use and responsive controls
  • Its battery life is quite reliable


  • Its tracks are prone to slipping
  • The sound effects cannot be turned off.

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3. iPlay Battling Set

Since they don’t actually shoot any projectiles, they are a smart choice for young children.

Flash every time they sustain a hit
Don’t travel well over carpet
Poor battery life

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4. Poco Divo Abrams vs. Terrorist Fort

Pretend battles are no fun without an enemy to face off against, and so the Poco Divo Abrams vs. Terrorist Fort comes complete with an adversarial force.

Tower fires at you autonomously
Sounds can be turned off if desired
Not an m1a2 as advertised

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5. Haktoys HT502

Though they don’t actually fire projectiles, they can register imaginary damage from each other using infrared technology.

Detect turret and machine gun hits
LEDs to indicate remaining lives
Fighting range of 20-feet

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6. 18 Pack Die-cast Military Vehicles Sets

18 Pack Die-cast Military Vehicles Sets
18 Pack Die-cast Military Vehicles Sets

These army vehicle toys are specially designed for upper than 3 olds kids. It has realistic features, the military soldiers are great for role-play action. That is a great toy to intrigue a young mind and give them a start at planning and construction using their hands. one reviewer says that this is the Best RC Tanks special for the price, this is a really good value for my 5-year-old. He loves these soldiers and military stuff.


  • Great value for the price
  • It has premium quality materials
  • The main body of vehicles is metal and guns on vehicles are plastic
  • This is perfect for the kids birthday gifts


  • The photos are very deceiving as far as size, it shows a kid holding the vehicle in the photo but these are TINY!!

Package Includes

  • Tank model *1
  • Jeep model *1
  • Panzer model *1
  • Light anti-air vehicle model *1
  • Attack helicopter model *1
  • Scout helicopter model *1
  • Military soldier*12

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7. Air Hogs Robo Trax

It’s self-balancing, so rocks and other obstacles won’t slow it down, and it can even slog its way through mud, in case you want to take it out after a rainstorm.

Comes with six projectiles
Transforms into a robot
Suitable for kids as young as eight

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8. Heng Long US M4A3 Sherman

It is a 1/16th scale model that can climb up to 35-degree slopes and fire projectiles at a decent distance.

Massive recoil action
Comes with decals
The smoke generator is finicky

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9. Amazing Tech Depot M1A2 Abrams

The Amazing Tech Depot M1A2 Abrams can be loaded with up to 50 six-millimeter BBs and delivers a cool recoil action that resembles how these weapons perform in real life every time it fires. It also simulates engine and cannon sounds.

Can rotate in place
High-traction caterpillar tracks
Short 30-foot control range

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10. Heng Long German King Tiger Henschel

World War II buffs will like the Heng Long German King Tiger Henschel, which looks just like those used during that period. It offers impressive handling characteristics with a wide range of turret adjustability and the capability to travel across most terrains.

Hobby-grade model
Full suspension system
Measures over two feet long

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11. Cheerwing German Tiger

The palm-sized Cheerwing German Tiger might be a fair amount smaller than the 154,000-pound original from World War II, but it also costs a great deal less than that one, or most other options, for that matter. It has a rechargeable battery that lasts for about 15 minutes.

Turret rotates 360 degrees
Two-speed settings
Surprisingly durable

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12. Heng Long M1A2 Abrams

Realistic sound effects
Can climb steep gradients
Comes fully painted

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13. A Bo Toys R/C Shooting Tank

You will not find so many tank toys that come completely separated for you or your child to fix, but with all correctly fitting and matching parts, you will have so much fun creating the tanker.

Apart from enhancing problem-solving skills, children who play with these toys will enhance their motor and problem analysis skills, putting together 1276 pieces will involve a lot of physical and brain activity.

The Bo toy R/C tank comes with about 1276 pieces of building blocks that are to be assembled, therefore, when choosing this kind of toy consider your child’s age, as some might feel overwhelmed with the whole assembling process, while others will actually enjoy doing this activity with their parents as it helps in bonding.

For the small kids, the blocks could be dangerous as they might be tempted to put them in their mouths and end up choking.

Features of the shooting tank

Therefore, children featuring in the lower age bracket [below 8] should consider the factory-assembled toys, which are mostly intuitive with a few comprehensible advanced issues. This tank comes complete with a USB rechargeable battery that can serve two motors, which makes charging the tanker easy and convenient when carried for outdoor fun.

Since the batteries are rechargeable, you can always get two sets to enjoy up to 50 minutes of combat playtime. And with 164 feet of control distance, a child can enjoy long-distance racing incorporating combat moves to avoid obstacles. Its performance is superb as it can move in different directions either on a bumpy or flat surface.

The fort turret offers maximum enjoyment as it can rotate up to 360 degrees and the cannon rod is able to swing up when it is rotating the gear. The functional parts would enhance a child’s imagination while in combat, small boys like adventure, and the Bo R/C will offer the battlefield experience and playability.

There is a real challenge and fun when a child has to build a toy and not just get it out of the box, the Bo Toy shooting tank is made of building blocks with emotional tracks a feature not very common to toy tankers.

Information on the material used to build various toy tankers in the market are not easily available but for the Bo toy shooting tank, users have been provided with information on the quality of material used (ABS), which is not only safe for your child’s skin but made of durable material. The toy can also be a good gift to older men for display or to have some real battlefield fun with their kids and grandkids.

A Neutral Judgment to get a Buying Decision

The toy offers a battlefield experience especially for kids whose parents work with the military, it provides closure as they are able to understand and relate with some of the situations on the ground. Kids of ages six and above have much to learn from this piece especially during assembly, fixing the different parts correctly could be a challenge but will help develop their motor and cognitive skills.

Other members of the family can also join in the fun with more different toys, to create a perfect battle scene thus enhancing imagination and creativity. The toy is thus more of an educational and bonding resource than a plaything. Assembling the tanker’s different parts can also be a challenge to parents as well as kids opening up a new learning curve.

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  • Contains rechargeable batteries
  • Develops a child’s gross and motor skills
  • The toy is Portable
  • Remote controlled


  • Needs additional batteries for long-distance control
  • Operating the tank is not intuitive

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14. BlueFit German Tiger I Panzer Tank

The BlueFit German Tiger I Panzer Tank is a very simple toy compared to the Bo R/C tank. The former comes completely assembled so it does not offer much physical activity or creativity. Your child’s fine and gross motor skills will not be challenged but they offer maximum enjoyment while recreating a combat field, so it is still worth every penny.

Despite the downsides, the toy is highly recommended for small kids ages 7 and below because the addition of different sound effects for shooting and throwing bombs will excite them and offer a real battlefield experience. Even more interesting is that the intuitive remote controller makes it easy for anyone to ride the tank.

Features available

The sound effects can be quite annoying when they keep ringing for extended periods inside the house or at night, but the Blue fit German Tiger, comes with a sound control system that can be silenced at night or when it becomes irritating.

The recoil action offers real fun and battlefield experience when firing the cannon artillery and just by charging the toy for an hour you and your family will be able to enjoy 15minutes of real combat fun. The Panzer tanker via its remote control can perform a few military drills such as moving forward or backward, and it can also turn left or right with a rotating turret complete with a source of light.

The toy comes highly recommended because it helps enhance a small child’s imagination and by firing using the armored turret creativity and imagination are borne.

More important is that other family members or friends can join in the fun, as the remote offers about four different channels. The panzer is educational and comes with a twelve-month warranty complete with a rechargeable 3.7V 110mAh battery that can power the toy to move at a higher or lower speed.

Older adults or kids would always love to do something unique with their toys such as repainting to stay different from their friends, and although the toy comes in different colors, you are allowed to customize it to fit your combat field situation as you stay unique.

A Neutral Judgment to get a Buying Decision

The BlueFit German Tiger I Panzer Tank is the perfect toy for younger kids, other members of the family can join also join the kids for some outdoor fun with the tanker, as they bond, encourage creativity and learn their kids characters.  Since there aren’t any parts to assemble your small kids don’t run the risk of getting chocked or swallowing the removable parts.

The toy is affordable compared to its functionality, and the signal response is further enhanced by the antenna provided upon purchase. Playing alone with the German Tiger 1 Panzer can also be fun as the kids can be encouraged to simulate a war scene in an imaginary country with the little provided commander at the top of the tanker.

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  • Available four channels that can accommodate four players
  • Comes at a Pocket-friendly price with advanced features
  • The batteries are rechargeable, but you can purchase more for extended playtime
  • Comes with a manual thus easy for anyone to operate or use


  • Radio channel can’t be changed
  • The tanker doesn’t come with batteries

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15. Fisca Remote Control Tank Sherman M4A3

The Fisca remote control tank is definitely not for small boys because the plastic BB’s would hurt them if they are shot at.

However, several players can operate the tank with a distance of up to 150 ft. The toy’s functionality offers a real combat field experience, as it can move forward right and left spin and it can also move backward right and perform a left spin.

What’s more, as you practice your moves you can also rotate at your center to the right or left. Kids of 10 years and above will find the toy quite practical as they will be able to shoot the soft bullets via the Turret rotate that allows them to aim their bullets and shoot in an upward or downward motion. The latter feature offers a real battlefield experience.

A Neutral Judgment to get a Buying Decision

An interesting fact is that the advanced features greatly relate to the toy’s price, for example, while driving on either a rough or smooth terrain, a kid’s adventure is enhanced by the ability to accelerate up to 3speed levels complete with a 30 degrees climbing ability. The remote control is a 2.4Ghz frequency thus it can run your toy from a far distance while racing outdoors with friends.

What’s more, is that it is convenient for outdoor fun because it has been built to tackle the outdoor environment. The toy comes provided with two rubber tracks thus a user can drive their Fisca on any type of terrain. And just like other combat tanks, this toy can shoot a 6mm BB bullet, and while at this the muzzle will move upwards and recoil while producing the right sound effects, quite a good sight to behold.

Users of the Fisca have been advised to refrain from shooting pets and people because the air gun is quite powerful, therefore, when playing outside they can enjoy firing at distant ranges. Most of the rechargeable toys do not exceed an hour of charging and they also don’t keep the charge on, for too long.

Fisca, on the other hand, will offer you at least 15 to 20 minutes of active war field experience, but after staying in the charger for about 7 hours max and a minimum of 5 hours, which is quite long compared to the playtime. But also the operations that you run while using the tanker will determine how much longer the battery can hold up.
Users also get to enjoy a 180-degree rotation from the left to the right. Now, this option seeks to equip users with different shooting angles as they try to hit many targets simultaneously, a good activity for both outdoor and indoor fun.

The provision of a wide slewing area accomplishes a real combat experience and will get a child’s adrenaline supercharged when combined with the sound effects. Apart from the ability of the toy to accommodate more players the tank comes furnished with one soldier; therefore it can also support a one-man interaction.

A Neutral Judgment to get a Buying Decision

The Fiscal remote control tank makes for a perfect gift even for older people, especially those who have been in military service. Its functionalities are quite advanced compared to other combat toys of the same price, what’s more, is that the longer charging period directly correlates with the recoil, shooting experience, the three-speed levels, and the up and down movement of the cannon.

The features and stunts that the Fisca is capable of, makes it good for both indoor and outdoor fun, you can go low on the operations to sustain the battery life or get an additional battery for longer playtime. The military drills would be a good experience for boys as well as adults that always tend to be obsessed with cars.


  • Offers 3 Speed levels
  • Movable cannon is an interesting firing experience
  • Accommodates more than one player
  • Is versatile and can, therefore, handle a grassy, muddy, or sand terrain


  • Longer charging time compared to playtime
  • The BB bullets can be dangerous if used on younger kids or pets

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16. 18 Pack Die-cast Military Vehicles Sets

Turns out to be one of the most expensive toy tanks that I have come across, so lets us dive into its features and functionalities and see if they match up to the price tag.

So your Sherman toy tank will give you a full 15 minutes to transform your imagination into reality and one of the most advanced features of the military tank is that it is equipped with realistic smoke functionality.

For kids above 14 years, the M4A3 is the perfect fit and will create a real combat field ground, most of the fighting tanks do not come with a sound and smoke control system complete with effects. This offers a unique and almost real experience.

To enhance your shooting experience users can turn the turret 320 degrees left/right and attain a 30degree angle of vertical gun turn, either up/down. This is definitely a wow factor for kids and adults alike able to keep one’s mind engaged.

The Sherman tank’s remote controller will allow you to cover about 18 feet but fire the BB pellets to a distance of up to 25 meters, now that is quite something for the little combat boys. In addition, the pre-installed full metal trucks are quite durable and offer a real battlefield experience when used on the grass or bare ground.

This means that they might be risky for indoor use especially on carpets but will work well on other rough terrains such as climbing or going down a small hill.

A Neutral Judgment to get a Buying Decision

Instructions for use are included in a manual that will help in the operation of the advanced features like the smoke fluid bottle since the tank comes factory assembled. According to Ginsburg, play in general offers social-emotional, cognitive, and physical well-being for both the small children and the youth. The Sherman tank is not for the teens but can also be used by older people just to have some little fun.

Ginsburg further elaborates that when parents engage with their children during their playtime it helps promotes their healthy development and builds and maintains strong parent-to-child bonds. Parents are then better placed to understand how their children perceive wars and battles and offer guidance.

Playing with this tank, for example, could offer valuable information to parents on how their children perceive the men in service, parents could also find out if their kids want to serve as a career and how they would handle a situation in case of tension or war.

In this case, the toy enables children to learn the necessary skills that they might be able to use in life as they grow such as conflict resolution, and in case of war, they will not be affected as much, what’s more, a child may develop a passion for the tankers and end up in service.

Children also develop acute problem-solving skills and how cause and effect work. What’s more, is that they learn to share with their friends their play toys and their creativity and imagination become greatly enhanced.

A Neutral Judgment to get a Buying Decision

The M4A3 contains some pretty advanced features that could be quite overwhelming for kids under 14 years. It makes for a good present for older servicemen and they could either play with them or put them up for display. The super-advanced features like the realistic smoke function and the new 2.4 GHz spectrum technology justifies its high price but it also offers value for money.

The tanker offers a good terrain experience with its maximum climbing gradient feature that enables it to adapt to different road surfaces, the realistic commander enables a one-man show, if a child has no friends to play with. But can sure perform exciting military drills with friends or family.


  • The tanker is educational
  • Has more advanced features
  • An instructional manual has been provided in English
  • Perfect for outside play


  • Not good for an indoor activity
  • Pricey

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17. Tech Depot M1A2 Abrams USA Battle Tank RC

Tech Depot M1A2 Abrams USA Battle Tank RC
Tech Depot M1A2 Abrams USA Battle Tank RC

This is an excellent RC tank with all the “bells and whistles”. It makes “realistic” sounds while moving and when firing. Your kid will really enjoy and play with this. It actually shoots B.B.s, and we checked at a local lake – it can shoot a good distance – no ducks were harmed. It has a tough time in tall grass or mulch, but if you keep it on the dirt or pebbled path or better it does great. The battery life is very good also, about 45 minutes to an hour between charges. However, It offers absolute fun as its hatch can load up to about 50 bullets, which can be fired at a 9mm range. When playing with tanks the real fun is in the firing that is accompanied by sounds, the Abrams tanker interestingly makes some realistic firing sounds on the tracks while moving and when firing.

A Neutral Judgment to get a Buying Decision

The Abrams USA battle tank is a good toy for outside terrain given its multiple speed levels, it does offer maximum fun when playing against other tankers with the forward, backward, and spin stunts. The firing range is good for a mimic combat ground in combination with the realistic firing sounds produced complete with recoil action upon the firing of the cannon. The tanker has been built for a specific age bracket (14years) but can best suit much younger kids and even older adults. The tankers have been made with great precision and can be used as display and for some one-time fun, from time to time. They are a real company for teens and have been proved to be educational creating and mending bonds between parents and their kids.


  • This tank is fast, turns fast, and shoots about 40 feet
  • The tanker is user-friendly with basic operations
  • Works well with outside terrain
  • Offers users multiple speed control
  • Users can enjoy up to 20 mins of playtime with minimum operations


  • Volume is uncontrollable
  • Pricey compared to tankers of similar features

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18. Cheerwing 1:72 German Tiger I Panzer Tank Remote Control Mini RC Tank

Cheerwing 1:72 German Tiger I Panzer Tank Remote Control Mini RC Tank
Cheerwing 1:72 German Tiger I Panzer Tank Remote Control Mini RC Tank

This is really nice little replica of the mighty Tiger Tank. It is very detailed and all of the functions work as advertised. You cannot believe how much technology and functions the manufacturer managed to pack in such a tiny package. Most of the kids always love to play with a track, RC cars, and this RC Tank is amazing. Whoever wins control over the Tiger will be able to move it with ease thanks to the flexible tracks. The vehicle maneuvers forward, backward, left, and right. The 360° rotating turret adds to the enjoyment. You can aim the gun barrel up, down, and straight ahead. The sound effects reflect the movements. Even the engine sounds lifelike, albeit much quieter than the real thing. A couple of these tiny beasts will give you a small-scale war in the living room.

Most Important Features

  • 360° rotating turret
  • Flexible and working plastic tracks
  • Gun barrel moving up and down
  • High/low-speed switch
  • Realistic engine, turret move, firing sound effects
  • Built-in rechargeable 3.7V 110mAh battery. The remote control can charge tank
  • Remote Control Requires 4 x “AA” Batteries (Not included)


  • Amazing attention to detail
  • Palm-sized, take it anywhere
  • Realistic sound effects
  • Independent flexible tracks
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Sound FX (you can disable the sound effects for quiet operation)
  • The tracks move like a real tank!!!!
  • The turret rotates 360 degree
  • Tank battery lasts a while
  • Radio is 27Mhz and not the crappy infrared


  • The only thing that could be improved, would be the tank speed, it is by no means scale (Very fast) but my kids won’t mind that at all 😉
  • Hard to control on fast speed
  • Tiny size, easy to misplace or break if stepped on

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19. Hq iPlay RC Battling Tanks

Hq iPlay RC Battling Tanks
Hq iPlay RC Battling Tanks

This is really nice quality tanks and It may a perfect gift for your kids. They look cool, the sounds are great, they seem pretty accurate, and the game is fun. They can climb over fairly large (compared to them) obstacles. It can run for a long time on a battery charge, probably 45 mins or so. It has too much infrared power. The infrared power is a nice touch that sends a beam to attack the opponent. The tanks let out a menacing roar once you rotate the guns and fire. The enemy’s tank concedes a strike and starts to flash its lights to indicate a hit. These tanks are lots of fun and the kind of toys older people enjoy too. There’s forward, back, speed-up, turn left, turn right, and universal spin. The turret turns 320-degrees, and the gun barrel goes up and down 30-degrees.

  • Best feature 1: Infrared combat functions
  • Best feature 2: Easy to use controllers
  • Plus points: Flashing light effects, sound effects, 4 LED lives, fully maneuverable
  • Minus points: Long charging time, not good on carpets, slow turret speed


  • Infrared combat functions
  • Easy to use transmitters Flashing lights
  • Loud realistic sound effects
  • 4 LED lives game function
  • Fully maneuverable


  • Long battery charging times
  • Tanks not good on carpets
  • Slowish turret speeds

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20. Haktoys HT502 RC 12” Fighting Battle Tanks

Haktoys HT502 is another RC battle tank set. The attention to detail is remarkable as with the previous picks. These two puppies cost twice as much as the last set, though, so are they worth the extra? The materials are not in question—it’s the parts. It’s true that kids can often be a little heavy-handed when playing boisterous games. Even so, the makers should consider these things at the design phase. I’ve read a handful of reviews where wheels come off and also of broken control sticks.
  • Best feature 1: Operateson different channel frequencies(27MHz and 40MHz)
  • Best feature 2: Long playtime
  • Minus points: Loose parts, price


  • RC operates on different frequencies
  • Long-playing time
  • Decent fighting range
  • Fairly fast charging time
  • High-quality materials
  • Special lighting and sound effects


  • High price tag
  • Some reports of parts coming loose (not widespread)

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21. RC Shooting Storm of the Desert Tank

RC Shooting Storm of the Desert Tank
RC Shooting Storm of the Desert Tank
  • Best feature 1: Two motors
  • Best feature 2: Long-distance range
  • Minus points: Only available in kit form

It’s an education as well as a functional toy. It’s also one of those great father/son projects. There are no worries of a short operating range or carpets with this capable beast. Moreover, the charging is good at just 90 minutes. You have all the usual tank maneuvers but with the extra oomph and distance. The fort turret turns a full 360° to speed up combat in all directions. The educational aspect of this model size replica is going to appeal to some buyers too. It’s a good history lesson for those who want to know more about this heavily armored vehicle. Also, the assembly stage is bound to help develop a youngster’s motor skills.

High-Quality Build

The material used in this tank is high-quality ABS plastic. ABS has many excellent characteristics like durability, hypoallergenic, and skin-safe. This tank looks great, feels pleasant to touch, and will most likely outlive those who build it. Not only is the design and quality ABS first-rate, but the instructions are well written too.


  • Two motors
  • High-quality build/materials
  • Kit form working RC model
  • Long-distance range
  • Fairly fast charging time
  • Moves across most terrains


  • Only available in kit form

Finally, This Storm of the Desert tank is such a beautiful machine, but it’s only available in kit form. That’s disappointing for folks who want the battle without the build.

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