10 Best Leggings For Short Legs According To Body Height

If You Have Short Legs, Stay Away From Calf-Length, or Capri Length Leggings then you should wear…

Matching with fitting dresses is so much important for any woman. If you’re short and you’re tired of looking for the best leggings according to body height.

If you take a moment to see these fit like a regular pair of leggings on someone of average height.

The compression is medium without being stifling (most of them prefer pants a bit snug). “It’s so difficult to find out leggings for short legs.

Here is a pair of Lululemon leggings that came with soft which means these are great in their own right. Perfect for short gals going to class/the gym, lounging at home, or running errands. This is thicker than the average size leggings and you feel like it’s holding you in a bit.

They’re so sleek and cute. so you will be able to wear them at work as well and they fit perfectly.”

1. BESTENA- Women’s Comfortable Seamless Smooth Slip Shorts for Under Dresses

BESTENA Slip short leggings, Ultra-Soft, Seamless and Smooth Fabric

They are extremely comfortable, lightweight, cool, and breathable. These slip shorts are perfect for wearing with dresses in the hot weather or at any other time to get rid of panty lines and great for underdresses and skirts.

If you’re 5’0″ and 120 pounds with more bottom than the top and the medium, then it also fits perfectly. These shorts are pretty great, to be honest. These are great in that they stay in place and they fit great! That’s why you’ll be glad!

  • Seamless all day Comfortable
  • Lightweight & Smooth Feeling
  • Inside tagless label, no irritation
  • Perfect for layering underneath dresses

Seamless Slip Shorts

The design of the slip shorts is seamless, it helps to avoid underwear lines and offers a smooth line-free look under slim-fitted pants, especially thinner and lighter color suit pants or tighter fitting exercise pants.

Smooth Yoga shorts

They are better than expected and these are not meant to control fitting but offer nice support. They are very soft and seamless. Smoothing under skirts and dresses. No panty lines. Smooth Yoga shorts with full rise and coverage, the ultra-soft seamless fabric offers lightweight and smooth for all-day comfort.

Comfortable Slip Shorts

Works like a slip but much more Comfortable, Lightweight Slip Shorts the Perfect Length and Excellent Price!. The BESTENA- Slip Shorts are perfect for layering underneath dresses, jeans, tunics, a skirt (T-shirt skirt, pencil skirt, tennis skirts, etc) to help prevent sweaty thighs.

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2. Vassarette Women’s Comfortably Smooth Slip Short Panty

Vassarette Women's Comfortably Smooth Slip Short Panty
Vassarette Women’s Comfortably Smooth Slip Short Panty

These shorts are amazing! They are so comfortable and these shorts fit as expected with extra room to spare. The material is stretchy and soft. These are just as good as Jockey Skimmies but a fraction of the cost. They fit perfectly. They are not too tight at the waist and they DON’T roll at all! They are lightweight, silky feeling, and true to size. They are perfect under summer dresses and don’t make me too hot.

  • 93% Nylon, 7% Spandex
  • Ultra-soft seamless fabric and lightweight that’s why all the day comfortable
  • Fit well


  • Good sizing. If anyone’s height is 5’3″, it can also wear 14 Old girls. This was roomy enough in the butt and thighs and came up high enough to your waist to make you feel like it wasn’t going to slide down if I bent over or sat
  • Flatlock seams. Nice! Sturdy. [Invisible Smooth has raised seams. It also felt like the seams could pop in the crotch. Also, the weird crotch panel lightly tacked in.]
  • The waistband is comfortable [the Invisible Smooth waistband is lacy but scratchy.]


  • The material felt rough and heavy to me. Not something to wear on a hot day, and definitely not on a humid day
  • There are leg bands. These will definitely show through a light fabric or super clingy fabric. [No leg bands on the Invisible Smooth. They look just chopped off but are tacked so the seams won’t open. The look is smooth.]
  • The legs seemed a bit long, just above the knee. Not so good if you’re wearing shorter things [Invisible Smooth legs were shorter]
  • Since they are shiny I find that certain skirts slide around over these shorts. So I’m the future I will try to stick to mostly cotton skirts.

Finally, It’s definitely returning the Comfortably Smooth slip short. Although the flatlock seams were really nice and the product felt sturdy overall, and I felt this short fit my butt and hips better, and came up higher on my waist, the heavier, non-slippy material and leg bands were a definite no-go.

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