Top 10 Best Hair Dryer For Thick Hair According To Experts

Hairstylists recommend using the best hair dryer for thick hair to lessen styling time and do away with all stresses. Here we present to you to top best hair dryer for thick hair. BaByliss PRO Ceramix Xtreme is the top brand and can style any thick hair with less damage. We have nine other recommendations. These are the best because of their wonderful features.

Experts recommend these products since they can deliver the efficiency and quality necessary for thick and stubborn hair. If you really want the best for your hair, this review is a necessity. You can ignore it to the detriment of your hair.

A Price Comparison Of the Best Blow Dryer For Thick Hair

In this review, we rounded up the best blow dryer for thick hair, including the Ionic technology/conditioning, Ceramic technology, that will help to create smooth, silky bouncy hair at home.

What Is The Best Hair Dryer For Thick Hair?

Thick hair requires special hair dryers. If you do not use good dryers, your hair would damage further. Such a dryer must come with a good wattage, and it should be safe to apply to the hair strand. The dryer heats rapidly as you require high heat to style thick hair.

However, do not overexpose it to heat because it could damage it. Because of that, such a dryer should come with multiple heat settings. You can adjust the temperature depending on what you want at any point in time. the wattage as said is important and it should not be less than 1400W otherwise it may not heat the hair very well.

How do you dry thick hair fast?

To dry your thick hair fast you need a good hairdryer with variable heat settings. Before you begin to dry, you must apply a good air conditioner to the hair. Moreover, before you begin to dry it you must towel dry the hair because it is not good to hair wet hair. It could lead to damage to the hair. Apply a quick dry spray to the hair. Do not use a serum. The quick-dry spray will fast-track the drying process. The brush you use is important and it is not wise to use a metal brush. Boar bristle brushes are better. If you use a high-quality dryer, the hair will be ready in a matter of minutes.

What hair dryer dries hair the fastest?

The hairdryer that dries fastest is those with the best speed and high heat level. What to consider when you are looking for the fastest dryers include fast heat and safety mode in place. Such a dryer must heat very fast and reach the maximum temperature within a few seconds. The hotter and faster the hairdryer is, the better the hairstyling result you will achieve. Hairstylists recommend that you use dryers of at least 1800 to 1850 watts. Some dryers can boast up to 360 watts. Wattage is important. The other necessary feature is speed. It has to be fast enough to prevent hot spots and hair damage.

Top 10 best hair dryers for thick hair reviews

1. BaBylissPRO Ceramix Xtreme

Perhaps the oldest model standard hair dryer for your thick hair is this BaBylissPro product. It looks highly attractive and is the best in performance. The product is not confusing and it is easy to use. Its ergonomic design does not only make it attractive to use, but it also makes it easy to handle. You can operate this device without difficulties.

It is a powerful hair styling tool with a wonderful and powerful motor. The motor capacity is 2000W. The ceramic-infused infrared heating system and two-way temperature setting make it perfect for thick hair. It heats regularly and distributes hair evenly across the plate and guarantees a safe hairstyle at the end.

Furthermore, this features a narrow barrel and this enhances efficiency. Furthermore, the micro concentrator nozzle speed ensures that the action is fast. You are sure of salon-quality results when you use this hair styling tool.

In terms of design, it might be outdated, but in performance, it has an edge. However, it is bulky but the powerful motor ensures that you do your hair in a grand style.


  • It is very heavy as it is an old model hairdryer
  • This uses the most powerful motor of 2000W
  • The ceramic heating system ensures even heat distribution


  • Salon grade results when you use this tool
  • It is highly efficient and can dry hair very fast
  • Rubberized handle makes it easy to handle and operate
  • The ceramic heating system ensures fast and even heat distribution


  • It’s a comparatively loud hairdryer

A high-end product

It is a high-end product as it is the best for thick and stubborn hair. This comes with the most powerful engine and it can heat your hair fast and evenly. Most importantly, it is user-friendly.

2. Professional Hair Dryer, Lightweight Ionic Blow Dryer

A wonderful product from Professional hair dryer makers. This is good for all hair types and not just for thick hair. It is lightweight and uses negative ions for hair drying and prevents hair damage.

Moreover, it is flexible to use as you can customize the speed and heat settings. It can boast three heat settings and three-speed settings.

Furthermore, it features two concentrator nozzles. This makes it perfect for home use as well as salon use. Besides, you can be comfortable to use for travelers. Other great features set this model apart from several others out there. It is quick to dry and the lightweight design makes it the most comfortable for the average user.

It can dry very fast since it features 18 fan blades whose speed you can increase or decreases depending on what you want to achieve. The maximum speed can reach up to 1000000RPM. It is not surprising it makes the list of the best.


  • Quick and fast-drying because of the high speed 18 blades fan
  • Intelligent temperature control ensures that it is neither too hot nor too slow
  • It is designed to make the hair healthier and shiner


  • It is designed with the finest and fastest hair-drying equipment
  • The intelligent temperature control ensures the hair does not damage
  • The design is such that the hair will become healthier
  • Lightweight design reduces the burden of use and you can achieve your hairstyling result with ease


  • A few users complained that it is louder than they expected

The most intelligent hairdryer

This hair dryer is very intelligent to use. It can style your thick hair without causing any damage to the hair. Furthermore, it is lightweight and easy to use.

3. Professional Series STEALTH Ionic+ Technology Hair Blow Dryer with Diffuser by MINT

This is one of the best hair dryers for thick hair. The model is great since it is extremely quiet. Moreover, it is very powerful and can boast of 1875 watts and the salon-grade drying power sets it apart from several others out there. Furthermore, it can dry your hair faster and much faster than you expect. This model uses an AC motor and this is engineered to offer the most efficient airflow. Furthermore, ionic heating technology ensures that it spreads heat fast across the plate and this helps to make your hair easy. It can release millions of supercharged ions in seconds which styles your hair easily.

The other interesting feature includes the healthy infrared heat which ensures that your hair dries fast. Even heat distribution prevents hair damage.


  • It ensures the release of healthy infrared heat and this dries your hair very fast
  • The model is also durable and it can serve you for up to one thousand hours and more
  • It comes with all the important accessories


  • It is extremely quiet and makes the least noise
  • This is powerful and it can boast 1875 watts and which dries your thick hair fast
  • It uses infrared heating technology and dries your hair from inside to outside
  • Features two heat and speed settings


  • A user complained that it is not lightweight and some users claimed

Most lovely dryer

A high-quality hair dryer you can buy with money. It can boast millions of ions every second and this ensures perfect hairstyling.

4. T3 – Cura LUXE Hair Dryer

The product is digitalized and it is also a blow dryer. It prevents hair frizz and ensures fast hair drying because of the wide airflow system. Most importantly, the model is going to boost your hair volume and the auto-pause sensor ensures it does not get too hot to damage the hair. Besides, it comes with heat and speed settings which means you can customize it according to your preferences. The other settings include a cool shot. This is meant to reduce overheating which can damage the hair. It can take your styling experience to the highest level. Because of the innovative design, you can tell the differences in the results it produces. The outcome is not going to be healthy, it will look soft as well.


  • It ensures fast drying
  • The outcome is going to be healthy and more volume
  • Ensures customizable styling experience


  • The product is the most innovative in the market
  • Its customizable features make it easy to have wonderful styling results
  • The model is highly innovative and it is digitally controlled
  • It is lightweight and does not make any noise in operation


  • A few users complained that the product makes the hair frizz

Highly recommended

We are recommending this hair dryer because of its wonderful features. It is highly digitalized and you can achieve perfect hairstyling results with ease. If you want a hairdryer that can protect your thick hair, you can think of this product.

5. Ionic Hair Dryer, slope hill Professional Hair Blow Dryer with Diffuser Powerful AC Motor Air Blower

This slope hill professional hairdryer comes with all the necessary accessories you require from this kind of product. It comes with the most powerful AC motor air blower. Furthermore, it comes with a diffuser and the most powerful AC Motor. It has three heating and two-speed settings. There is also one cool setting and this ensures that the hair dries very fast.  Because of the negative ionic and ceramic technology, this is going to release millions of negative ions, and that translates to fast hair drying. The hair is the lock in moisture and the hair will not be damaged.

Moreover, it comes with an intelligent heat temperature control mechanism. When it is getting too high it can regulate it. Apart from that, the product comes in variable heat and temperature settings. It is customizable and you can set this according to the hairstyle and hair type.


  • It features a negative ceramic and ionic technology and these release millions of ions to take good care of the hair
  • Intelligent temperature control to minimize hair damage
  • Variable temperature and heat setting


  • It ensures healthy hair because of the intelligent temperature control feature
  • It is very safe to use and dries the hair fast
  • Comes with the necessary attachment such as a concentrator and diffuser
  • Dust-free blades


  • A user complained of the burning smell which is always constant

A perfect hairdryer

The hairdryer is perfect by all standards. It comes with everything you need from this kind of product and it is highly protective. It can make your hair in seconds.

6. INFINITI PRO BY CONAIR 1875 Watt AC Motor Pro Hair Dryer with Ceramic Technology

The makers of this brand have been in business for many decades and as such they know what customers want. This model is the perfect solution for those with thick hair. It relies on an AC motor and uses ceramic heating technology. This dryer uses an 1875 Watt AC motor which is one of the most powerful in the industry. The powerful airflow from the system ensures that your hair dries very faster. Furthermore, the dryer can last longer than similar other models out there. If you are looking for a wonderful product that makes the shiny, smooth and prevents hair frizz, this product is perfect for that.

The other outstanding feature is its versatile function. Whether you want to straighten, smoothen, or create curls on your thick hair, you can easily do that using this wonderful product. The frizz hair-free feature makes it the most outstanding and you can always use this model in style.


  • It uses a very powerful 1875 watts AC motor and this makes for a very powerful airflow
  • This can serve a versatile function as you can use it to smoothen, straighten, curl, and so on
  • Makes the hair healthy and adds volume to the hair


  • A highly versatile product you can use for different hair styling products
  • The professional hair dryer can boast 1875 watts of AC motor
  • It is faster and better than others when it comes to hair drying
  • Comes with special accessories and is great for versatile uses


  • A user complained that the product emits a chemical odor when it is in operation

Amazing for your hair

You can see from the features that the product is great and amazing for your hair. Because of multifunctional purposes, you can use it on your thick hair to make it curly or achieve any other style of your choice.

7. Professional Ionic Salon Hair Dryer, Powerful 2200-watt Ceramic Tourmaline Blow Dryer

The Pro ion quiet hairdryer is one of the best you can use on your thick hair. It comes with important accessories such as two concentrators, nozzle attachments, and so on. If you want to have soft styling of your hair, then you can always think of this product. It uses turbo to speed up the heat-transferring power and it is ten times faster than other models. This ion ensures that the work is done since it is going to remove static hair as well as reduce hair frizz. It uses ceramic tourmaline material and it can blow dry your hair very fast.

Hairstylists are rated high and it uses a 2200W DC motor it makes for very powerful airflow the wonderful effect is that it guarantees fast drying. You can use this at home just as you can use it in the salon. With its three heat as well as two-speed settings you can customize this product to suit your needs. Moreover, the model comes with two concentrators and this makes it possible to make any style of your choice. You can use these styles to straighten, curly, smooth, and other styles that are possible with your thick hair.


  • Using a DC motor of 2200 W makes the hair fast and easy
  • You can feel very charming and confident because it makes the hair in style
  • It is highly versatile as you can use it to make different hairstyles


  • It is a quiet hairdryer and it has hardly made noise when it is in use
  • This is lightweight and easy to use
  • This model comes with various settings which include heat and speed
  • It comes with all the necessary accessories


  • Some users complained that it can smell horribly
  • Choose this innovative product now

If you want to use the most innovative hair product on your thick hair, this model is the most suitable for that. You can see from the features that it can make your hair wonderful and attractive.

8. JINRI 1875W Professional Salon Grade Hair Dryer

It is another high-quality hair dryer that uses a DC motor. This also releases negative ions which can assist in blow-drying your hair within the shortest time. The model comes with two-speed settings as well as three heat settings. Moreover, it comes with a cool button as well as concentrator and diffuser attachments.

It also has other fantastic features that set it apart from others. Perhaps the most outstanding feature of the product includes the far infrared technology and the negative ion. This helps in protecting the hair scrap and preventing hair damage. Most importantly, it makes the hair smooth and moist. The product makes hair frizz impossible. Moreover, it comes with multifunctional settings and this includes the temperature and speed settings. You can customize it the way it serves your purpose very well. Because it uses a very powerful motor it can dry very fast. This means a lot in times of time. If you are always on the go, it can save you precious time.


  • It comes with multifunctional settings
  • The product uses a negative ion as well as a far-infrared function and features
  • Because it is very fast, this product is going to save you precious time


  • It can save you precious time because of the fast drying time
  • The model comes with all the important accessories and that is why it dries very fast
  • It is simple and easy to use
  • This features multivariable settings and this makes it to customize its use


  • The plastic component can get so hot

A great hairdryer

From all indications, this is a perfect hairdryer and it is the most affordable in the market. It is easy and very simple to use. It can heat very fast and it is easy to control it.

9. Rusk Engineering Super Freak Professional 2000 Watt Dryer

There are a few features that set the product apart from several others out there. The first is that it uses a high-quality Italian motor. This is the best motor because of the superior airflow it delivers. Furthermore, the product delivers superior air pressure. Because of the efficiency, it can reduce the drying time and this means that it can save you precious time. If you are always on the go, you will opt for this model. Most importantly, this is designed with superior freak ceramic and tourmaline materials. These are the best and fastest when it comes to thick hair. You are guaranteed a high-quality styling result when you use this product.


  • It comes with the most innovative Italian motor
  • This can boast of a 2000W motor
  • Combines ceramic and tourmaline properties


  • This product is going to reduce your time since it can dry faster
  • It also uses the most innovative Italian motor
  • This is one of the fastest and highly reliable
  • Comes with multiple temperatures and speed settings


  • A user complained that it stopped working after a few months

A fantastic blower

This blower is the most fantastic in the market as you can see from the innovative features. This can dry your hair fast and reduces hair damage.

10. Conair 1875-Watt Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer with Diffuser and Concentrator, Black

Conair is the clear leader in the manufacture of hair dryers. The company has introduced far-reaching hair dryers. This model is an ionic hair dryer that comes with tourmaline ceramic technology. It also features frizz-fighting ions which means that when you use it, you are sure of reduced hair damage. Furthermore, it will guarantee that your hair will shine more and that it heats very fast. The importance of uniform heating is that it prevents hair damage and hot spots on the hair.


  • Features ionic hairdryer
  • Performs superior hair-drying functions
  • Features the best ionic conditioning
  • Provides the best care


  • It uses the best ionic hairdryer and can prevent your hair from damage
  • The model can perform superior functions and that is because of the variable settings
  • Good for hair as it prevents hair damage
  • The best hair dryer you can buy with money


  • Some users complained that it is not the best for all kinds of hair

Final Words

These are the right hair dryers for thick hair. These products make the list because they were recommended by experts and professional hairstylists as the best hair tools for 2020. You can see from the information above that these ten products are convenient to use and they are good for the hair since they reduce the risks of hair damage. They are well constructed and that is why they heat normally and distribute evenly across the plate. Most importantly, they come with multiple heat setting features making it easier for them to control it. These are the best and if you spend your money on any of these recommended products, you will have true value for your money.