12 Best Dog Backpack Carrier for Hiking, Walking or Travel

For invigorating exercise, mental health, and genuine fun, hiking is an excellent activity. But, as is the case with most things, it’s even better if you can share the experience. But you don’t have to drag your unwilling friends or significant other out to the trails if they don’t have the same appreciation for the activity as you – so long as you have a dog.

Our Top Pick


This hands-free Backpack Carrier especially best for a dog puppy or cat that is up to 25 lbs who enjoy the outdoors! This carrier backpack has a water-resistant fabric top with a waterproof Armorsole bottom; the front-facing dog pack is stain resistant & easy to wipe clean; machine-washable interior pad. It’s TSA Airline Approved Backpack Carrier, where you can use it as a backpack or laid on its side and used as a carrier.

Here are the highlights

  • It’s really well made
  • It has water bottle pockets on the side and a laptop pocket inside
  • If you have 13lb chihuahua fits then it feet perfects and love looking out the flap

A few things That pet owner impressed by G-Train:

  • The soft-shell-like bottom under the pet compartment is a better design than any of the carriers you’ve seen/researched on.
  • The thickness of the straps for weight distribution.

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Top 11 Dog Carrier Backpacks

If you feel confused about finding the best dog backpack carrier to buy in 2021? Here’s a Top 12 List to help you to find the suitable.

RankPictureNameWhere to Buy
1Kurgo G-trainView On Amazon
2K9 Sport Sack AIRView On Amazon
3Petsfit Comfort Dogs CarriersView On Amazon
4Outward Hound PoochPouch Front Carrier for DogsView On Amazon
5KritterWorld Pet Carrier BackpackView On Amazon
6Pawfect Pets Soft-Sided Pet Carrier BackpackView On Amazon
7PAWABOO Pet Carrier BackpackView On Amazon
8NICREW- Legs Out Front Dog CarrierView On Amazon
9Homdox Dog Carrier BackpackView On Amazon
10CozyCabin Dog Carrier BackpackView On Amazon
11COODIA- Legs Out Front Dog CarrierView On Amazon

12 Best Dog Backpack Carrier for Hiking Reviewed in 2021

Above we talked about what made the Kurgo G-train our top pick, now it’s time to look a little closer at some of the others we like.

2. K9 Sport Sack AIR | Pet Carrier Backpack For Small and Medium Dogs

K9 Sport Sack AIR Pet Carrier Backpack
K9 Sport Sack AIR | Pet Carrier Backpack

This is an amazing backpack that has to enable us to take our dog anywhere. The K9 Sport Sack is a durable pack that’s great for carrying your dog, especially while you are biking. It helps to hold your dog when on adventures and when she is tired of walking. It has a 20mm thick bottom rest pad that keeps your canine comfortable. The fabric is lightweight and water-resistant, and the pack features side pockets for water bottles, leashes, and other things you need to take along. The first time they will not 100% used to sitting in it, but over time we sure she will enjoy it. She will seem comfortable in it.


  • It has a front-facing adjustable Pack
  • It’s a Veterinarian Approved Safe Bag For Travel To Carry Canine
  • It helps you to Epic adventure ahead!



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3. Petsfit Comfort Dogs Carrier Backpack 

Petsfit Soft Pet Backpack Carrier for Hiking
Petsfit Soft Pet Backpack Carrier for Hiking

This product is amazing! It feels well made and was comfortable to wear for hiking for several hours. The oxford cloth fabric is easily cleaned and the removable padding can be washed. A front entrance and top entrance allow for accessible entrance and the mesh panel walls allow supreme ventilation.

Most Important Features

  • Front and top entrance
  • A soft fleece mat is comfortable for pets
  • Packs and ships flat for easy storage


  • Leash inside attaches the collar for pets to look out while safely tethered and removable and padded pad for the bottom
  • Padded straps and chest/hip straps are comfortable to carry and adjustable for plus size humans
  • Front and top separate entryways to enter and exit easily; Solid bottom doesn’t collapse when used
  • The dog backpack carrier is collapsible to fold flat for storage and take out the mat squish to fit under the seat
  • Plenty of room and good ventilation won’t make pets feel claustrophobic Take out the mat and squish to fit the cat backpack under the seat

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4. Outward Hound Kyjen PoochPouch Front Carrier


This bag truly is excellent and the mesh sides allow for optimal airflow while the water-resistant nylon panels keep your dog safe and dry. This is the perfect thing that has a few more pockets for supplies. However, your dog will really like it, it’s well-made, and it looks great. We don’t suggest you should carry more than 10-15 lbs in it, though.

  • This pack is sturdy and I feel confident wearing it
  • This pack has a waist belt to help reduce/eliminate side to side movement
  • The cinch is durable and stays put


  • This pack is VENTILATED on both sides so even when your dog is cinched in at the neck air can get through the pack
  • This is very important for you when living in a hot and humid climate during the summer months
  • There is a tether inside the pack for holding the dog by the collar or harness
  • The pack is sturdy without being heavy
  • The bottom is firm which gives a good, solid place for sitting or standing…if your dog likes to shift around to get the best view and where you will feel confident having her move around on this base
  • There is a little outside zippered compartment for tucking in a poo bag, money, id, etc. There is an additional littler pocket inside the zippered outer one.



Following the advice of other reviewers, You can purchase the medium size for your little dog, five pounds fully grew, that will fits perfectly.

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5. KritterWorld Pet Carrier Backpack for Small Dogs, Puppies, Cats, Great for A Walk, Travel, Hiking, and Cycling

Kritter World Adjustable Pet Carrier Backpack
KritterWorld Adjustable Pet Carrier Backpack

This is a very well made durable material but affordable. All you dog lovers will have to ignore the kitty in the picture; it’s the only picture we had! The KritterWorld Adjustable Pet Carrier Backpack is a durable nylon backpack perfect for toy-sized dogs weighing up to 7 lbs. While small, this backpack has several great features, such as the soft-sided breathable mesh viewing windows, a built-in leash attachment, and removable fleece lining for easy care. Adjustable padded straps help keep you comfortable on your journey.

Most Important Features & Benefits

  • KritterWorld Soft-Sided Pet carrier backpack is an essential backpack for secure pet travel, providing reliable pet safety and comfort. 
  • The carrier is detailed with a zipper closure opening for easy pet entry.
  • Dogs and cats can rest inside comfortably on the interior plush fleece bed, the fleece bed can be removable for easy cleaning.
  • Top zippered openings offer fast easy access.
  • Resistant to bite, abrasion, washable.
  • Perfect for use indoor, outdoor, and go travel.

Finally, this is a great backpack /carrier to carry your puppy on the ride in comfort. This KritterWorld Pet Carrier Backpack is the best for Small Dogs, Puppies, Cats, Kittens Up to 7lbs, Free Collapsible Dog Bowl Included, Comfort Mesh Pup Pack Great for A Walk, Travel, Hiking, and Cycling.

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6. Pawfect Pets Soft-Sided Pet Carrier Backpack for Small Dogs and Cats Airline-Approved, Designed for Travel, Hiking, Walking & Outdoor Uses

Pawfect Pets Soft-Sided Pet Carrier Backpack
Pawfect Pets Soft-Sided Pet Carrier Backpack

This pet carrier backpack is the best choice for your pet. A small dog or cat over 10 lbs. It may be too long to be comfortable for a long period of time in this particular dog bag/ cat carrier backpack. Your pet’s comfort is important, especially on a long flight, walk, hike, car trip, or adventure.

This pet carrier backpack has Extra Durability and Extra Secure. This Pawfect Pets portable pet carrier backpack offers many thoughtful features that make life easier. Because it’s extra comfortable for easy travels and easily washable by hand with soap and water.

Zipper buckles ensure zippers stay shut. Pet collar leash tether keeps your pet inside the carrier if you want to leave the top open for your pet to stick their head out on walks. Padded shoulder straps and extra thick back padding ease the weight during long treks.

Most Important Features & Benefits


Overall, a very good carrier that saves your back if you know you will be carrying your pet for extended periods of time. It’s stylish, FAA approved and it’s the perfect size for any puppy.

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7. Pawaboo Pet Carrier Backpack

Pawaboo Pet Carrier Backpack
Pawaboo Pet Carrier Backpack

The dog carrier is extremely comfortable to wear for both the owner and the dog. It is very convenient to be able to carry a small dog especially ours who has knee problems. The legs and tails out design keep your pet safe and comfortable while keeping your hands free for maximum movement. We are able to take a long walk or a hike with our dog who would normally have to stay behind. One nice thing is that the side zipper up.

This makes it simple to put the dog into the carrier. Another nice feature is the black mesh part where the dog’s crotch would be. Velcro, zipper, and elastic leg openings stretch for comfort. If an animal has an accident while in the carrier, it is easy to wash out and the black color hides any possible staining.


  • Works great and well built
  • Easy-Fit for Traveling Hiking Camping
  • It’ fits perfectly and is very comfortable for your pets
  • This work’s great for hikes that are too rough of terrain for my little guy


  • The zippers that secure the pet into the holster do not appear to be very secure
  • This item is fine for the dog, but the straps are very thin and uncomfortable for the human carrying the dog!

Finally, their legs are sticking out of the holes and your cat or dog puppy will stay in one position. It’s a very nice carrier, so it depends on what you are expecting for your little dog puppy.

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8. NICREW- Legs Out Front Dog Carrier, Hands-Free Adjustable Pet Backpack Carrier

NICREW Legs Out Front Dog Carrier, Hands-Free Adjustable Pet Backpack Carrier
NICREW- Legs Out Front Dog Carrier, Hands-Free Adjustable Pet Backpack Carrier

The Nicrew Dog Backpack is a font-style carrier excellent for small pets weighing from 4 to 22 lbs. This is so comfortable to carry your little pup outdoors. It is made of extremely well-made, nice materials. The zippers are great and thoughtfully designed carrier and the quality also good! You can easily carry your pooch in it long and your dog will really enjoy it too. It’s impressive and It is a really nice carrier. The mesh panels keep your dog cool, yet safe, as you hike or bike with them in tow. The padding on the shoulders is a huge plus!


  • Easy in and out
  • Adjustable straps
  • It has two side zippers
  • Comfortable added padding
  • Drawstring top gives added security
  • Breathable mesh sides for a well-ventilated ride
  • Please allow slight deviation for the measurement data due to manual measurement


  • The lower back support was four inches too long at the tightest and the upper back at the tightest doesn’t allow you to move the support part lower.
  • Good dog carrier at a good price but, the construction is shoddy. Right out of the plastic bag where difficult to adjust the straps to fit around.

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9. Henkelion- Dog Carrier Backpack

The doggie carrier is very well made and quality also so good & fits nice. You can feel the quality. It’s very strong, and the zippers glide up and down easily. Where other brands zipper is very difficult to zip on one side, so it made it hard to use. This one is so much better!

Most Important Features & Benefits

  • ?BACKPACK & FRONT PACK – Henkelion dog carrier achieves your hands-free and makes it easier to take care of your pet during hiking, travel, cycling, and walking
  • ?OPEN TOP SAFETY DESIGN – This pet backpack lets your pet feel more comfortable and safe as it is specially designed for the pets’ legs out and tail out
  • ?WATERPROOF & DURABLE – This dog backpack is made of durable, lightweight, and breathable mesh and polyester fabric, which allows much more air circulation
  • ?ADJUSTABLE & MULTIPLE SIZES – The adjustable straps will reduce pressure on your shoulders and keep your pet close to your heart. Please measure your pet and choose the right size according to our size description
  • ?LIFETIME WARRANTY – This pet carrier backpack has a lifetime warranty for defects in materials.

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10. Cozy Cabin Latest Style Comfortable Dog Cat Pet Carrier Backpack


This is the best dog carrier If you have a pet dog it fits well done and She will love it so much better than her other carrier in which her little legs dangle out the front. She will feel more relaxed and secure. when you will carry your little fur baby around, this pack just seems to distribute the weight perfectly. Actually, It’s a hilarious and amazing way to carry your dog!

Most Important Features & Benefits

  • This soft mesh and oxford fabric CozyCabin Comfortable Dog Backpack is a high-quality carrier for your small dog 12 lbs. or lighter.
  • The buckle interior design connects with your dog’s collar to keep them secure, which the mesh window lets them see what’s going on outside or peek their head through on your journey.
  • With multiple collars and sizing options, you’re sure to find a great fit.
  • Works pretty well. The fabric is a soft mesh so it’s soft-sided quite flimsy

Finally, you will realize on the collar height chart instead of the weight range, and it works…the size and fits well.

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11. COODIA Front Pet Dog Carrier Chest Backpack

COODIA Front Pet Dog Carrier Chest Backpack
COODIA Front Pet Dog Carrier Chest Backpack

This carrier is life-changing. It’s super comfortable for both and super cute and affordable. This will make your pet’s weight feel lighter. The small, zippered pouch in the front is perfect for carrying a roll of poo-bags and treats. You can order a Large for your 11-pound toy poodle and it’s an excellent fit with zippers on both sides, you’ll be able to safely and easily load your pet into it for walks. The built-in secure lock prevents your dog from moving or lunging, and this harness makes the carrier great for biking, shopping trips and nature walks.

Most Important Features & Benefits

  • The Quality of the fabric is great. And the Comfort of the straps is perfect!
  • Super speedy and so cute! And great carrier for the price!
  • It seems well-made and solid, so I have high expectations for durability
  • The front pocket is convenient for carrying doody baggies for both dogs.
  • The connector strap guarantees it will stay on when you lean forward, too.

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What is the best dog backpack?

Hiking is a great activity for exercise, mental health, and a real fun outing. But like most things, if you can share the experience, it’s even better. But you don’t have to drag them to unfriendly friends or any other important trail if they don’t have the same appreciation for activities like yours – unless you have your own dog. Yes, people’s best friends can make an excellent hiking partner.

However, like you, they will need some good gear to perform the job correctly. And this is especially true if you are going to hit the hills a bit backward. Thankfully, dogs capable of climbing often have enough energy and agility to actually carry their own gear.

However, to get the job done, your pooch will need something that the gear has to say. Thankfully, there is a whole range of hiking backpacks designed specifically for the K-9s.

Adjustable Leg and Head Openings

Too tight would restrict their circulation over time, while too much room could risk their safety.

Breathable Fabric

Without ventilation, they could more easily overheat.

Weather Resistant Fabric

If using your backpack carrier outside, try to find a style with weather-resistant If it starts to rain, your pup may not be too happy if they get rained on.