Top 10 Best Curling Iron For Thick Hair Reviewed In 2023

Thick hair requires special attention. You can approach it with the best curling iron for thick hair. There are lots of them in the market. You must search for it diligently to make the correct choice.

These top ten best curling iron for thick hair are meant for this kind of hair. The best of the products you can lay your hands on on the market is the T3-SinglePass Curl 1.25 inches personal curling iron. There are nine others recommended here and you can choose any of the recommended curling wands for thick hair.

Everything curling iron ranging from temperature and speed settings should be such that promotes healthy hair. There is the need to make a perfect choice and you need expert advice. If you fail to heed professional advice, your hair may be doomed.

If you are looking for the best curling iron for your thick hair, continue reading to get the best information.

A Price Comparison Of Best Curling Iron For Long Thick Hair

Are you looking for top quality curling iron and wand for thick hair? Here we have presented the top ten unique interchangeable barrel sizes curling iron & wand to create a variety of styling/curls. Those advanced Titanium technology designer curling iron and wand are using nano ionic technology that will help you to get salon-quality results at home at affordable prices.

What Is The Best Curling Iron For Thick Hair?

The best curling iron for thick should make your thick hair to any style of your choice. Such iron must have high heat settings. You require a high heat setting for thick hair. It is safer to use low heat for the health of the hair but such low heat cannot penetrate deep into the thick hair and may not achieve the style you want. Because of that, such a curly iron should come with multiple heat settings so that you adjust it according to your type of hair. Furthermore, it should come with considerable speed so that it can dry the hair within a short time.

What Is The Best Curling Iron For Long Thick Hair?

Creating a curly style for your long thick hair is not easy without the best curly iron. There are different irons out there that can do that very well. Best styling tools for thick coarse hair should come with the best plate surface such as titanium, ceramic as well as tourmaline surfaces. These should come with adjustable temperature and you need this to make the kind of style you want. The product should be damage-free and make a super easy curl. If you are enthusiastic about your thick long hair, look for curly irons that heat fast and do not damage the hair.

What Size Curling Iron Is Best For Thick Hair?

The simple rule when you are looking for the correct size of curly iron for your hair is to opt for one that is proportional to your hair length. You must consider the barrel and the barrel has to be smaller. This is necessary to hold the hair. If you opt for a big barrel, it may be good but the problem is that it may not hold your hair especially if you have short hair.

Moreover, it may not be easy for the kind of curl you want to do. The barrel is the most important factor that matters when you are making a choice and you must bear the hair size and the hairstyle you want to do in mind when you are making that choice.

What Do You Use To Curl Long Thick Hair?

Curling long thick hair is not like curling ordinary hair because you require the right instrument to make the correct choice. The best way to go about such hair is to use a clipless iron. It is better since it is easier to wrap a section of the hair according to the style of your choice.

Moreover, it makes it easier to style the hair as fast as you can. Furthermore, the barrel size is critical when you are making that choice. For long hair, it is advisable to opt for a thick barrel size since it would be faster and quicker to use it.

What Is The Best Way To Curl Thick Hair?

Curling the thick hair requires special attention to prevent hair damage or frizz. The first thing is to dry the hair by making it dry and clean. If you want to curl, avoid using a strong conditioner. Moreover, avoid curling wet hair. When you do that, it can disappoint because the dryer is going to fall out for those with thick and long hair.

Moreover, you have to apply serum to protect the hair as curling with a hot iron can cause damage. When you apply serum it can protect your hair from damage. You take all the necessary precautions to protect the hair from damage.

Top ten best curling iron for thick hair reviews

1. T3 – SinglePass Curl 1.25 Inch Professional Curling Iron

T3 - SinglePass Curl 1.25 Inch Professional Curling Iron
T3 – SinglePass Curl 1.25 Inch Professional Curling Iron

The editor’s recommendation. It is made to blend with different hair types and it works well as ceramic curling material. The styling iron is adjustable to heat and you can adjust the heat setting according to your hairstyle and the type of hairstyle you want to achieve. It is possible to achieve smooth and curly waves with this creative styling equipment.

If you want to achieve perfection this is designed with the perfect technology that brings that about. The model also comes with other interesting features such as a lightweight design. You can create long-lasting and shiny as well as polished curls within the shortest time when you use this product. You can achieve perfect hair curls at any time you want them.


  • It uses the digital T3 SinglePass technology
  • This features the custom blend ceramic barrel
  • It comes with adjustable heat settings ranging from 260F to 410F


  • It is a lightweight design and very comfortable to use
  • Multiple heat settings as well as speed settings for maximum styling results
  • The smart twist dial ensures it delivers fast and quick results
  • Features worldwide voltage and you can use it anywhere you go


  • A user complained that it is not worth the price

A great choice for you

When you are looking for this kind of product, you must consider the ease of use and versatility. You can use this one with ease and you can use this in all parts of the world.

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2. GHD Curling Iron, Creative Curl Wand, Professional Hair Curling Iron with Tapered Barrel

GHD Curling Iron, Creative Curl Wand, Professional Hair Curling Iron
GHD Curling Iron, Creative Curl Wand, Professional Hair Curling Iron

If you want to be creative with your thick hair, it is time to use the GHD curling iron. It is perfect for professional and home use and it comes with a tapered barrel. For bouncy, creative, and glamorous waves, this is the perfect styling tool.

It comes with the most useful features such as the ultra-zone TM Technology which monitors temperature across the plate and it ensures that you have healthy and bouncy hair.

It is easy to use and you can do that by having a barrel around the hair and ensuring that it does not overlap in the process. Do not hold for very long if you hold for eight to ten seconds, it would be sufficient to achieve the kind of results you want.


  • Uses the most creative ultra-zone TM technology
  • It ensures you have a bouncy and healthy hair
  • This reaches the highest temperature within a few seconds


  • Good for the attainment of creative hair results
  • Distributes hair accordingly and equitably
  • Reaches maximum temperature in a few seconds
  • Uses the best ceramic materials


  • A user complained it does not curl quickly as expected

A high-end product

It is one of the best long barrel curling irons. This does not only protect your hair; it ensures that you achieve a perfect result within the shortest possible time. If you are looking for the best, you can think of this wonderful model.

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3. Hot Tools Professional 24K Gold Regular Barrel Curling Iron/Wand

Hot Tools Professional 24K Gold Regular Barrel Curling Iron & Wand
Hot Tools Professional 24K Gold Regular Barrel Curling Iron & Wand

Hot Tools have an edge when it comes to the manufacture of this kind of curly iron. It is gold and you can use it to create long-lasting and most beautiful hairstyles. Hot tools brand is dependable and they are famous for the creation of that superior hairstyle that can always make a bold statement about you.

It has great features that stand it out. The material is the best heating element and ergonomic designs ensure you handle it with care to achieve your desire. When you are looking for that reliable and long-lasting style, you can always think of this model. This is the ticket you have been waiting for to achieve volume and gorgeous-looking hair. Whichever style you want to achieve; this tool is there to help you to achieve that. It makes the list because of the wonderful features.


  • Super lightweight and you can use it to achieve long-lasting curly hair
  • It is versatile as you can use it to create different kinds of curls
  • Uses cutting edge technology and that is why it heats very fast


  • Designed with great heat conductors
  • Helps to create marvelous hairstyles
  • Features a unique styling surface
  • The product is heat as well as corrosion resistant


  • A user complained that it does not offer them the smooth curls they desire

Great product for beautiful curl

It is a great product with a great styling surface. This can heat very fast and can curl all kinds of hair and achieve a different curl style. If you are looking for the best, you can think of this great product.

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4. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Spring Curling Iron

BaBylissPRO Nano is a great curling tool and it is great for all hair kinds, especially curly hair. This is designed with the best titanium materials and the Nano springs ensure it heats very fast and can heat the hair without damage.

Several aspects of this product set it apart from others out there. It ensures an effective heat distribution and it does so without creating any hot spots. Most important this product can use a hot spring curling iron and the result is a great curl within the shortest possible time. When it comes to high quality and innovative hair products, this brand has an edge and it is not surprising that this product is actually dominating the market. You can use this to create waves including loose waves.

Furthermore, it makes the hair smooth and shiny because of the far-infrared heating system. This is what you need to make wonderful and great hair.


  • It is good for all kinds of hair
  • You can use this to achieve different hairstyles
  • Uses the best quality Nano titanium heating system


  • It can heat fast and evenly because of the Nano titanium heating barrel
  • This comes with negative irons that make the hair shiny, locked, and smooth
  • It can reach the maximum temperature within the shortest possible time
  • Its sol-gel barrels contain a higher quantity of titanium and this makes hair fast


  • A user complaint it can burn the hair off.

A great brand

This is a great brand and anywhere a superior hair styling instrument is mentioned; this model will always make the list. It comes with the most useful features and it delivers the best styling within a short time.

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5. Remington CI9538 Pro 1″-1.5″ Pearl Ceramic Conical Curling Wand

Remington is a great brand any day. The model uses a pearl conical curling wand and it comes with digital control features. The model also comes with ten heat settings and you can rely on this to create a conical barrel as well as make a tousled wave. It is certain from the design that this product is meant for professionals and the fact that it can heat very fast means that it can prevent hair damage. The ability to prevent hair damage is one of the features that set the product apart from others.

Moreover, the ceramic coating enhances the heat distribution features since it ensures that heat is evenly distributed across the plate and you can make your hair within the shortest possible time. This features ten heat settings and the implication is that you can achieve a good result within the shortest possible time.


  • The model creates a wide conical barrel
  • The product also uses real crushed pearl
  • The ceramic coating ensures that it distributes heat evenly and consistently


  • The product comes with an auto shut off feature to safeguard it against hair damage
  • It distributes heat evenly across the system
  • It is digitally controlled
  • The temperature lock feature ensures you make your hair in style


  • Some users complained that the product is a waste of money

A great buy and highly recommended

Any investment you make on this product is one hundred percent in order. It styles your hair in style and it can heat evenly and consistently. If you want the best curly iron for your hair, you can always think of this product.

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6. INFINITI PRO BY CONAIR Nano Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Iron, 1 1/4-inch Curling Iron

INFINITI PRO is one of the grand products from Conair and it is designed with the finest quality Nano tourmaline ceramic technology. If you use this product, you can comfortably use it to create any kind of curl of your choice including the loose and tight curl. The size is great enough for any kind of curl you want to achieve. Because it uses Nanotechnology, it is going to reduce frizz and makes for healthy-looking and shiny hair.

The temperature can reach up to 400F which is the highest heating point. You can adjust the temperature by either increasing or decreasing it. to reach the highest heating point, it takes just thirty seconds. The heating system is going to be uniform and it will also be consistent. When it becomes hot, it shut off on itself to prevent damage or burn.


  • It uses superior Nanotechnology which is friendly and healthy for the hair
  • The heating system is uniform and consistent and can reach the maximum temperature in thirty seconds
  • It comes with a bonus heat protective shield and uses the best quality tourmaline ceramic surface


  • This can heat fast and it can reach a maximum temperature in thirty seconds
  • The model is great for the health care purpose
  • Good for hair control even in humid condition
  • It comes with heat and speed settings


  • A user complained that it can damage the hair

A worthwhile product

It is another wonderful product that can change your hair for good. It comes with wonderful features that make it possible to regulate the temperature and speed. When you are looking for the best you can always think of this product.

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7. Drybar The 3-Day Bender Digital Curling Iron

Curls for days and come with a rotating clamp and this creates wonderful curls and waves which can make your hair wonderful. You can achieve a far better result you can get than using the traditional curling iron.

Because of the technology, this model is meant to reduce frizz and it can add ions to the hair and makes it shine. The unique infrared heating technology ensures that it heats inside to the outside. It maintains steady heat and you can vary the heat when you want. You can achieve a good style for this product.

The dual voltage ensures that you use this in any part of the world because of the compatible voltage. Moreover, its sixty minutes automatic shut-off ensures that it does not damage your hair.


  • It ensures healthy hair locks
  • Comes with dual voltage and this is great for international use
  • Auto shut off feature protects it from damaging the hair


  • Ionic technology seals the cuticle and prevents hair frizz
  • Because of the infrared technology, it heats very well from the inside out
  • Digital temperature control makes for easy control and use
  • Distributes heat evenly


  • A few users complained it does not work

Choose this brand today

What are you still waiting for to use this wonderful and great product? It comes with all the features and you can curl your hair to any style. When you are looking for the best you can opt for this product.

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8. Herstyler Baby Curls Mini Curling Iron

Herstyler is a great curling iron for thick coarse hair. It is small in design but great when it comes to performance. The model also comes with dual voltage and that means that you can use this product from all parts of the world where you are located. It is good for loose as well as thick hair. This makes the hair healthy and you can achieve all kinds of hairstyles when you use this wonderful product. It is also made of ceramic and that means that it can heat rapidly. To make it convenient and easy to use, you are going to think of this wonderful product.

After use, you will discover that the curl is going to be very natural, and when you do that, you observe that it can last for more than one day.


  • It can care while you curl your hair
  • Classic curls and they can last longer
  • It is convenient and quick to use


  • The model is good and it can fit any style you want to do
  • Travel friendly
  • It is lightweight and portable
  • This does not damage your hair


  • No heat settings just on/off

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9. BIO IONIC Goldpro Wand 1 Inch Styling Iron

This is clipless and the gold barrel styling tool can make longer-lasting curls than similar models out there. It is composed of a ceramic mineral complex and this is infused with hydration. The bioceramic heater can look wonderful and can lock in styles.

The product is wonderful because it can infuse hydration. Whether you are a professional or amateur user, this is going to help you to achieve a good result. This can get deep into the hair and ensures an equitable heat distribution. It moistens the hair and prevents hair from frizz. Because it uses ceramic technology, it ensures that the hair does not damage. If you want to achieve a superior shine, you can use this wonderful hair product.


  • The model is wonderful and it can make all kinds of hair
  • It ensures equitable heat distribution
  • This is good to ensure superior shine


  • It can infuse hydration
  • Makes hair in style
  • This is fast and can heat very fast
  • It is a user-friendly hairstyling product


  • It can hold a curl and can make a fine hair

Choose a superior brand

When you are looking for the best, you must look for a top-quality brand. It moistens and hydrates the hair, and the effect is that the curly effect will be long-lasting.

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10. CHI Spin N Curl in Onyx Black

A scientific hairstyling tool, this product is the most user-friendly product out there. It takes hair to the curl chamber where it is heated and timed to create a perfect curl and the effect can be there for a long time. It can display the temperature digitally and it is composed of one inch of ceramic rotating barrel. This shut off after one hour of use.


  • It displays in digital temperature
  • Heats through the ceramic heating system
  • Curls hair effortlessly


  • It comes with an adjustable temperature
  • Ceramic heating technology heats very fast
  • Make hair in sections
  • It is fast and reliable


  • Not the best for short hair

A nice one for you

It is a nice product and we are recommending it because of the wonderful features. Choose this model because you can use it anywhere and it can make any curly hairstyle with ease.

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Final Verdict

Are you finding it hard to choose the best curling wand for your thick natural hair? You have got everything you want here. These are the best products. They are recommended because of their wonderful features. If you choose any of these ten products, you can make your hair in your home without visiting any salon. Moreover, you can make any style of your choice. Any investment you made on these is worth it.