10 Best Baby Sunglasses in Affordable With Stylish & Safe

Harmful UV rays can damage the eyes of babies. Commonly most Ophthalmologists Advised- that all kids under the age of 10 should wear sunglasses in the strong sunshine. In addition, the myopic child for constant use of the negative lens (adjusted for distance vision) even during reading in the table or traveling. The pediatric ophthalmologists recommend those sunglasses that are specially designed for children. However, stay away from street vendors when it comes to buying baby sunglasses.

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Best Overall: Babiators “These stylish and functional shades are a favorite with kids and parents alike.”

Best Budget: Vintage– Best First Sunglasses “They provide 100 percent protection from the sun’s harmful rays, and some models feature polarized lenses.”

Best for Sports: Under Armour Youth Nitro L Sunglasses “They’re durable yet lightweight, and the lenses are coated to help resist scratches and repel water.”

Best With Strap: Tuga Baby/Toddler UV 400 Sunglasses “The glasses come with a zippered carrying case, which is perfect for throwing in the beach bag.”

Best Durable: RIVBOS Rubber Kids Polarized Sunglasses “The frames are made of soft silicone for durability, and they come with a one-year warranty against breakage.“

Best for Older Kids: Ray-Ban Kids’ Wayfarer Junior “They look just like the cult classic adult version, but they’re designed for little ones.”

Most Stylish: Knockarounds at Knockaround “They have UVA400 protection and are FDA approved impact resistant lenses.”

Best for Baseball: Khan Performance Sunglasses “These are a great bargain and do a useful job in shielding the sun for extended periods of time outside.”

Do Kids and Babies Need Sunglasses?

The short answer is yes, baby needs sunglasses in the bright sun. Kids’ eye corneas, lenses, and fluids are much clearer than adult eyes, (such as harmful ultraviolet rays) that can more easily reach and damage the retina. Experts estimate that between 60-80% of sun exposure in a person’s life happens before the age of 18;

When it comes to sunglasses for kids or Babies and Toddlers, the quality of the lens really matters. Make sure Sunglasses does meet ANSI (American National Standards Institute) requirements? or not! Are capable to block UV absorption up to 400 nm (nanometers), or 99 to 100 percent of both UVA and UVB rays? Keep in mind, the Polarized lenses have a chemical in them that blocks out the ultraviolet rays.

A price Comparison of Baby Sunglasses For Kids & Toddlers Which Is under $50

ProductMaterialAgeBest forLatest Price
  1. Carter’s Baby Sunglasses
Polycarbonate Lenses and Frame2 months -1 yearInfant GirlsVIEW ON AMAZON
2. Baby Infant Boy or Girl Classic Metal Aviator Fashion SunglassesMetal Frame and Plastic Lenses0 – 9 months and 6 – 18 monthsInfant and Toddler BoysVIEW ON AMAZON
3. Tuga Toddler Sunglasses with Adjustable StrapsNeoprene. Polyester Fabric, and Plastic0 months – 5 yearsToddlersVIEW ON AMAZON
4. Polarized Unisex Rubber Sunglasses by RIVBOSRubber (food-grade) and Plastic2 to 10 yearsOutdoor and indoor playtime for girls and boysVIEW ON AMAZON
5. Baby Wrap-Around Explorer Sunglasses by Real Kids ShadesPolycarbonate, rubber, and plastic2 – 4 yearsBoys and girls (infants and toddlers)VIEW ON AMAZON
6. Toddler and Baby UV400 Sunglasses by Baby SoloBPA-free Rubber and Plastic0 – 5 years oldInfants and toddlersVIEW ON AMAZON
7. BANZ Oval Retro Baby SunglassesPolycarbonate Frame and Lenses0 – 2 yearsInfants and toddlers indoor and outdoor activitiesVIEW ON AMAZON
8. Polarized Unisex Rubber Sunglasses by RIVBOSSoft Silicone Rubber3 – 10 yearsOutdoors for boys and girlsVIEW ON AMAZON
9. RIVBOS’ Polarized Unisex Rubber SunglassesRubber and Plastic2 to 10 yearsOutdoor and indoor playtime for girls and boysVIEW ON AMAZON
10. Girls Rubber Polarized Sunglasses with StrapSoft Silicone Rubber3 – 10 yearsOutdoors especially for girlsVIEW ON AMAZON

1. Carter’s Baby Sunglasses

Carter's Baby Sunglasses
Carter’s Baby Sunglasses

The sunglasses are very cute, the lens is coated in the reflective greenish layer, and the plastic is very flexible, which is helpful in kid’s hands to prevent breakage and getting the glasses to fit too loosely. Those Carter’s Cat-Eye Shape Sunglasses are Cute…..fit very well for Kids & Toddlers, they do look sturdy though and they’re very nice. It has a variety of colors but is mostly brown with a pink frame.

The temple is made of rubber and the glasses are washable by hand. The glasses are also made of 100% Polycarbonate (both lens and frame) making them quite sturdy and unbreakable. They give 100% protection from UVA and UVB rays.


• They can be easily hand-washed.
• They are offered in a variety of prints and colors, increasing the chances of your baby like them.
• The lenses can block out 100% UVA and UVB sun rays.
• The Polycarbonate frame is very sturdy and less prone to breakage.


• They appear a bit too big for an infant
• They have no wrap-around feature for adjustability

2. Baby Infant Boy or Girl Classic Metal Aviator Fashion Sunglasses

Baby Infant Classic Metal Aviator Fashion Sunglasses
Baby Infant Classic Metal Aviator Fashion Sunglasses

These are very cute and would fit well, they are lightweight and they are the cutest little mini aviator glasses. So, they fit any kid’s & Toddler’s head perfectly and are very comfortable. These Aviator Classic Fashion Sunglasses for Infant Boys are made of a metallic frame and plastic lenses. It although are non-polarize, but they offer UV400 protection at 100%.


• The frames are of high quality, hence quite tamper-proof.
• It’s come in varying and adjustable sizes, fitting your baby from when they are a newborn to 18 months of age.
• The plastic lenses are also quite tamper-proof.


• They appear to quite big for a newborn.
• The temples are not sturdy enough and can be removed easily by the baby.

3. Tuga Toddler Sunglasses with Adjustable Straps

These Tuga Toddler Sunglasses with Adjustable Straps provide a high quality of 100% UV protection. The sunglasses are really cute and the straps are made of neoprene, a soft material that ensures utmost comfort, easy to wear, as well as fun for your baby. These soft straps also have a safety release that is re-attachable. It seems perfect to protect Kid’s & Toddler’s eyes. The sunglasses fit they fit perfectly and very good quality, that’s why the baby feels comfortable! It has a variety of beautiful colors, include blue, green, purple, and turquoise. The case also really cute, which makes it easy to carry in the diaper bag without damage.


  • The sunglasses are made of high-quality materials including polycarbonate lenses, neoprene straps, and a sturdy plastic frame
  • They have a long usability period from 0 to 5 years
  • It’s basically used for outdoor activities such as swimming and you can still use it indoors
  • The straps offer unmatched comfort for your baby and are easily washable
  • They are offered in a variety of colors to choose from
  • A carry case is also offered with the product for knit packaging


  • The sunglasses may be quite big for new-borns
  • It can protect Kids & Toddlers eyes on bright and sunny days
  • The strap is nice, but the lenses rest too close to the child’s eyes and so that, sometimes they feel uncomfortable

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