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Barbie Dreamhouse with Elevator for Kids Toys in 2021

Dream House with elevator

Are You looking for a Barbie dream house with an elevator for your little girl? Our Barbie specialists team spent thousands of hours researching purpose surveys on real users, then we discovered the top 10 interactive Best Barbie dream houses with an elevator. Hello, the Barbie dream house is one of the most popular and affordable. It has a look native swimming pool, remote control elevator, A modern kitchen cabinet, a bedroom with stylish furniture, and a bathroom. The bathroom has a fun light-up sink and bathtub.

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Top 10 Barbie Dreamhouse Dollhouse With Pool, Slide & Elevator Price Comparison

Here are interactive Adorable barbie doll, 2-Story, and 3-Story of Barbie Dreamhouse with barbie playset and Barbie dream house accessories that include Leaving-room, furniture, Swimming pull, kitchen, attached bathroom.

The Best Brand of Barbie House

Product Type

The Most Important Features

Product images


Hello DreamhouseImaginative features with a convincing viewpoint
  • Two-story of Barbie Smarthouse
  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • 100 Voice Command
Dream House with elevatorCheck on Amazon

KidKraft Majestic Mansion Dollhouse

At four and a half feet tall Wooden Dollhouse
  • Four levels and eight rooms
  • Wooden Doll House
  • Includes wide windows on both sides for viewing
KidKraft Majestic Mansion DollhouseCheck on Amazon
Three-Story of Barbie Pink TownhouseThree-Story of Barbie Dreamhouse
  • Pink colors special elevator
  • Flat-screen TV
  • Sound consists of the doorbell, shower head, and flushing toilet
Barbie Pink Passport 3 Story Townhouse PlaysetCheck on Amazon
Barbie Pink Passport 3 Story Townhouse3-Level of Barbie dream house“Pink colors special elevator plus lights & amazing sounds system on every level!”Barbie Pink 3-Story Dream TownhouseCheck on Amazon
Barbie Dream House with Seven Rooms

New Mattel 3 Story Barbie Dollhouse“Its three stories and seven rooms offer a play space 4 feet tall and more than 3 feet wide!”Barbie Hello DreamhouseCheck on Amazon
Cheap American girl dolls8Pcs lot 9CM LoL Doll
  • 18-inch American Girl dollhouse
  • Stylish Gift for little babies
  • The realistic viewpoint of Dollshouse
 Cheap American girl dollsCheck on Amazon
33 Piece American Girl Doll AccessoriesSuper value holiday collection- 33 Piece of American Girl Barbie Accessories
  • 33 Piece American Girl Dollhouse with barbie Accessories
  • 18 inch Doll Clothes best Gift for little Girls
 33 Piece American Girl Doll AccessoriesCheck on Amazon
Glam Convertible barbie gamesTwo-seater Barbie convertible“Two-seater Barbie convertible features with shiny metallic wheels and signature-pink print Barbie logo” Glam Convertible barbie gamesCheck on Amazon
Barbie Glam Getaway HouseGlam Getaway Barbie House
  • Relaxable Barbie glam getaway house!
  • amazing Barbie dollhouse to refresh and recharge
  • Carrying Handle
Barbie Glam PoolCheck on Amazon
10 Pack Barbie Doll Clothes with 10 Pairs of Doll ShoesSoft cloth barbie doll playset
  • 10 Pack Barbie Doll Multicolor Clothes
  • And Pairs of Doll Shoes Party Gown Outfits Set
  • Handmade Party Gown Set
 10 Pack Barbie Doll Clothes with 10 Pairs Doll ShoesCheck on Amazon

Review Of Barbie Dream House With Elevator In 2021

After the revolution of the Barbie house, the two/three stories of the Barbie dream house where have included in the additional room and added to the extra Barbie dream house with an elevator. Here we’ve presented the top 10 Barbie Dream House With Elevator Reviews for any mamas with little Barbie fans in their home! From a long long-ago Barbie Dreamhouse is one of the most popular playhouses and a great way to storytelling.

How to Choose a Barbie Dream House for your Little Daughter?

Are you looking for a luxurious gift for your little girl’s Happy Birthday or Christmas Day and other’s occasional days? When your daughter can walk and play with others, then you can go buy a Barbie Dream House for her playing. Don’t put in the second choice for her toys!

Here, our Barbie expert guides will help you to choose the best Barbie dollhouses on the market. If you expend just a little time carefully read, then you will get a perfect and attractive healthy fashion doll that will change your child’s expression and satisfaction. And she also will pleasure with Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse.

The Benefits of Play with Barbie Dream House Games for a little girl

  • It helps to increase your baby’s modern technology & engine skills by using an elevator
  • When kids play with a Barbie they feeling strong emotions that is why day by day increasing their self-confidence level
  • Barbie dress up games is a self-problem solving practice from the beginning
  • Socialization – When kids play with Barbie Dream House games with their parents or friends, they are forced to learn to share and cooperation move toward up with the “storyline” together
  • Barbie hello dreamhouse Increase Language skills day by day
  • Barbie games have the facility to self-entertain
  • All Barbie accessories at affordable prices

Barbie Dream House Features

  • In this Barbie Dreamhouse where have three bedroom & all kinds of Barbie furniture with seventy plus Barbie accessories
  • Barbie accessories and Barbie furniture quickly changeable with lighting and sound
  • Cheerfully open the Barbie dream house video flush display and share in the barbie living room to insert your smartphone with barbie playhouse for Barbie doll
  • Accumulation of barbie life in the dream house with a Barbie playhouse garage door that flip-flops open and closed gives Inspiration and self-determination for kids living with a car
  • The built-in garage door that’s open and closes by sliding a tab
  • Joking foyer window down to change to the swimming pool
  • Barbie Life in the dreamhouse comprises cooperating tech that identifies smooth decorations which activate changed lights, sounds, and motions throughout the house

1. Barbie Hello Dream House

Barbie Hello Dreamhouse
Barbie Hello Dreamhouse

The smart home of these two stories has innovative features that reflect the modern lifestyle of Barbie. Click here to find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Barbie Hello Dreamhouse. Read honest and impartial product reviews from our users.
Release your child’s fantasy with a set of Barbie Hello Dream Houses. This game set has two-room rooms that are full of technology.

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2. KidKraft Majestic Mansion Dollhouse

KidKraft Majestic Mansion Dollhouse
KidKraft Majestic Mansion Dollhouse

This KidKraft Majestic Mansion Wooden Dollhouse the best gift for your daughter at Christmas and she will absolutely love it!!! its huge has space to play with her friend together. It’s very durable, sturdy, and seems very solid. It was so easy to build, Also it was too big to fit in the garage but no biggie, we just parked it outside the garage. Those are four and a half feet tall, the KidKraft Majestic Mansion is spacious enough for even the biggest imaginations! It has Eight glorious rooms, 34 pieces of furniture, and barbie fun accessories. Here have tons of attractive features – including the elevator that encourages interaction, with enough room to share and play together.


  • The maximum Barbie dream house is on average 3-4 foot tall, which makes it perfect for most of the little girls can to be able at a glance to see the two or three floors
  • Move perfect barbie life in the dreamhouse and change to the nature of probabilities as with Barbie playhouse everything is possible!
  • KidKraft Majestic Mansion Dollhouse helps to Increase your kids fine motor skill
  • This KidKraft Majestic Mansion Dollhouse house with elevator is too much affordable price
  • Shipping charge Free
  • It can easily for little hands the elevator to go up & down.

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Legal Disclaimer:  Product not suitable for children under 36 months.

3. Barbie Townhouse Pink Color 3-Story Dream House

Barbie Pink Passport 3 Story Townhouse Playset
Barbie Pink Passport 3 Story Townhouse Playset

In the world of Barbie, some of the most important changes have become happen between 1998 and 2021. The Barbie Dream House has a three-story structure with amazing include a pink special elevator plus lights & engage in recreation mus icon every level. In this Barbie, the townhouse has a toilet that creates a real flushing sound. Become a part of the Barbie Townhouse fashionable lifestyle in this new 3-Story of Barbie Townhouse.

This Barbie Townhouse Designed for ages three and up, The Dream Townhouse is over three feet in height and comes with over 55 pieces of accessories and fully furnished — including lights and sounds on each level! Your child will enjoy having game-playing adventures with Barbie and her friends will be inspired by a new Barbie townhouse.

Barbie Dream House Features

• Three levels of Barbie townhouse has tons of entertainments
• Includes a pink color delicate elevator
• Lively chimney-corner and pop up a flat-screen TV
• Ultra-luxurious Barbie design bathroom
• All of the sounds include doorbell, kitchen timer, snapping fireside, shower whining, and flushing toilet

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 4. Barbie 3-Story Dream Townhouse

Barbie Pink 3-Story Dream Townhouse
Barbie Pink 3-Story Dream Townhouse

This item model-X3551 Barbie townhouse’s main Features: -Barbie Townhouse has excellent stories include an elevator, lights, and sounds. Barbie Life in the dreamhouse sounds includes a doorbell, kitchen timer, crackling fireplace, running shower water, and flushing toilet.

  • The Barbie Townhouse is a final luxury Barbie playhouse
  • This Barbie Townhouse really New renovations embrace fabulous pink columns
  • Three fabulous stories embrace eating area, kitchen, lounge, bathroom, bedroom, hot tub, and elevator
  • It has 629 customer reviews from

What Kind of Problems it will solve

  • The Barbie Townhouse is a Great surprise for your baby’s Barbie life in the dreamhouse
  • Barbie townhouse is an attractive fashion of classic pink color with realistic decorations
  • The Barbie Townhouse is over three feet in height and comes with over 55 pieces of accessories and fully furnished
  • The Barbie playhouse has realistic lights, sounds, and an automated elevator — that’s why easily moves from floor to floor
  • The interactive doorbell is entertaining for Barbie game-playing
  • This Barbie playhouse is affordable!

Legal Disclaimer:  Product not suitable for children under 36 months.


  • 3 “AA” batteries (not included)
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Adult assembly

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5. Barbie Dream House with Seven Rooms

Barbie Hello Dreamhouse
Barbie Hello Dreamhouse

Possibly the most traditional barbie life in the dreamhouse with hello Dreamhouse with Seven Rooms has sufficient doorbells and signals to influence day after day of play. In this Barbie dream house with an elevator, it has an Exclusive bedroom, a bathroom, living places, and a charming area fair for pets.

  • Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse is a little viewpoint of accumulation in the privileged
  • Work at dress up games for girls winch is the emotional involvement
  • Barbie playhouse has also baby food in the kitchen

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The 13 Best barbie accessories

We spent lots of time on research with a rut label survey and then we discovered the top 10 very essential barbie accessories. “When comes to Context of a doll then Barbie doll or Barbie dream house accessories is one of the ideal models for presenting there”. Your baby’s playhouse list of hobbies is almost limitless and consists of activities like skateboarding, camping, cooking, and more. This means that Barbie dream accessories are a comprehensive must if you want to get the most out of playtime. Here, we’ve decorated some extremely fun toys that are sure to give pleasure to even the demanding kids.

1. Cheap American girl dolls With Rain Coat, Jacket, Clothes & Includes Umbrella, Boots, Hat, Pants, and Shirt

Cheap American girl dolls
Cheap American girl dolls

In 1986 An American writer, reporter, educator, and philanthropist Mr. Rowland were founded by a Pleasant Company and there were lots of Cheapest American girl dolls.

In this American girl dolls were build-up for 8 to 12 years old that was not only baby toys but also a fashion icon, like Barbie, in this age group a doll that would capture their imagination and enabled them to think and learn about life.

Here have more than 30 Cheapest American Girl dolls, each doll has a unique name identity, and specific historical story to tell.

The Cheapest American Girl Dolls Features

  • The Cheapest American girl dolls are specially designed for all American girl
  • In these Unique designs, Cheap American girl dolls are only available on Amazon – Includes High-Quality Doll Accessories
  • It has included 6 Piece Rain Jacket, Umbrella, Boots, Hat, Pants, and Shirt
  • The Cheapest American girl dolls Dress along Dolly brand provides high-quality and affordable doll clothing for your 18 inches dolls, with complete accessories, that’s why your doll will always look stylish and fashionable.
  • It will fit all of branded 18 inches dolls

What kinds of problems it will solve

  • The cheapest American Girl dolls have a big advantage they also can be customized as per customer requirements
  • This doll fits for all American Girls, dolls sized approximately 18″ tall
  • Girls can order a doll that closely resembles them by picking from a long list of options of hair, eye, and skin colors, as well as hair texture and lengths.
  • A variety of accessories are available for each doll, including jewelry, clothing, furniture, and healthcare supports
  • It’s really respectable toys that have entertainment and education
  • This cheap American girl dolls set is the perfect gift for Christmas, birthday, or any special occasion for the children
  • Free Shipping charge

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2. The 33 Piece Cheap American girl dolls- in this Doll Clothes and Accessories Set Fits for All American girl dolls

33 Piece American Girl Doll Accessories
33 Piece American Girl Doll Accessories

 This American girl doll is the best-dressed doll with WEARDOLL’s super value holiday collection, featuring 33 piece hand-design outfits and accessories. The Cheap American girl doll’s outfits and accessories are such as defined of comparatively high quality, and a gorgeous backpack. This backpack is a little light, but so far it is standing up fine. Overall, this is a great product and awesome value.

The Cheapest American girl dolls features

  • Total of 33 pieces The Cheapest American girl dolls you will be getting in these packages at a glance. There is the Party Dress Set, Casual Outfit Set, Swimsuit Set, Rain Outfit Set, and Sequin Dress Set.
  • It has included five outfits & lots of matching travel backpack with 33 pieces of fun accessories
  • These clothes and accessories are exquisite, with great workmanship and fabric, cute designs.
  • In this Cheap American girl, dolls are ready for all kinds of 18-inch dolls such as American Girl, Madame Alexander, Our Generation, etc.
  • In these dolls, Shoes are separately listed
  • Here have High-quality materials and instrument with quality embroidery fabrics it also washable & safety tested
  • It has Exclusive unique designs like no other

What kinds of problems it will solve

  • This doll’s set were uses very cute clothes and the packaging is amazing!
  • It has also lots of accessories that are very cute.
  • A little expensive but when you look at each item you would pay a lot more pricing them by yourself.
  • In this doll, the set is to be a great gift idea for birthday & Christmas or other occasional days
  • Free Shipping charge

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3. La Newborn JC Toys baby doll, The Blue baby dolls are 11″ with Washable and Soft the La Newborn Baby’s Doll for the Children of 18 month Olds baby, it Designed by Berenguer”

JC Toys La Newborn
JC Toys La Newborn

Are you looking for a fashion to familiarize a child with 18 months old or older to a newborn baby? This is the best charming little baby doll. This Beautiful and soft baby doll is very fluffy. The matching cap is variable and even though the eyes do not open and close with the face has an attractive expression that is why as like that it’s a real-life baby doll play set. If so, then you will collapse in love with the La Baby 11-inch play doll! The following reasons clarify why La Baby is perfect for toddlers, and a favorite for pre-schools.

  • JC La Baby Toys Is a Faithfully Looking Lenient Baby Doll with Remarkably Comprehensive and Legs Dressed in a Cute Pink
  • Hand Washable Body & Easily Removable Outfit
  • The JC Toys Made by “Berenguer” who has over 30 years experience with real-life baby dolls”
  • Fashioned hair & stable open eyes mean fewer moving parts
  • Many parents tell us their child loves to clasp with the bed La Baby
  • In addition, dolls help children learn invaluable social skills, communication and introduced to human bodies

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4. Melissa and Doug dollhouse with baby doll clothes to Love Jenna 12-Inch Soft Body Baby Doll With Romper and Hat

melissa and doug dollhouse
Melissa and Doug Dollhouse
  • Sweet-smelling baby cheeks and soft, loveable body inspire kids for hours of pretend play
  • Wipe-clean arm and legs
  • Eyes open and close, and able to taste thumb or sweetener that’s why exceptional quality and valuable

Love at First Sight

It’s really loving initially sight once this attractive, soft-bodied baby doll when comes home! At 12” long, Jenna is that an excellent size for toddlers 18 months and older to hug, cuddle. She has artificial hair and wipe-clean arms, legs, and face. Jenna closes her blue eyes as that amazing for sleeping. In the Beginning, parents will be comfortable feel for their daughter’s involvement with her joking complete. So her fantastically basted pink romper and matching babe cap area section can’t be removed.

It’s making sure that never-ending this artificial play and a baby’s doll will stay so much loved for a long time.

What Kind of Problems it will solve

  • That’s Easy for Small Children to Hold & Carry Safety Tested
  • Soft & Lovable Body Inspires Nurturing and Special Care so a Child Can Grow Social Expertise
  • It’s 11″ size & 8-ounce weight so that makes it easy to carry everywhere
  • It helps the children to learn important social skills, communication and introduced with human bodies

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5. Glam Convertible Barbie games 

Your teenager will be happy to place their doll behindhand the whole of the Glam Convertible barbie games, which assertions a glossy rosy surface and comprehensive shiny instrument panel. This Glam Convertible barbie games collection will make for a show-stopping gift at any birthday celebration or another special day.

Barbie Glam Convertible
Glam Convertible barbie games
  • Genuine tires are prepared to tube into the journey
  • The delicate design is quite a lot of areas
  • Approximately 15 inches in distance
  • smooth systematic indication
  • FREE Shipping

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6. Glam Pool

Barbie Glam Pool
Barbie Glam Pool


The Barbie games Glam Pool assembly forms water transparency is an excellent assessment, trees, and two pink chairs that can be attached to the side of the pool. In this Barbie game and her friends will slide into summer fun with this glam pool! It’s easy to full-fill up vacant for a pool party in an on-the-spot. Where a palm tree and trellis structure holding with a beautiful chandelier, that teenagers can be seen a move into the Barbie dream house with pool, they will astonishment on Barbie’s house and discover world-class opportunities, because of Barbie life in the dreamhouse anything is possible!

  • This Barbie playhouse has a dangling blue chandelier
  • In this barbie games lesser amount of costly than related items
  • This Barbie dream house game is great sufficient for two dolls

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7. Dolphin Magic Ocean View Boat

The Dolphin Magic Ocean View Boat drives into the benign perception your child looks forward to bubble bath time. Dive into the adventure with Barbie and her friends in this Barbie game Dolphin Magic. — it really glides! The sleek pink, white, and yellow boat comes with three puppies and lots of Barbie dream house accessories to reinvent the accomplishment.

Dolphin Magic Ocean View Boat
Dolphin Magic Ocean View Boat
  • A “glass” bottom make known at the bottom of the sea life
  • replicated glass bottom
  • the sitting room has an interesting band of color
  • camera fasteners to a doll’s big hand
  • Every Barbie size doll will appropriate in the boat
  • FREE shipping

View on Amazon

8. Doc McStuffins Get Better Checkup Center Playset

Are you have a dream in the future your children (he/she) will becoming a doctor then the Doc McStuffins Get Better Checkup Center Playset is a great gift.

Doc McStuffins Get Better Checkup Center Playset
Doc McStuffins Get Better Checkup Center Playset

Important features of Doc McStuffins Playset

  • Included Plush Lambie
  • Features electronics and tons of medical accessories
  • Lights up and talks
  • Talking Big Book of BooBoo’s
  • Light and sound X-rays
  • Hallie talks to you on the phone
  • Height checker clicks
  • Movable scale
  • Faucet makes noises
  • Sign flips Bandage
  • sticker dispenser
  • Eye chart on the inside of a door and with no trouble.
  • dangling blue chandelier
  • a lesser amount of costly than related items
  • great sufficient for two dolls
  • FREE shipping

9. Barbie Glam Getaway House

It’s an amazing perfect spot house for Barbie dolls to refresh and revitalize. And carrying handle means this babble getaway home is also the faultless play set to take on a getaway of your own!
Open and clarify to reveal an attractive kitchen, adorable bedroom. Barbie doll can make lunchtime at the stove and dine at the hostage on one of two included chair stools – so there’s room for a sister or friend!

More To See Clic Here……

  • It has a perfect handle for carrying
  • an attractive kitchenette, adorable bedroom
  • Colorful accessories take part in a girl.
  • Girls will affection for playing out excellent stories in this glam home!

10. Movie Night Playset

Barbie Movie Night & Accessories Playset
Barbie Movie Night & Accessories Playset

Are you want to see your baby’s enjoying pleasure moments by the Barbie night playset?

Then you can try on a movie night playset. Here has furniture, like this adorable TV and living room with the pool of furniture packages are comfortable and to feel satisfied with the nighttime. The remarkable chairs and other accessories are arranging for friendship.

  • Enjoying indoor entertaining with Barbie friend
  • A perfect night in — like movie night
  • The kitten built-in living room set is attractive and ready to watch whatever you want!
  • An up-to-date blue chair that looks like a modern fashionable
  • The silky white showbiz center holds the flat-screen TV, and a colorful extensive is perfect for snuggling

11. Spy Squad Secret Agent Motorcycle

Teenagers with an adventurous streak will have a blast playing with the reflecting Spy Squad Secret Agent Motorcycle. This model comes with a pink helmet and a friendly sidecar with a cute puppy inside. The tires take tums such as well.

Spy Squad Secret Agent Motorcycle
Spy Squad Secret Agent Motorcycle
  • Complicated design
  • The sidecar can be indifferent
  • May release the slender

12. BBQ Grill Furniture and Accessory Set

The delightful BBQ Grill Equipment and Barbie Dream House Accessories Set originate with the whole kit and caboodle your child desires to make a tremendous yard party for Barbie and her friends. Plus, related to other accessories, this pick is reasonable and affordable.

BBQ Grill Furniture and Accessory Set
BBQ Grill Furniture and Accessory Set
  • clip-on serving platter
  • Warm themes this set is perfect for the outside
  • two hooks to hang cooking accessories
  • Foodstuff, like a cup of chaff and hamburger on a “paper” plate, looks good enough to eat!
  • Cheerful colors, iconic specifics, and fashionable traces add unique style to each look

13. The 10 best Pack Barbie Doll Dresses in Similar Doll Shoes for Girls Birthday, Christmas Gift or any other special days Gift

10 Pack Barbie Doll Clothes with 10 Pairs Doll Shoes
10 Pack Barbie Doll Clothes with 10 Pairs of Doll Shoes

These little clothes are so attractive and were perfect for Girl’s Birthday with Christmas day and other’s occasional days Gift the 3-5-year-old. I really appreciated it.

Have you bought any brand-name Barbie clothes or Barbie dream house accessories lately? You can’t get even one outfit for this price! Also, here you will really surprise because of all the fit Barbie perfectly, even the shoes!

  • These handmade Barbie dress clothes are specially made by hand.
  • Fashionable Design
  • It has also soft cloth and different Color picture shows
  • Fabrics are Cotton and Polyester
  • Brightness with Vivid Colors
  • Here has a dissimilar Friendly toy, For Barbie Doll, Vintage Barbie Doll, Silkstone Barbie Doll, Momoko Doll, Blythe Doll, Pullip Doll, and Jenny Doll

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Definition of Barbie Dream House

Some of the plastic doll that is targeted at little girls. Those are tall, thin light-colored with a replica tan and it will be 24 hours smiling and that unblinking eyes. 3 stories of the Barbie dream house, there will be a garage and swimming pool, kitchen, bedroom, living room, and bathroom with an elevator and other accessories. The bathroom has a bright light and a hand wash basin with a plunge bath. Barbie expeditions with Disney Princesses Moana, Merida, and Rapunzel. Barbie’s dream house represents a part of the realistic view of women.

The Interactive Modern Barbie Dreamhouse with an elevator

We have already lots of discussions about the Barbie Dream House. The modern Barbie Dream House with an elevator is one of the most special additions to the new model Barbie playhouse. In this Barbie, we are presenting, what she needs in the Barbie dream house respectively a little girl dreamt of.

What is the best color of a Barbie house?

It’s pink in color, the preferred color of more or less every single girl in this world. This Barbie house is a whole of pink room decoration, pink cabinets, and a pink chandelier. In this color, Barbie Dreamhouse is so gorgeous and looks native expressions you the lap of luxury with its delightful junks. When your daughter will have so much pleasure playing with this Barbie playhouse. It resides in 5 unbelievable rooms in it. They will excessively admirable and astonishing.

Barbie 3 story dream house

This dollhouse has an easy-going kitchen with a fridge-freezer full of delightful meals, the dining space with the sparkling chandelier hanging up, the most enjoyable living room with pop-up flat-screen TV, luxurious bathroom with shower, and also the most excessive Barbie dream house with the bedroom. You won’t be wearily privileged in this house. You don’t have to go up and down the treads to go to the following floor. This Barbie playhouse includes a special pink elevator! Pull up the string to go up and pull it down to go down the floor. It’s so much modest and completely imperturbable. So that it’s really great playhouse that’s why it’s so excellent, and the Barbie 3 Story Townhouse becomes so popular.


It’s absolutely perfect for a little girl and no way is your daughter going to leave it, in fact, she doesn’t feel lonely when playing this Barbie dream house even when they play it alone. Because it has real sounds and lights that may well bring your daughter’s gladness. First, stroll into the Barbie’s front door. The doorbell is ringing!! Then after visiting the bathroom. Oh! Barbie is singing inside the shower! Exciting! Push the button of the toilet, and it will make a “flushing” sound. See the lights. The chandelier and the Tiki lamp are glowing! Incredible!