Barbie Camper Van Best Price & Barbie Camper Power Wheels

Barbie Camper VanChoosing the best Barbie Camper van as per the best price and Barbie Camper Power wheels on the market is not an easy thing.

After considering the various models on the market, we picked these ten products. Moreover, the features are perfect for the kids they are meant for. If you are a parent or guardian searching for this barbie campers power wheel, this review will assist you.

We take you to your destination because you will get the links to the best. There is the need for you to get what your kids want. If you make the wrong choice, you may regret the money you spend in acquiring them. Because of that, you must read this important review.

It is great fun to see your kids turn their backyards to travel destinations using the power wheels of this barbie dream camper. Kids can ride in vehicles the way you ride on the road. Invest in the recommended products to enjoy the powers of the best barbie camper trailer. Keep reading to discover more about these great products.

Does The Barbie Camper Come With Dolls?

The barbie camper is ideal for your child because the comes with everything the kids want. It is not surprising that it is the kid’s dream house. If you get one you will see that it can turn into the kid’s dream home. It comes with all the important accessories and there are about seventy accessories in all.

This set does not come with dolls, fashions, and cars. Moreover, there are different colors as well as decorations. You may have a clear picture of what you want when you are making that choice.

Most of the models in the market do come with playsets and their transformation features such as the pop-out pool with stairs and ladder as well as pop-out rear that comes with kitchen set and bathroom.

Most importantly, this product comes with. The product comes with a front seat and two hammocks which can serve as chairs. Besides the furnishing is comprehensive.

How Much Do Barbie Pop-Up Campers?

As you are aware, barbie pop-up campers are available in different models. This means that the price would not be the same. Some models would be cheaper than others. There are various expensive models. The most expensive out there remains the De Beers 40th Anniversary Barbie. This product was in the year 1999. It remains the most expensive.

The other is the Original Barbie which was the first one released in the year 1959 and the cost of that till today is $27450. There is also the pink diamond barbie that costs 15,000$ and this was released in the year 2013.

The Lorraine Schwartz was released in the year 2010 and the cost is 7,500$. There are several other affordable models out there. You must consider what you want, features available and make your choice based on your budget.

Who Sells Barbie Dream Campers?

There are many dealers of this product on the market today but the major company that sells the product is Fisher-Price. The company sometimes in the past recalled some of the models in the market because they could be injurious to the users.

Most of the recalled products are from Walmart stores. This was in the year 2018. Walmart is not the only superstore selling this product, you can see it in many places online include eBay, Amazon, Target, and other notable stores.

It depends on which one is the most preferred option as well as which stores make the best offer for the buyers. There are reputable dealers on the internet and offline markets. As said make your choice based on personal preferences.

What Comes With The Barbie Camper?

Barbie camper comes with the most useful accessories which include the camper playset and other transformation features. Some of the transformation features available here include the pop-out pool with accompany ladder and stairs.

The other transformation feature is the pop-out rear and this is accompanying by kitchen features and a bathroom. Moreover, there are two hammocks and front seats. These can serve double purposes. Apart from their traditional roles, they also serve as chairs. Moreover, it comes with important additions like furnishings. Included here are two stools, a dining table as well as a fire pit.

Most importantly, the product comes with storytelling accessories and other important accessories. It comes with everything that keeps the kid happy. Remember that you must consider the age of your kid while making a choice. Most of the models out there are good for kids with three to seven years.

How to Open a Hot Tub on a Barbie Camper Van?

Your kids can enjoy all the comforts that the barbie camper van brings. They can open it when they want and they can open it on the road as well as on the home and so on. It is meant to open by the side and it reveals everything it has inside the van.

It is just a press on the button and the thing will open by the side and you have access to all the important accessories that come with it. When you open the outside of the van you can do a lot of things and enjoy most of the functionalities.

It is a unique product with different attributes, what makes it great is the large number of accessories that are available with the product. The accessories make it highly functional and fun for the kids to use them.

Is there a Recall on the Barbie camper?

Yes, there was a recall on the Barbie Camper product and that was between the period July 2018 to January 2019. During this time, Fisher-Price recalled about 44,000 products because it has some defections. The power wheels toy vehicle will continue to run even when the rider removes the foot pedal.

This was considered dangerous as it can cause injury among the kid riders. The recall affected the power wheels barbie dream which was sold exclusively. Since the recall, the anomaly was corrected and the current products in the market are one hundred percent safe for the riders.

If you have any of the products, there is absolutely nothing to worry about when it comes to the safety and security of the kid user. Just ensure that you get the best product by checking the features and accessories. Most of the recalled product was from Walmart.

Does the Front of the Barbie camper open?

The product comes with all the necessary features such as the rolling wheels. When you press the button, the camper will open and you will see those items inside it. When you press that button, which is at the vehicle top.

The side panel is open and then they pop up as well as the front and back of that camper will expand and this will create a wonderful play space that is estimated to be more than two feet long.

It is not designed for the front of the product to open. What opens is the side panel and it enables you to see what is inside the camper. The front of the camper and the back expands when it is opened to enable you to have a complete view of this product.

Does Barbie Dream Camper Need Batteries?

The Barbie dream camper actually needs a battery to operate. Since it comes to wheels and it is movable, it does not move on its own.

There is an electrical device that is needed to complete the electrical circuit so that the van can kickstart and start to move. Because of that, it requires a 12-volt battery which must be attached to the system and connected to enable it to move about. Without it, the movement would have been doubtful.

It needs a battery if you want to drive it around the backyard. If you do not fit it with a battery then you would be pushing it around.

What year did the Barbie camper come out?

The first barbie camper was released in the year 1971 and that was when Barbie was ready to move into adventures. This was 21 years after the introduction of Barbie which was in the year 1959.

The first camper which was released in the year 1971 was to afford girls the opportunities to explore the outdoors. It comes with everything it requires which includes the complete picnic setup tools as well as popular tent and sleeping bags. This was intended for the sole purpose of exploration and camping.

This innovative idea actually came into existence a long time ago and it has started the camping idea even before others were aware of the importance of camping. The product has taken barbie productions to a higher level.

What should need to consider to buy the Barbie camper

Are you confused about choosing the best barbie camper? Many people are confused as you. This review information is to serve as a guide to new buyers on how best to make a choice. Here are some important factors to consider when you are making that choice.

The age of your children

You start by considering the age of the user. This kind of product is good for those within the age range of 3 to 7 years. consider the features and get the most appropriate product.

Other’s Playset

This usually comes with playsets and the playset must be good for the users. Choose the best playset at least those that would be fun to use.


Furthermore, the barbie camper you choose should be easy to clean. If you do not clean it, it is not good for the health of the kid users.


Most importantly, it has to be durable and that is determined by the type of products used to make it. Choose between solid wood and plastic materials.

Color Shapes Matching

The color should be compatible with your theme, and it has to match other items in the house.


Above all, it must be portable and travel-friendly. This means that you can travel with it without difficulty.

Top 10 Reviews of Barbie Camper Van

1. Barbie Camper Pops Out into Play Set with Pool!

Barbie Camper Pops Out into Play Set with Pool
Barbie Camper Pops Out into Play Set with Pool

This Barbie camper pops out and turns into a playset. It comes with the most interesting features such as a pool. It is very simple and easy to use. Just a press of the bottom and the enterprising functionality will begin to manifest.


  • Transforms to campsite playset
  • Comes with a water slide and a pool
  • Barbie beds


  • The product is highly portable and easy to use
  • This product also comes with two beds for the comfort of barbie and her friend
  • Comes with all the important accessories
  • Has great functionality and many possibilities


  • A user complained it is not durable

This is one of the best of this kind of product you can get on the market today. It comes with all the necessary features and it is easy and simple to use. Choose this today for your baby kids, she will like the adventurous features.

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2. Barbie 3-in-1 Dream Camper Vehicle

Barbie 3-in-1 DreamCamper Vehicle
Barbie 3-in-1 DreamCamper Vehicle

This barbie camper is a three in one camper and it is measured three feet in size. Instantly it transforms with boat, truck, pool as well as other accessories. It can boast fifty accessories in all and is perfect for kids within the age range of 3 to 7. They can prefer it as a gift item.


  • This is possible with many transformations
  • The product is also available in many colors
  • It comes with enough play areas and surfaces


  • It is a three in one product
  • The camper can translate to different adventurous items
  • This comes with useful accessories
  • It is a perfect gift item for kids within the age of 3 to 7


  • It does not come with a barbie

It is a great camper for kids of the age range of 3 to 7 years. for the enjoyment, camping, and relaxation of your kid, you choose this for her today. There is hardly any other better way to keep her happy than this wonderful product.

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3. Barbie Club Chelsea Camper

Barbie Club Chelsea Camper
Barbie Club Chelsea Camper

Another great barbie camper for kids. With this, it becomes possible for your kid to camp anywhere and at any time. It is a wonderful way of exploring way. This is simple and easy to set up and it comes with a complete playset. To some people, this product is much more than RV as you can use this for a lot of things. It is highly imaginative and creative and good for kids.


  • Camping with friends and complete story set
  • Two in one camper
  • Multiple play ideas


  • It is fun and easy to use
  • Good for friends
  • Highly imaginative and creative
  • Comes with the most enterprising accessories


  • A user complained of the quality

When you want the best for your kid’s relaxation, adventure, and good time with friends, this is a great option. Choose it today and enjoy the benefits.

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4. Barbie Care Clinic Playset

Barbie Care Clinic Playset
Barbie Care Clinic Playset

It is a care clinic and it can steer your kid’s interest towards medic. This is an ambulance vehicle and you would be surprising the great fun the kids have with blowing the siren and activate all the working lights. This also features three distinct areas as well as a check-in station. This is a great product and you like the features.


  • Barbie clinic and ambulance
  • Comes with full medical care gear
  • More than 20 themed pieces


  • Helps create a caring attitude among kids
  • Comes with four areas of play
  • Endless storytelling possibilities
  • Transforms to different possibilities


  • Some users complained of the quality issue

It is one of the best and your kids would like it. The product comes with endless possibilities. Choose it right now for the kids.

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5. Barbie DreamPlan Transforming Playset

Barbie Dreamplane Transforming Playset
Barbie Dreamplane Transforming Playset

The playset is complete with everything the kids want. It comes with reclining seats, as well as working overhead compartments. There are other playsets available and other important accessories which can keep the kid and her friends happy. If you have kids of three years and above, you can consider this product. It is also simple and easy to operate.


  • Great imaginations and wonderful possibilities
  • There are lots of pieces inside it
  • It comes with wonderful storage spaces


  • Great imaginations and great for kids
  • Comes with all the necessary accessories
  • Great for travel adventures
  • Can impact a lot of knowledge on the kids


  • Does not come with barbies

Another great and highly imaginative product for your kids. They are going to like every aspect of it and you would be happy to see your kid play with it since it comes with enough playset.

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6. Barbie Glam Convertible

Glam Convertible barbie gamesIt is available in either pink or black color. This convertible and comes with two-seaters. Furthermore, it comes with a wheel and you can drive and play with the camper. This can also have plenty of possibilities. It is good for beginners and your kids can use it with ease.


  • Pink or black color
  • Two-seater car
  • Wheels ready to roll


  • It is good for two users
  • The car is convertible and good for fun
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with plenty of play possibilities


  • A user complained that the camper is very expensive

It is good for two users. If you have two kids in your home, you can always think of this product because of its wonderful features. It comes with plenty of entertainment features.

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7. 1:43 Scale Diecast Car Minibus Camper Van

1:43 Scale Diecast Car Minibus Camper Van
1:43 Scale Diecast Car Minibus Camper Van

The camper is made with diecast materials and kids who like adventurism would always like this wonderful product. It features a protective coating and ensures the protection of your children. You can also consider this as a mobile home that is stored in a delicate place. furthermore, it is designed with non-toxic materials and is durable.


  • Scale 1:43 die cast material
  • Protective coating
  • Mobile home


  • Comes with great play possibilities
  • It is diecast material and highly reliable
  • Made with durable non-toxic materials
  • Soft rubber tires


  • Some users are worried about the quality

All in all, this product is one of the best you can buy with money and your kids are going to like it. This comes with lots of possibilities.

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8. Shopkins Happy Places Rainbow Beach Convertible 

Shopkins Happy Places Rainbow Beach Convertible
Shopkins Happy Places Rainbow Beach Convertible

It is a Shopkins and a happy place on the rainbow beach. The model is one hundred percent convertible. This comes with all the important accessories as well as rainbow kate and two stories of fun. Choose this today because it is colorful and highly attractive. The items are highly enterprises and great fun to use.


  • Accessories and rainbow kate
  • Happy convertible
  • 2 stories of fun


  • Colorful dollhouse
  • Great fun and very attractive
  • Rainbow Beach and is highly convertible
  • Comes with all the accessories and fun


  • The playset is not the best

The model is another high-quality dollhouse and you can get it for your baby because of the wonderful playset. This product is great and strongly recommended.

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9. LEGO City Ice-Cream Truck 60253, Cool Building Set for Kids, New 2020 (200 Pieces)

LEGO City Ice-Cream Truck 60253, Cool Building Set for Kids
LEGO City Ice-Cream Truck 60253, Cool Building Set for Kids

A complete building set for kids and it is about 200 pieces in all. This is designed to inspire creativity in kids. The playset is fantastic and it is based on what is available in everyday life. The dollhouse and the playset are easy and you can repeat them on your own. The kids would value this product.


  • Lego city design
  • Ice cream truck design
  • Great possibilities of fun


  • It garish is easy to build and comfortable to use for the kids
  • Comes with great imaginative ideas
  • Comes with plenty of playset ideas
  • Highly innovative


  • Garish color

This is another reputable dollhouse product you can get for your kid; it is highly enterprising and imaginative. Your kids would like it because of the features.

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10. LEGO City Holiday Camper Van 60283 Building Kit

LEGO City Holiday Camper Van
LEGO City Holiday Camper Van

It is a great and wonderful cool vacation toy for your kids and it is one of the newest versions since it entered the market a few weeks ago. This comes with everything your kids need and it makes them highly entertained and happy. It can inspire real-life roles.


  • Lego city holiday camper
  • Helps kids travel with imaginations
  • Great fun features


  • Kids can travel with imaginations that come with it
  • This comes with everything the kid likes
  • A great birthday gifts
  • Great fun to use


  • Not as advertised

Wonderful gift parents can give to their kids. It comes with great imaginative features, and you like the quality. Choose this right away.

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Final Words

The barbie van’s best price decision-making is now easier with the products reviewed above. Every novice buyer is not going to find it hard with this product and you can choose any of these products recommended here because of their great features. If you spend your money on any of them, you will enjoy it for a long time to come because of their quality.