Top 10 Barbie Beach House & Barbie Vacation House In 2023

Barbie beach house and Barbie vacation house are some of the gorgeous and creative designs. These ideas are to awaken the creative ideas of the kids. It is not just for entertainment and fun; it is also good for imaginative ideas. Choosing the best beach house and barbie vacation house is not easy.

There are hundreds of such products on the market today one can choose from. Unless you have previous experience with this kind of product, it is not easy to make a choice. These barbie beach house vintage reviews are to help you to make a choice.

After comparing the best designs on the market, these top ten products are selected. If you are not guided in making a choice, chances are there that you get what your kids might not like. Continue reading to find out more about our recommended Barbie house.

How To Make A Barbie Beach House?

If you are a do it by yourself expert, you can construct your barbie beach house. First, you must have an idea of what you want to design. This means that you have to bear in mind the purpose for which you want to design it, and that would help you with an idea of how best to go about it.

When you have an idea like the number of rooms, dimensions, the type of materials to use for the design, and so on, you can then settle down for the construction project properly.

Before you settle down for the construction project, you must have the necessary tools to design it, and the tools you require include a circular saw, you may also need a table saw, as well as a glue gun, jigsaw, screwdriver, drill, compact crosscut saw, router as well as the necessary hand tools such as files, hammer, chisels, plier, cutter and so on.

With these, you can cut the woods to the correct sizes and begin to join them one after the other.

Where Is the Barbie House In Santa Monica?

This was is one of the most creatively designed houses, and it looks very popular. The house is currently located at number 1343 and 1347 Palisades Beach roads and this is located in California state. Over time the color keeps changing.

Over the years the house has gone through different color changes. Initially, it was painted green, and then the color was changed to yellow and then to pastel blue. The houses are a trio which means they were three in number. The theme of the home or the color is the purple color scheme.

These houses are brightly colored. The bright colors and fantastic designs are some of the things that set it apart from others out there. It was said that the house was created by the original owner to reflect the doll that she invented. The house has lots of stories behind it.

How Much Are The Barbie Beach Houses?

The cost of the barbie beach house varies. This depends on where you want to buy it. It is cheaper in some markets while in others it might be expensive. Some markets even offer discounts. Because of that, you must make your research when you begin to look for this house to house.

The house comes with great features like a pool. It also comes with a slide as well as an elevator. There is no doubt that amenities available in the house can affect the price which means that it can make it cost very high. You must bear that in your mind when you want to buy it. Ensure that you get the correct thing.

The price of the product could reach up to two hundred dollars or more than that depending on where you buy it. If you get it at two hundred it means that you have saved some money in the process. It should be above two hundred dollars.

How Much Are Holiday Barbies Worth?

The cost varies and it depends on different factors. There are various editions. You must make up your mind of which edition you are looking for and you will know the price.

The most popular amongst the various brands in the market today remains the Carol Spencer Holiday Barbie. This edition has been in existence for some years since it was introduced in the year 1994.

The prototype was created that year. This was estimated to cost around one thousand dollars. If you buy it at some markets such as eBay, the price could reach up to five thousand dollars. Apart from that, there are several other designs out there including those made in the year 1992 and later model designs.

The prices differ. The most expensive amongst them remains the Original Barbie which was created in the year 1959 and the cost of this is more than $27000. Some new models are less expensive.

How Big Is a Barbie Beach House?

The barbie beach house is doubtful whether it is still in construction. There is no doubt that the house is one of the best in the market and comes with fantastic features.

The size of the house is put at 20 x 5 x 12.75 inches which is the house dimensions. There is no doubt that it is a good one and many people like the fact that it is at the beach.

This is a mighty and gigantic house. It is a special design and this can make a great impression if you get it to the house. The kids are also going to like it and they will rate it very high.

What Should Need To Consider To Buy The Barbie Beach House

When you are looking for this kind of product, there are several factors to consider. Here are some of the features to look out for and which can guide you when you are making that choice and they include the following:

Consider the age of your children

The age of your children is the most important factor. Look for something that will be beneficial to them given their age. If you get something they cannot understand or create it becomes useless.

How much space needs

Furthermore, you must consider spaces available where you can install this product when you buy one. If you have limited space then go for smaller designs and smaller sizes.


Besides such a house should be easy and simple to clean. If there is difficulty in cleaning it, it would become too dirty and it will not be good for your children.

Plastic or solid wood

Think of the kind of materials that are used to design it. Some are made with plastic materials while others are made with solid wood. If you are interested in durability, the wooden products are just the best.

Color shapes matching

Which color do you prefer and which color do the kids prefer? You must opt for the best color when you are making that choice.


Something was said about durability. The type of materials used to make it has a role to play here. look for the most durable product.

Portable or travel-friendly

Most importantly, you should not find it hard to travel with it should you relocate.

1. Barbie 2-Story Beach House

Barbie 2-Story Beach House
Barbie 2-Story Beach House

There is no doubt that your kids are going to like this because of the wonderful design. It makes enough room for fun and creativity.

The living room is perfect and the same thing applies to the lounge and other facilities in the home. It is just a home that kids would like and the fun aspect of it makes it the most entertaining for the kids.

If your kids love fun, you should know that with this product, the fun would never come to an end. This comes with 2 stories as well as four areas which creates enough space for fun and play.


  • Two stories
  • 4 areas for play
  • Furniture and household items


  • This house is good for kids’ funs and happiness
  • It helps to develop the kid’s creativity
  • Comes with everything you need in a house
  • Very easy to arrange as well as rearrange the furniture.


  • A user complained that it can easily detach

In all this is a creative barbie beach house. Every kid is going to like it. If you have a baby girl in your house, you can think of this product today. It is fun to use and awakens the creative ability of the child.

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2. Barbie Glam Vacation House

Barbie Glam Vacation House
Barbie Glam Vacation House

This is another barbie beach house we are recommending. It is great for your children because of the design. The house comes with six play areas as well as one vacation team. On the first floor of the house is the living areas and this is where relaxation takes place. kids will like this area very well.

Perhaps the most interesting part that thrills your child is the multiple play opportunities. There are so many options there and there is no doubt that the babies have a great time with this product.


  • Six play areas
  • Features multiple play opportunities
  • Plenty of furniture and this means more fun


  • Many possibilities for the kids to do plenty of things
  • Comes with all the necessary home accessories
  • Can easily fold up and portable
  • Offers plenty of playful positions


  • It may not be easy to assemble this product

This is the second-best and comes with very interesting features for the kids. It comes with wonderful playful opportunities and it can fold easily. The product is also affordable. It comes with everything you want.

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3. Barbie Glam Getaway Portable Dollhouse

Best Barbie Glam Getaway House
Best Barbie Glam Getaway House

It is portable and accompanied by all the necessary accessories. The house is just a one-story building and it comes with furniture. This is meant for kids that are within the age range of 3 to 7 years. It is specifically meant for kids that want ultimate relaxation. There are great. You can use it as you go because of the carrying bag and latch.


  • Comes with a latch
  • Features kitchenette
  • Colorful accessories


  • Good for kids’ relaxations
  • Easy to carry
  • Portable
  • Very colorful and attractive


  • Expensive

Another attractive and easy-to-use barbie house. This one is portable and easy to assemble. When you get this, you would not look further because it comes with everything you want. This is one of the best.

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4. Barbie Dreamhouse Dollhouse with Pool, Slide, and Elevator

Best Barbie house

The barbie dreamhouse dollhouse is another great quality product and you can use this for your baby. It comes with great interesting things which include an elevator, slide as well as a pool.

The size is great enough and it is 3 feet tall as well as 4 feet wide. In all the product is 3 stories and comes with eight room. It is everything the kid wants to relax, enjoy and have fun. This comes with a lot of possibilities and it is great to use.


  • Three stories construction
  • Comes with elevator
  • Pool and portable


  • This is an attractive barbie house
  • It comes with a pool, slide as well as elevator
  • Comes with lots of play possibilities
  • Encourages young imagination


  • Great product but overpriced

It is a great product with lots of possibilities. This product comes with an elevator, slide as well as a pool. Any money you spend on this is worth it. Choose this today.

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5. Barbie 3-Story House with Pop-Up Umbrella

Barbie Pink Passport 3 Story Townhouse Playset
Barbie Pink Passport 3 Story Townhouse Playset

There are plenty of barbie products you can use in your home for the play and relaxation of your kids. This model is one of them. The design is one of the features that make it great, as it comes with 3 story construction as well as a pop-up umbrella. This has plenty of play spaces.


  • Three stories deluxe construction
  • Plenty of play spaces
  • Comes with additional accessories


  • It has plenty of spaces for kids play
  • Easy and fun to use
  • Comes with all the accessories
  • Great for the beginners


  • Some users complained of poor quality

It is another great one and you can choose it because of the great design and innovative features. The product comes with enough playground and imaginative features. Choose this one right now.

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6. Barbie Malibu House Playset

Barbie Malibu House Playset
Barbie Malibu House Playset

As you can get from the name it is designed with the best quality Malibu materials. It comes with enough playset. There are lots of imaginative features and they are there to help your kid to become creative. It comes with many accessories apart from those installed in the house to help your kid to play and relax. When you are looking for the best, always think of this product.


  • Malibu materials
  • A helpful playset
  • Great imaginative features


  • Two stories building and with plenty of rooms and play spaces
  • Highly imaginative and help kids to be creative
  • Can be useful in storytelling
  • Highly portable


  • Some parts may be missing

A superior quality meant for kids of three years and above. It is highly creative and imaginative. This can keep your kid busy. It is worth your investment, get this one today.

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7. Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures Swim ‘n Dive Doll

Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures Swim 'n Dive Doll
Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures Swim ‘n Dive Doll

It is a dream house and every kid is going to like the fantastic design. it comes with lots of interesting features which include a swimming feature as well as a puppy and driving board. From the design, it is obvious that your kids of three to seven years would have value for it. It is the most creative way to tell stories to your kids.


  • Swimming features
  • Highly creatives
  • For kids of 3 to 7 years


  • It has lots of fantastic features
  • The product is creative
  • Great storytelling ideas
  • Funs to use and adventurous


  • Cheap design

It is one of the best because of the fantastic features. The playset is the best your kids will like. If your child is within 3 to seven years, this is ideal for him or her.

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8. Barbie Outdoor Furniture Set with Donut Floatie (Really Floats), Water-Squirting Puppy Toy, and 8 Themed Accessories

Barbie Outdoor Furniture Set with Donut Floatie
Barbie Outdoor Furniture Set with Donut Floatie

When it is time for storytelling or playtime, all you need to do is to bring the kid to this fantastic design. the design itself is attractive with its outdoor furniture set as well as water-squirting puppy toy and other 8 themed accessories. The storytelling details are complete here and the girl would also like the fun and plays which are enough to keep her busy for a long time. the playrooms are well decorated.


  • Comes with the most interesting playtime items
  • Great outdoor furniture
  • Comes with lots of spaces for play


  • The perfect modern dollhouse
  • Good for playtime
  • A lot of play spaces
  • Great outdoor furniture for relaxation and fun


  • Great design but without barbie

It is another great product we are introducing to every parent that wants the best for the kid. This has lots of playtime and fun ideas. Choose this today and you will not regret it.

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9. Barbie Beach Raquelle Doll

Barbie Beach Raquelle Doll
Barbie Beach Raquelle Doll

This Raquelle doll is a great barbie beach product we are recommending because of the interesting features. If your child is the kind that likes fun then you can keep her busy with this doll today. It is a must-have. This comes in beautiful colors and looks very attractive. The swimwear simply makes you fabulous. It is very beautiful.


  • Sun-sectional
  • Great design and colors
  • Beach day use


  • This is very beautiful
  • Great for adventure and fun
  • Great in design and very colorful
  • Highly innovative


  • Some users have issues with quality

It is a great product and you would like it when you see your kid busy with this fantastic product. Choose this product right now.

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10. Barbie Beach Bungalow House

Barbie Beach Bungalow House
Barbie Beach Bungalow House

It is large and it is a rare large product. The playset is done in 1999 and comes with fantastic features. This is a bungalow design. As said, it is rare and highly imaginative.


  • Rare product
  • Bungalow design
  • Creative


  • This product is great for kids
  • Fantastic and attractive
  • Enough playset
  • Creative


  • It is a rare product

This one is a rare design and you would like attractive features. Kids like them and you will have value for your money when you purchase it.

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Final Words

These are the top ten barbie beach house you can buy with money. You can see that these have fantastic features. They are carefully selected.

There is no doubt that you will get what you want for your kids. They are durable, portable, and come with playset and playful spaces. These are also creative and imaginative.

If you choose any of these ten products, you will have value for your money. Choose this product right now.