21 Cheap Baby Doll Car Seat Carrier, That Every Child Loves

Are you ready to travel with your Baby, it’s so much fun to take the Baby doll car seat carrier. Those are multifunctional, portable serving as a doll carrier use the handle or feeding chair. In this post, you will get a wide variety of brandable like Joovy Baby doll car seat that every child loves. Those are cheap but sturdy, cute, and easy to carry with set up. In those Baby doll car seat carriers with Canopy, a pink doll stroller washable cover, can be a perfect gift for her birthday or other occasional days. This toy car seat safely seats baby doll in place for adventures. This Baby Doll Car Seats can fit up to 20″ dolls.

Why Important to Buy a Baby Doll Car Seat

Often kids want to bring their favorite toy especially Doll with them. When you are ready for long driving then you should buy a car sets to keep their favorites dolls where your child’s favorite doll travels in style and allows playtime to continue on long journeys. If your Baby asks you “Mom, why doesn’t my doll have to ride in a car seat?” When trying to teach your kids the importance of car safety, this question can be difficult to answer. As your child grows, they learn more by what we, as parents, do rather than just say. Plus, doll car seats are a ton of fun, allowing your child to care for her dolls just like you take care of her. Here we are presenting the top 10 Cheap realistic baby doll car seats, that every kid will love.

Some of the important things to consider before buying a baby doll car seat

Build quality

It’s not only to buy baby doll car seat but also as always, when you will buy a new toy for your kid, first of you should need to consider before buying a baby toy, is it quality full? or durable!


Cheap materials vanish early. Every kid has also a common tendency to fray and rip. So, you should make sure to know, which material is used to make in the baby doll car seat.

Does it fit your doll?

Nowadays, in the markets, you will found a variety of size Baby doll car seta, but which size is perfect for your kid’s doll you should need to consider. Some of the Baby doll car seats are adjustable, and some are fixed size. However, some will be restricted to a certain size of the doll. We over sure, in this post, you will get a compatible size that will perfect for your baby doll.

Is it suitable for your child?

Most of the toy manufacturer companies always recommended the kid age level to use their products. Here we are also selecting those baby doll car seats that are best for the up to 13 years old child’s and starting from 3 years age kid’s into consideration.


Safety first! It although a common dialog! But, when you will go long trips, in the driving times around is a doll and chair flying around in the back of your car. It’s not only a distracting but also loose object that could bounce about and injured your kid’s or a passenger in your car. That’s why, when you will buy a new doll car seat, first of all, you should need to consider highly, is it safe for your kid or vehicle.

Now we are presenting 21 of the best baby doll car seats that you can buy from online without hesitation.


1. Joovy Doll Toy Car Seat

Joovy Doll Toy Car Seat
Joovy Doll Toy Car Seat

One of the most duties as a parent to teach your child the importance of being safe and secure. Every child learns to imitate from her parent, the role of caring as they safely secure a favorite doll or stuffed toy into the doll car seat. The best way to teach for example if your daughter loves Reborn Baby Dolls then needs a perfect baby doll car seat, this will help herself to understand the importance of it. While these dolls are very specific in their size and shape, and car seats are either too big for your daughter’s doll to fit perfectly. That’s why, our expert team spent a lot of time researching all of the different options available, and we’re confident that, our selected these cheap baby doll car seats will solve your problem. The Joovy doll car seat is a favorite for every parent and their children.

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Who Would Buy This?

Without a doubt, the Joovy car seat is best for girls who are at the age of 3 years old plus. If you are planning to travel on any holiday, you can take their Reborn dolls with them on car trips. This car seat is durable enough to handle the heavier weight of these dolls. It’s important to note that the Reborn Baby dolls are tall in 22 inches that will stick out over the edge slightly. All shorter dolls will fit.

Most Important Features of Joovy Doll Toy Car Seat

Carrier and Base: Just like a real baby car seat, this seat has a detachable base that actually secures to your car’s latch system. The carrier can be attached/detached to be taken into and out of the car.

Safety First: The Joovy doll car seat will teach your daughter the importance of car safety. Like a caring parent, she will make sure that her Reborn Baby doll is secured before you start driving. If car seat safety is an issue, this doll car seat will make your daughter more cooperative about buckling in before leaving.

Adjustable Handle: The Joovy Doll Toy Car Seat has an adjustable handle that can move to double as a rocking cradle. It’s versatile enough that your daughter can play with it out of the car too.

5-Point Harness: This seat is very safe to use in a car, comparable to a real baby car seat. It has a 5-point harness that can be adjusted to many heights and width, depending on the specific size of your Reborn Baby doll.

Highlights and Specifications

  • Part of a larger line of real-life doll products like a stroller, playpen, or booster seat
  • Built to carry heavy baby dolls like the Reborn dolls
  • Suitable for kids at least two years old
  • Weight – Just over 5 pounds


Looks life-like – The Joovy doll car seat is very realistic and looks just like a real baby seat, even down to its detachable base.

Safety first – The 5-point harness is top quality and has even been crashing tested.

Easy to clean – Comes with machine-washable fabric that is easily removable for easy cleaning.


Converts to a chair – The carrier doubles up as a rocking chair after removal from its base. It even comes in two colors, blue for boys and pink for girls. If you’re looking for a gift idea for boys, we also review the best Baby Doll Car Seat Carrier for boys and girls here.


Only for young kids – The Joovy car seat is geared towards younger kids (ages 6 and under), but it can still be used by older kids.

This Joovy Baby doll car seat is a very realistic and imaginable toy car seat for every little girl. It has the harness that buckles at the chest and between the legs, the adjustable handle for carrying, the safety warning on the fabric. This car seat has a removable cover for washing and the seat is light enough for small children. It also comes in blue or pink!

2. Baby Alive Doll Travel Stroller System

Baby Alive Doll Travel Stroller System
Baby Alive Doll Travel Stroller System

As a parent, caring for a baby may be one of your major concerns. So, it is only natural that your daughter is about to follow in your footsteps. If your daughter likes a Barbie doll, she most likely already wants a doll car seat for you to take to her favorite doll car. Just like you, we wanted to find the best doll car seat for your girl’s doll. We are sure that this Baby Alive Doll Travel Stroller System will be the top of your choice.

Who Would Buy This?

Overall, this Baby Doll Car Seats Carrier/stroller set is best for girls that have a Baby Alive doll collection. However, this car set does work with any doll that is 12” tall or shorter.

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Most Important Features of Baby Alive Doll Travel Stroller System

Just Like Mommy: The stroller is jogger-style, allowing your daughter to push her Baby Alive doll while you push little brother/sister in the real baby stroller.

Easy for Little Hands to Carry: The comfortable foam handle will allow your daughter to firmly hold her car seat without dropping it. The movable carry handle makes it easy to transport from place to place. It’s also light enough so that toddlers can carry it with them.

Lots of Accessories: This car seat set has a bunch of accessories like a three-point harness, retractable canopy, storage basket, and bumper bar. These features will help prevent jerks and twists during their stroller walks.

Great for Toddlers: This Baby Alive car seat is specifically designed for toddlers and young kids ages 3-6 years old. Take note that the stroller may be too short if your 6-year old is tall for her age.

Highlights and Specifications

  • Allow your daughter to be just like a real mommy with her Baby Alive dolls
  • Versatile design – the car seat and stroller can be attached or used separately
  • Stroller collapses down for easy storage
  • Official Baby Alive car seat


Compact design – The car seat and stroller are lightweight and compact enough to fit in most cars and playrooms.

Easy to use – Simple design and mechanisms so your daughter can attach/buckle in her Baby Alive doll all by herself.

Hours of fun – Great toy for kids to pass the time during long road trips.

Easy to clean – The cloth coverings can detach from the frames for easy cleaning, especially since it’s likely that it will get dirty from how long your daughter will play with it.


Price – The price is a little high, so it might be out of reach for some customers. We do provide a cheaper car seat option farther down in this guide.

This all-in-one stroller set is the best doll car seat for Baby Alive dolls, having earned quite a good reputation from parents and kids. Your daughters will love this Baby Alive set, and we’re sure that your daughter will too!

3. Joovy Doll Toy Booster Seat Dot Pink

Joovy Doll Toy Booster Seat Dot Pink
Joovy Doll Toy Booster Seat Dot Pink

If your daughter too much her American Girl doll then she will like to keep it with her beside when your whole family is ready to travel. In this case, you should buy a car seat to bring her doll on car trips. Just like you, your daughter only wants the best for her “baby”. The Joovy Doll Toy Booster Seat Dot Pink is one such brand known for making life-like replicas of strollers, feeders, toys, and potty training equipment for baby dolls. Since these dolls are comparatively tall, but most of the doll car seats are too small to perfectly fit them. No problem here we solve this issue read our expert guide. We believe you will be able to buy the Joovy Doll Booster Seat according to your expected budget.

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Who Would Buy This?

Probably, Every young girl too much loves American Girl dolls and for this doll, Joovy Doll Toy Booster Seat is the perfect buy for your little daughter. It’s very life-like, making it a good option for girls that are sitting in booster seats themselves. Also, If your daughter has n’t American Girl dolls, the Joovy Doll Booster Seat is still a good choice for taller dolls (at least 18 inches tall).

Most Important Features of Joovy Doll Booster Seat

Safety First: The Joovy Booster Seat is a great teaching tool for parents, it helps to awareness about safe travel habits in their children. It’s like a real booster seat, that safely securing your daughter’s favorite American Girl doll while you are traveling.

Machine Washable: This Joovy Booster Seats Deluxe fabric seat cover is removable and Machine Washable.

Easy to Clean: Like most other kids, it’s likely that your daughter can spill something in the booster seat at some point. No problem, the fabric seat cover can be easily removed and it’s machine washable, that’s why it easy to clean quickly.

Lightweight: This Joovy Doll Toy Booster Seat is quite lightweight just over four pounds.

Crash Tested: This Joovy Doll Toy Booster Seat is a crash-tested doll car set. The booster seat hooks into the Latch system in your car, and it’s designed to fit securely for the little girl, to keep in mind with her safety.

Highlights and Specifications

  • Gender-neutral (comes in two different colors)
  • Perfect for American Girl and other tall dolls
  • Built to last – very durable
  • Other Joovy matching accessories – stroller, playpen – available (additional purchase required)


Simple assembly – No complicated features make assembly a breeze.

Lightweight – Quick and easy portability between multiple cars, if necessary.

Compact storage – Can be easily folded down when being stored.

Easy fit – Fits into the most car makes and models. Designed to fit securely without interfering with your daughter’s car seat.


Doesn’t adjust – The seat doesn’t recline to fit the angle of your back seat. This is a minor inconvenience for most cars, but still worth noting.

4. My First Doll Adjustable Car Seat

My First Doll Adjustable Car Seat
My First Doll Adjustable Car Seat

If your daughter loves spending time with her dolls, and you are ready to trips for a few days. Then you should need to buy a comfortable baby doll car seat is a fun gift to consider. You can take this adjustable Car Seat in the car for your little baby’s loving doll. Where the handle is easy to moves, so your daughter can take her inside and she can feed her doll lunch. Afterward, the handle slides down to turn the seat into a rocker so she can rock her doll to sleep for naptime. This 4-in-1 baby doll car seat is quite budget-friendly.

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Who Would Buy This?

As mentioned above, parents will appreciate how versatile this car seat is, saving both money and playroom space.

Most Important Features of Doll Adjustable Car Seat

Easy Conversion: The adjustable car seat, as discussed above, can be adjusted for various circumstances. This multifunctional baby doll car seat is easy to handle, even by toddlers.

Safety First: The length of this doll seat is pretty good, accommodating dolls up to 18” tall.

It comes with three strap belts that are attached across the doll’s lap. It fits snug and is safe for your daughter to carry it around.

Lightweight: This adjustable car seat is extremely lightweight and can be carried easily, especially with the grip handle on the adjustable bar. The My First Doll Car Seat weighs just over one pound, making it perfect for toddlers and younger kids.

Easily Washable: Chances are your daughter is going to drag this car seat with her wherever she goes. Like most kid toys, it will likely get dirty and dull after all that use. The cover on this adjustable doll car seat can be taken off and washed/dried as needed.

Approved for Playtime: There are many toys out there that sacrifice child safety for cheaper manufacturing costs. This baby doll car seat is made with safe materials and is 100% approved for safe play.

Highlights and Specifications

  • Money/space-saving adjustable design
  • Fits dolls up to 18 inches tall
  • Recommended for toddlers/kids over two years old
  • Weight – Just over one pound


Lightweight – The My First Doll Adjustable Car seat is one of the best adjustable doll car seats since it’s light enough for young toddlers to carry it around.

Works for large dolls – As long as the doll is under 18” tall, this car seat will accommodate all sorts of dolls.

Multifunctional – This adjustable car seat is perfect for parents looking to save room and money without having to buy additional toys.


Some maintenance required – If your toddler plays rough with this car seat, you may need to tighten up the handle as that can come loose.

The My First Doll Adjustable Car Seat is a great choice for parents and grandparents looking for a unique gift for their little one. Watch your child’s eyes light up when you give her this car seat! If you’re looking for more gift ideas, check out our doll diaper bag review.

5. Mommy and Me 2-in-1 Doll Stroller

Mommy and Me 2-in-1 Doll Stroller
Mommy and Me 2-in-1 Doll Stroller

Most of the girls probably like to role play as “mommy” with her baby dolls at least a couple of times a week. From organizing a tea party for her dolls, cooking for them, or even she likes to take them in the traveling time in a car, your daughter’s dolls are likely her favorite toys. The right doll car seat and stroller set will help her feel just like a real mommy, but all car seats are not made perfect. So that here we help you short this problem. Our expert team spent a lot of time researching and interviewing with customers to find the best and affordable baby doll car seats. And we’re confident that the Mommy and Me 2-in-1 Doll Stroller/Carrier is the best option for your daughter doll carrier.

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Who Would Buy This?

The Mommy and Me Doll Stroller/Carrier Set is best for dolls that are 18-inches tall or shorter (it’s actually a good option for American Girl dolls). The stroller is on the shorter side, so it’s best for girls that are 3-6 years old. If your daughter has a specific type of doll she likes (such as Baby Alive or Reborn Baby Dolls), there are better specific options elsewhere in this article.

Most Important Features of Mommy and Me 2-in-1 Doll Stroller

2-in-1 Design: Even when manufactured by the same company, some doll car seats and strollers don’t fit right together if bought separately. The 2-in-1 design of the Mommy and Me set guarantees that the stroller and carrier will fit together if your daughter wants to use it that way.

Adjustable Stroller Height: The stroller does have a small height adjustment feature, so it can be adjusted taller or shorter to fit your child’s specific height.

Nice Design and Look: The doll car seat and stroller set are the PERFECT color for little girls and are sure to be a big hit as a birthday or holiday gift. The stroller has an attached bassinet cover, preventing sunlight from hitting their baby doll, which makes it look just like a real stroller. Your kids will love playing with their dolls in it (and some customers even reported that siblings took turns pushing each other in it).

Diaper Bag Included: The Mommy and Me 2-in-1 Doll Stroller/Carrier comes with an attached diaper bag, just in case your daughter wants to store smaller dolls or other items in it.

Easy to Use: The stroller has swiveling wheels, making the stroller movement very smooth so that your child can easily move it around. Changing directions is also easy, allowing your child to stay safe during use.

Highlights and Specifications

  • Designed to be durable and strong
  • Great for dolls up to 18 inches tall
  • Folds down for easy storage
  • Weight – About 5 pounds total for the stroller and carrier


Easy to maneuver – The swivel wheels allow for free and smooth movement and turning, even by young toddlers.

Like the real thing – The real-life design of the baby stroller and car seat will enhance how engaged your child plays with it.

Versatile – The height is adjustable to fit kids of different sizes, and is lightweight for easy use.


Some packaging issues – Some customers reported damage and missing pieces during shipment. It appears that the manufacturer has redesigned its packaging to fix those problems.

If you’re looking for a versatile doll car seat and stroller set for your daughter, it’s hard to go wrong with the Mommy and Me 2-in-1 Doll Stroller/Carrier. This set makes it a great gift option for any young girl in your life, such as a daughter, granddaughter, or niece.

6. Chicco Baby Doll Car Seat Carrier with Canopy


Chicco Baby Doll Car Seat Carrier with Canopy
Chicco Baby Doll Car Seat Carrier with Canopy

The Chicco Baby Doll Car Seat Carrier with Canopy so much cute where she will keep her loving doll. She even wants to take her on car rides, the Chicco Travel Seat can be an affordable option to consider. It is extremely lightweight because this Baby Doll Car Seat Carrier makes it easy for a little daughter to travel around with her favorite dolls. The latest design of Chicco Travel Canopy Seat for Baby Dolls is that it’s part of a larger line of doll accessories, such as a stroller, highchair, and nursery set. So without hesitation, you can buy one for your loving daughter’s as barbie doll accessories with this baby doll car seat very cheaply.

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Who Would Buy This?

It’s an affordable doll car seat that is versatile for most dolls and is best for parents trying to stay on a budget. Girls young and old will LOVE this car seat.

Most Important Features of Most Affordable Doll Car Seat

Getting a good doll travel seat on a budget is not easy, but you’ll be very impressed with the following features on the Chicco Travel Seat with Canopy.

Affordability: The price is affordable, allowing most families to afford it without any second thoughts. Plus, it’s versatile enough that you can expand your daughter’s collection of furniture as future birthday and holiday presents.

Built-In Canopy: The canopy is a nice touch, allowing your daughter to protect her dolls from the sun, just like a real mommy. It’s very realistic, just like a real baby carrier or stroller.

Safety: The waist strap is high quality, making sure that your daughter’s doll is secure and won’t fly around during car rides. The straps also provide a teaching moment for you to reinforce “buckling up” whenever your daughter gets into the car.

Perfect Size: The size of this travel seat is accurate and large enough to accommodate most dolls without issue. Most other doll car seats are custom made to only fit one certain type of doll. Your daughter will appreciate that she can take different dolls with her each trip.

Highlights and Specifications

  • Fits dolls up to 18” tall
  • Recommended for kids ages 3+ (seat does have some small parts)
  • Easy to take in/out of most cars and vans
  • Weight – just over one pound


Budget-friendly – The cost is cheaper compared to similar travel seats from other companies without having to sacrifice on safety or features.

Lighter than expected – This affordable doll car seat is quite light, allowing your daughter to take it wherever she wants.

Footmuff for safety – The Chicco Travel Seat comes with a separate tray-like piece where things can be placed, such as “food” for the doll to “eat”.


Wobbly with heavy dolls – The carrier can feel wobbly when heavy dolls are placed in it. You may want to consider a different option if your daughter has a lot of heavier dolls (over five pounds).

The Chicco Travel Seat for Baby dolls is very affordable and a great gift to surprise your daughter, granddaughter, or niece with. Teach your daughter the importance of safety, helping her become a better “mommy” with this car seat. If you’re looking for other affordable gift ideas, check out our review of the top 9 affordable dollhouses.

7. Manhattan Toy Baby Stella and Cute Comfort Car Seat with Baby Doll Accessory for 12″ and 15″ Soft Dolls

Manhattan Toy Baby Stella and Cute Comfort Car Seat
Manhattan Toy Baby Stella and Cute Comfort Car Seat


8. Adora Baby Doll Car seats & Accessories for 3 Years Plus Kids

Adora Baby Doll Car seats & Accessories for 3 Years Plus Kids
Adora Baby Doll Car seats & Accessories for 3 Years Plus Kids

This Adora Baby Doll Car seat is a cute baby doll car seat but it’s a little expensive. It’s assumed lightweight baby doll car seats that easily match with the doll. Where your daughter can easy to travel with her doll.

9. Litti Pritti Adjustable Car Seat Carrier

Litti Pritti Adjustable Car Seat Carrier
Litti Pritti Adjustable Car Seat Carrier

This Litti Pritti Carrier is too much cute baby carrier, it’s lightweight for any kids to carry. It seems to be more durable than the picture. It’s a great baby doll car seat that will very easy to carry for your little daughter.


10. JC Toys Adjustable Baby Car Seat Carrier

JC Toys Adjustable Baby Car Seat Carrier
JC Toys Adjustable Baby Car Seat Carrier

If you are ready to travel in a car and you have 3/4 years’ daughter who loves her American Doll too much. So that your daughter’s also ready to take her loving doll with the trips. That’s why you should buy an Adjustable Baby Car Seat Carrier for your little baby’s doll carry. It’s also slightly cheap but the plastic is fairly thin, that perfectly adequate as a dolly tub. The accessories are actually fairly durable and well-made, they’re thick plastic rather than something flimsy.

13. Taf Toys Toe Time Infant Car Seat

Taf Toys Toe Time Infant Car Seat
Taf Toys Toe Time Infant Car Seat

If you are looking for a fun toy to keep your baby’s quite then-upcoming road trip can be a great option. This Taf Toys Toe Time Infant Car Seat toy comes with a twinkle and gentle music. Your baby can play with every kick of hanging 3 soft toys, and a baby-safe mirror surrounded by eye-catching stars; your kid will also too much love it! This is the best baby gift item to surprise that mom or dad has a little baby, we guarantee it! It works for both types of baby boys and girls, and it’s a completely risk-free toy!

Here are some reasons to love this car seat toy for your loving baby:

  • It can be helpful for developing motor skills and cognitive
  • This Taf Toys Toe Time Infant Car Seat is Designed with a mix of vibrant colors to catch your baby’s eye
  • This is a unique baby gift item for both kid boys and girls
  • It comes with batteries to tone gentle music music
  • This Taf Toys car seats is a high-quality toy that creates impressive durability

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14. DREAM Collection Baby Doll Adjustable Carrier

DREAM Collection Baby Doll Adjustable Carrier
DREAM Collection Baby Doll Adjustable Carrier

This Baby doll infant carrier has a beautifully soft fabric on it that can be removed and machine washable. And it has also included a safety tackle system to take care of their doll safe. Having this toy for your child will be economical and will also help them learn more. All these will be achieved by changing the handle. This is a great baby gift and It is best for the 2-year-old child they can carry easily on it 14 to the 15-inch small doll. Basically it works for small to medium-sized dolls, not giant dolls.

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15. Doll Toy Car Seat – Blue Dot

Doll Toy Car Seat - Blue Dot
Doll Toy Car Seat – Blue Dot

This Baby doll car seat carrier has been beautifully designed with the sounding dot and Blue colors are the central theme. It has been built like a real car seat, and that will significantly develop and giving balanced growth to kids. It fits doll of up to 20 inches. This Baby doll car seat comes with a latch attachment so that it can be secured in a vehicle. The fabric is removable and machine washable that’s why it easy to clean. It also has a real harness that can be adjusted to fit different doll sizes.

  • This Doll toy car seat helps the children learn to imitate the role of a caring and responsible as like her mom. That’s why she takes care of her favorite doll safely secure into the doll car seat
  • It can be a part of own development balanced growth
  • This seems a real car seat

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16. Manhattan Toy Baby Stella Car Seat

Manhattan Toy Baby Stella Car SeatIt is a lovely gift for your child when they are expecting a new sibling. It has a seat belt and a loop for holding the doll in place.

17. Miwa toys

Miwa toys
It has a beautiful design of hearts on its fabric and straps that most kids can’t resist. It can accommodate dolls of 12-18inches. Increase your child’s imaginative skills with it and start making them responsible for teaching them car safety.

18. Casdon Baby Huggles

Casdon Baby HugglesThis toy will help you teach your kid how to imitate the role of a responsible and caring parent. Let your child take their doll or stuffed animals when you are traveling as this car seat will accommodate them and keep them safe. It has a headrest and armrest so that it looks exactly as the real one. It is padded, and it has a three-point harness that is adjustable to fit dolls of different sizes.

19. The New York Doll Collection My First Doll Stroller

The New York Doll Collection My First Doll Stroller
The New York Doll Collection My First Doll Stroller

With the Basket & Heart Design, Foldable Doll Stroller that is this doll car seats other additional accessories. When you will to trips in a long-distance for a few days, your little daughter will take these New York Doll Strollers for her doll. It has a seat belt, and basket on the bottom of this Baby doll stroller that’s made in top quality. This car seat has double wheels on all 4 legs for extra stability.

  • This is very cute little stroller and it may be the right size for your little daughter
  • This is very lightweight but sturdy and well constructed!
  • It is easy to set up and take down and come out of the car. The little features are perfect for her. She can put her baby doll on it easily.
  • This is well-made designs, that easy to move by while, folds easily, straps work well.

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20. Castle Toys

Castle ToysIt also doubles as a carrier and holds dolls up to 21inches. It boasts of quality and creativity so that it makes playtime fun and imaginative. Get exceptional performance with it and start making your young one responsible.

21. Hauck

HauckThe fabric used to cover it is high quality and can be removed. It is lightweight so that children can carry it around with ease. Its handle is also designed to offer comfort. Another feature that most babies will love is that it can be converted into a feeder seat or a rocker. It holds dolls of up to 16inches. When getting the little moms a doll car seat ensures that the materials used to make it are safe so that they can’t be harmed. Having one that has multiple functions will spice up the kid’s playtime and help them learn a lot about being responsible and caring.


Doll car seats are a TON of fun for kids, allowing them to bring their favorite dolls with them anywhere they go. As with most things, different choices can be intimidating, making it hard to choose the best one. If your daughter has a bunch of different dolls she likes to play with, our favorite choice of the six options above is the Joovy Car Seat. It looks so similar to a real infant car seat, and it’s quite versatile for dolls of different sizes. If you couldn’t the right doll car seat in our list of favorites above, there’s still hope.