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Ladiesitem.com is women’s lifestyles like- Fashions, Beauty, makeup, skincare, haircare, hair straighteners, hairdryer, curling iron, hair rollers, and their (women’s) kid’s toys product reviews site. here we’ve also presented some of their (women’s) home improvement equipment like- vacuum product reviews.

Our aim to provide you the best beauty product review with all necessary information to ensure you have to latest best Beauty products in every category from hair to skin-care, makeup, and hair tools for hairstyles, Ladies item covers it all.

In the ladies item, We aim to find out the best resource on the online/internet from Makeup Artist, Hair Stylist, Fashions Expert, Kids Toys Expert, and their home improvement tools like vacuums. We got a lot of websites but they don’t go into enough details or do enough product price comparisons. But we did. You will get enough details and an unbiased comparison of the product you review here.

We want to have comprehensive and complete women’s very essential needed all type of product buying guides to every part of their everyday life.

In our way, you can be sure that we will help you to find the best women’s beauty fashion-related product review with all kinds of makeup foundation, Skincare, Hair Care & Luxury beauty-related website, easily and quickly. We try to make the list unbiased. If you want to know more about our writing you can visit our blog page.

Our Team

Jasmine Shelly is a Los Angeles-based professional editor & review writer whose work is review writing, product research, test, and recommends the best products. Previously, she was working as a professional makeup artist when she was living in Bangladesh.


Jasmine is a beauty editor and expert with over a decade of experience in the industry writing for various national and regional publications. She has also good experience to works at various Beauty blogs such as Byrdie, Glamour, luxury hair, Instyle, and contributes to many websites as well. Jasmine currently works as a permanent editor & review writer @ www.ladiesitem.com Here her main responsibilities are review writing, product research, test, and recommend the best products.


Jasmine received her B.A. in journalism and English from New York University. Now She is working as an editor in the Ladiesitem team. She has been working on this arena Makeup, Hair for the past ten years. Being a women beautician, She can completely understand the product quality. After achieved her post-graduation, she started working as a regular online blogger & writer in 2012.


Working as a full-time writer in Ladiesitem.com. He has been writing on the online blog for the past ten years on Kid’s toys & vacuum.